list of things I can't draw:

This is long overdue, but I promised Xingese that I would doodle her some Ling/Lan Fan! I didn’t know which Ling you preferred so I added both owo

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hello there! You talk about this issue a lot and I agree with you when you say that spending time with yourself is as nice as going out with your friends. The thing is that when I'm not studying or helping my mom with sth I-don't-know-what-to-do. seriously, I have no inspiration, and I'm so paranoid I can't even go out by myself (insecurity in my country is so real ugh). Can you list some good activities that I can do by myself to enjoy my day?

  • read a book
  • take a bubble bath
  • bake sweets
  • watch reruns of your favorite childhood shows
  • have a movie marathon
  • color, draw, doodle
  • listen to music
  • play sudoku
  • take a walk
  • volunteer at a dog shelter or community center
  • go window-shopping
  • go to a museum
  • play on the swings at the park
  • make stuff

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Hi! I saw that post you made about real abuse vs stuff that isnt abuse and was wondering: where would you draw the line between abuse and something that isn't abuse but still traumatic? I got out of a bad friendship a little while ago and can't stop remembering bad things about it, but I don't know if it's right for me to call things she did as abusive?

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EMOTIONAL ABUSE (not a list of all characteristics, but here are some common ones seen in abusive situations.)

- things that fall under the range of gaslighting

- frequently blamed or criticized you 

-  called you names 

-  ridiculed your beliefs, religion, race, class, gender or sexual orientation 

-  blamed you for “causing” the abuse 

-  criticized or threatened to hurt your family or friends

-  kept you away from family and friends 

- tried to keep you from doing something you wanted to do 

-  was angry if you paid too much attention to someone or something else (children, friends, job, etc.) 

- withheld approval, appreciation or affection  

- humiliated you 

-  made contradictory demands / changed the rules 

-  did not include you in important decisions

-  harassed you or threatened to tell others about things you have done in the past 

- checked up on you (listened to your phone calls, looked at phone bills, checked car mileage, etc.) 

-  degraded you, made you feel insignificant, powerless and/or worthless

- threatened to commit suicide 

- minimized or denied being abusive 

- embarrassed or humiliated you in front of other people  

- used drugs or alcohol to excuse their behavior 

- used phrases like “I’ll show you who’s boss”, “I’ll put you in line” 

- used a loud or intimidating tone of voice 

- criticized your body, weight, clothes, or other aspects of your appearance

Abusive situations are typically defined as being a pattern of someone exhibiting abusive behaviors. (to quote the dictionary: “treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.”

Trauma, on the other hand, is a “deeply distressing or disturbing experience”, which encompasses a far wider range of things.

hope this helps.

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do you have any tips for drawing annoys hair i just can't do it

heres a list of things i keep in mind when i draw her hair in my style !!!!

once again i have found myself in urgent need of help so i’m turning to commissions. my funds are running incredibly low and i need to be able to pay rent next month so anything helps !!

i’m open to draw just about anything but some things i will not draw:
- non-consensual situations 
- explicit porn ( not gonna draw the sex but some nudity is fine )

if you’re not sure feel free to send a message and ask, i won’t bite! you can contact me here on tumblr or via my email listed above

if you’re not already aware, when sending money over paypal This Blog gives a helpful tutorial on how to pay for digital art !

“Here’s some advice. Stay alive.

First piece of 2014! It’s not direct re-draw, but it’s inspired by my first piece of 2013. And now I can finally cross out drawing a full color Hunger Games illustration off my “things I wanna do” list. Though, let’s be real, I’ll probably draw another one somewhere down the line ahaha.


Lunch with the guys from Sculpture was always an eventful affair. Natsu remembered one time Sting got a chicken wing lodged in his ear. He still wasn’t sure how it happened, but everyone told him he was the one to blame. Natsu still wasn’t convinced, but by the way Sting always ducked every time he came near him with so much as a turkey leg there could be some truth to what he said. 

