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Persona 5 Waifu ranked by how commonly people choose them, using the most iconic choice in video games for comparison. This is based entirely on what I’ve personally seen online, so your mileage may vary.

(Ironically I’m a Bulbasaur guy and I picked Makoto) 

UPDATE- Before I made this I had never seen a single person say they wanted Ryuji as their waifu, and now I’ve got like eleventy squillion people yelling “WHeReS RyUJi!?” at me (and, like, five people complaining about the lack of Akechi). So, never let it be said that Art Guy Charlie doesn’t aim to please because Ryuji and Goro have now been added to the Mew Tier.

film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation

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waffles are just crispy pancakes

You take that back.


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I’m still in the process of sending DMs and confirmations regarding the artist applications, but if there are any changes for the artist list, I’ll update this again.

AU where Akechi survived (and gave himself in to the police)
  • Akira: So, Goro's out of prison. Weird, right?
  • Makoto: Akira, you cannot get back together with Akechi-san.
  • Akira: I never said I was gonna get back together with him. But I was thinking, he must be adjusting to civilian life again, would it be the worst thing in the world if I gave him a call?
  • Ryuji: No. No, Akira, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It would be the fourth worst thing. Number one: a super-volcano. Number two: an asteroid hits the Earth. Number three: All the Evel Knievel movies are lost. Number four: Akira calls Akechi. Number five: Makoto-san gets eaten by a shark.
  • Makoto: I'm Makoto and I approve the order of that list.
Persona 5 Goro Akechi focused Au master list

to be updated periodically. NOT SPOILER FREE!!!! Trying to compile all of the au’s that i have so i don’t lose track. ( i hope this works on mobile) persona 5/ Goro akechi sideblog: @littlecrowdetective

New Game+ au: link  

Informant au: link , link

Theater kid au: link , link , link

Half Sibling au ( Goro-Ken amada titled vengeful justice suggested by @smarterthanthoust ): link , link

Half Sibling au (Goro- Futaba sakura): link , link , link , link , 

White Collar inspired au: link

Alt-Timeline au: link , link , link 

Adopt Goro Akechi please let this child be happy” / found family au’s:  link , link

  • Shinjiro Aragaki and (FMC) Minako Aristao adopt goro link ,  link , link
  • Jun Kurosu/ Kashihara meets goro akechi link , link

Young Assassin au: link 

unexpected friends au: link , link

Food Critic au: link

Cook Off au: link

Childhood Friends au: link

Nastume Book Of Friends inspired au: link

Professional sports au: link

Retail au: link

a different path/ research assistant au: link , link

mother’s murderer au: link 

Victorian/steam punk au: link 

My Lady And Butler au: link