They headed back into Fairy Tail after eating at 8-Island. Yajima was a close friend of the Dreyer family which ran the foundation, so they got to eat at a discounted rate. Considering the massive appetites of both Gajeel and Natsu, that was a great benefit to them.

“So what’s with you and the new chick from Photo?” Gray asked Natsu, drawing his attention. On the way past the Notice/Request board, art was scattered around them. They passed tall drawings that stretched from floor to ceiling, and massive strips of canvas loaded with oil paints. The building was crammed full of art people put on display for everyone to look at on their way to their respective studios, “She’s been coming down to our level a lot. Button pushers don’t usually venture further south than Printmaking.”

“Huh? Ya mean Lucy?” Natsu returned the question, he ignored the slang Gray used for photography. Every department had a ‘nickname’ of sorts. Ceramics were mudslingers, Photographers were button pushers, so on and so forth. 

He lifted one tattooed shoulder, slinging his arms behind his head, “Nothing. Just helpin’ her with her frames. She likes to figure out how to do stuff herself.”

Disbelief colored Gray’s face. The man didn’t look convinced by Natsu’s explanation, somehow sensing his fellow sculptor was being deliberate in his evasiveness. Before he could further question Natsu, a grunt came from behind them.

“Oy,” Gajeel muttered from behind them, “Check this out.”

Natsu hadn’t even noticed Gajeel had hung back. A white shirt was slung over his shoulder, discarded by Gray as they walked. No doubt Gajeel was planning on tossing it into the pen they built for their stray kittens. They had a comfortable nest under the sandblaster, but they were missing a few toys. Everytime Gray stripped himself of an article of clothing, Gajeel considered it a donation to contribute to the toy-building process of their cats which was explanation enough on why he lingered. The burly man had a soft spot for kittens the size of Canada.

Edging over to Gajeel, Natsu peered over his shoulder to see what had caught his cousin’s eye. They were standing in front of the request board, the three of them shoulder to shoulder as they looked at the new notice.

Levy’s Photography ‘Protips’ – IE: A Letter to the Jerks in Sculpture and General Studio Housekeeping.

Natsu snorted in laughter, mimicking his cousin’s odd sounding laughter. 

“Looks like Levy decided to make a list like yours,” Gray said, amused.

“Damn shrimp.” Still his eyes moved over the paper, interested in the content despite the growls vibrating in the back of his throat. So distracted was he, Gajeel didn’t notice Gray sliding his shirt back on.

1.) The Darkroom is not a place to take a nap and escape from the noise. I don’t care how hung over or tired you are. We keep explosive chemicals back here and some of you have a reputation around fire.

2.) Please read the door to make sure there is no ‘nude modeling’ signs posted. The sign up sheet for sessions are on the door. KNOCK before entering if the doors are closed. ‘Whoops’ is not a valid response.

Natsu let out a loud whoop of laughter.

3.) The revolving door of the Darkroom is not a toy. If I catch you spinning around in it like a cracked-out child at Christmas, I will eject you into the timeout corner. It’s under the old printer and it has the total square space of a single foot. Enjoy.

4.) If for some reason Rule 3 is ignored and certain motion sick fools find they are in desperate need to vomit, the film canisters are not sickbags. At least use the sink for goddsake.

5.) Please don’t plug in the light board and heating press at the same time. It will cause a short, which blows out power to the entire top level. If you make me have to go down to Hell for your mess up and face the fury of Laxus to get the breaker working for us again, I will be very unhappy.

6.) To whoever keeps putting their dead goldfish in the Fix. Please STOP. I know we save it because I said I wanted to save some of the wildlife which remained in the local rivers, but putting your deceased pets in the fix are not going to make me change my mind.

7.) The chemicals for film are not a Do-It-Yourself chemistry kit. Listen to me. You are not a mad scientist, and this is not your laboratory. Put a pin in it Dr. Frankenstein.

8.) I know the safety lights in the darkroom look good. But changing them to party lights or even worse – black lights is prohibited. No one really wants to see the stains on the walls again, do they?

9.) The studio closes at 2am unless you are accompanied by a shop tech. Those who are found hiding in the cabinets to escape notice will be fed to Gajeel.

Mad giggling could be heard all the way in Graphic Design at that rule. Natsu shot a look over his shoulder at Gajeel’s flustered scowl. He was at a loss for what to say, but everyone knew he was secretly pleased he was being used as a threat. Gajeel could be an intimidating bastard if you didn’t realize he had a soft spot for kittens. 

10.) All nude models will remain behind the closed doors of the studio. The janitors keep complaining about having to pick up loose clothing off light fixtures. On an unrelated note, Gray, we have a few things in the Lost and Found for you.

Natsu leaned against Gajeel as they both roared with laughter, the two sculptors collapsing in on themselves and falling into hysterics over the notice. Gray’s face burned red in embarrassment, his shirt already unbuttoned and hanging loose around his shoulders. 

“Look who got called out!” Natsu crowed, throwing his head back and laughing obnoxiously. Oh, some of these were great though. He owed Levy a huge one for this. 

Gray, who had been thumping his forehead against the request board, and thus the notice itself, whipped around to glare at Natsu, “Shut up Lava breath! You missed the last one! You’re getting called out too!”

“What, you wanna go princess!” Natsu demanded, cramming his face back into Gray’s personal space. Always willing to jump into a fight, he rose eager to the challenge his fellow sculptor presented.

At least until he figured out what Gray was talking about. The previous rules had hinted at his involvement pretty heavily even if they hadn’t listed him by name. Still, he was interested in what Gray was talking about.

11.) Breech of these codes requires one cup of coffee as payment for emotional and physical damages.

The eleventh rule was written in neat handwriting. Large and well printed, the letters fell in curly lines that were light against the paper. They contrasted well against the writing that came before it. Written by a different person. Written by her.


Yeah he was still going to call her that in his head.

He recognized the different handwriting when she signed her name in the tool checkout sheet down in Hell. Lucy’s handwriting was one of the most recognizable across the board. And she had added a note to the end of Levy’s list, just like Natsu graffitied Gajeel’s notice.

“He ripped the paper off the board,” Gray observed in amusement, having tossed his shirt further down the hallway again.

“Gray, your clothes,” Gajeel sighed tiredly.

Natsu paid them no mind. One thing was certain. Lucy was calling him out.

A slow grin worked over his face.

He couldn’t wait to oblige her.

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Hi.! Do you have a place where you post just your comic of Jasper and human peridot? I always wanted to start at the beginning but I can't really find it.

i do not have a place!  so let me make you a list!

here’s where it started

i was commissioned for this and it was posted more recently than everything under it, but as far as story goes, this comes next

the next thing i did, both animated, and not animated

this is when it actually started taking off as a comic

i love this next one

small filler things 

more filler where it started taking off as a pet au


who’s really the pet here

i just like drawing their banter together

and then this

and this post that i forgot to put a caption on

then this


and more


this dweeb

and this

more comic

they’re fucking adorable

someone’s not fucking around

and as far as i know that’s everything???  but if i’m wrong, someone let us know!

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Orlando I've had this problem with trying to doodle or draw in my classroom but I just can't I feel awkward like everybody is watching me any tips?

Overall, try not to pay others too much mind!

Hehe, trust me when I say I can get fairly nervous, self-conscious, etc. when I do anything (especially things I enjoy doing to my own accord) in front of folks I don’t commonly associate with. Drawing is definitely at the top of my list of said things.

Yet, more times than not, I start drawing in class when we have free time/I have a moment and I’m certain that no one’s giving me the time of day (which is the majority of the time in my case, thankfully). Then, I get so caught up in my doodles, I usually don’t realize someone happens to try to see what I’m doing until they ask to see (and, flatteringly enough, I often get compliments the majority of each time).

But really, unless you’re in a class with friends or where everyone tries to be social with others that they barely, if even know at all (that isn’t art class), I don’t think anyone tends to pay further attention to those that silently keep their eyes pointed to their books/papers and their pencils busy. :)