list of people i hate

me: hey look at this picture i took today

friend: nice [swipes right]

me: [smiles while reading fan fiction]

parent: [leans over shoulder] who are you talking to

me: [writing headcanons for my otp on tumblr]

teacher: [squints] is that your essay

💕 nadine’s love list 💕

most of these dudes were here with me when i was just a fetus simblr, it’s kinda like i grew up with them!! and they didn’t unfollow me in the meantime!! the others were super supportive in the hard times (yeah and i’m having hard times every week haha), and some others are on this list just because i love them very, very much for various reasons. all of them are true mvps and i’m very grateful for them and i’m so happy that we’re mutuals 💕 


sorry if i tagged some of you again, i know your mentions are probably blowing up, but love is love!

1. You are fat and ugly.
2. Your eyes are too small.
3. I sucked  his dick.
4. You laugh terrible.
5. You are lonely.
6. Don’t wear that.
7. Stop eating so much.
8. Your ears are so fucking ugly.
9. I’m not sorry.
10. You could cry blood and I wouldn’t care.
11. You should close your mouth while you’re laughing.
12. Cunt.
13. He is not interested in you.
14. I loved you.
15. I miss you.
16. You can have anyone, except me.
17. You are stupid.
18. He has a new girlfriend.
19. Your butt is too small.
20. Your boobs are too big.
—  Things people told me I can’t forget. No matter how hard I try.

i’m going to say it louder for the people in the back: closeted ≠ ashamed of one’s sexuality

“But she looked way better before she put all that makeup on!!”
And you looked way better before you opened your mouth and let your irrelevant opinion fall out

List of stuff heard in marching band 2015


“Freshmen are like caterpillars. We’re useless until we’re seniors. Then we go dictator on people’s asses.”


“I would shove my flute up your ass but there appears to already be a stick there.”

“Piccolos were created to atone for the sins of the 1st trumpet douche-baggery.”

“Don’t be a dot head Nick.”


“Be professional and be straight.”
“I can do one of the two.”

“If I hear one more snobby junior or sophomore tell me “left’ I will stab a bitch with my piccolo.”


Different | Elliot Alderson x Reader

Warnings: alcohol and drug use, trust issues.

Words: 932

Pairing: Elliot Alderson x Reader

A/N: I’ve just started season 2 of Mr Robot and I’m loving it so much!! Elliot is honestly my tiny son and I wanna protect him with all my heart but in the meanwhile, enjoy this aha. Also, Elliot’s POV but he’s talking to himself (like he does in the show.) I did write this late at night and it’s my first Elliot fic!!

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She was different. She hid behind everything. She was lonely and upset but in front of her friends, more alive than ever. I knew I shouldn’t have come to this stupid birthday party. This was just another factor added to the list of things I hate doing and people come to these parties, not because they care for the persons birthday but just because they can get laid and drunk. 

She was loud and in your face. She made everybody do shots, apart from me. She didn’t ask me, why didn’t she ask me? Because she knew I would say no? Did she already know I didn’t want to be there? No, she couldn’t have. She didn’t know me, I was just a plus one for Angela. I don’t blame her for not asking me, I’m no fun in social situations or ever, for that matter.

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Jump Start June 16 Intro

Hi, I’m Valencia, (Val for short)! I’m a native Floridian, 53 years old, soon to be 54, and like most of you, have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have probably lost a literal TON (2,000 pounds) over my life, and gained it all back, also.  Being raised in a ‘fat is bad/carbs are good’ world, I resisted low-carb with all my might, but finally succumbed when I reached my highest weight of 352 (or so – no scale went that high that i had access to). The ‘straw’ was seeing this picture of myself and was just floored by it. I couldn’t believe i was THAT OBESE.

I avoided cameras at all cost. This was probably the first picture I’d allowed to be taken of me in YEARS. 

Since then, I’ve gone on and off keto/lchf, losing weight, and then gaining it back when I started eating carbs again. Finally, three years ago, I realized that I was addicted to refined carbs (and maybe gluten?) and a switch turned in my brain.  Low Carb / Ketogenic is how I need to eat to be healthy, happy, and active. It is the only way I can keep from bingeing relentlessly. It removes the brain fog and lethargy from my body. It brings all my labs (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc) into the desired ranges or even better. 

It’s been a long road to get to this realization and acceptance of it, but I’m there now and I know I won’t go back. I finally get it.

That being said, I’ve been on a plateau for about a year or year and a half and have gained back some of the weight I had lost. I keep trying to change up different things to get the scale moving again. Most recently, it is letting go of artificial sweeteners, which I began around the first week of May 2016. 

I would REALLY like to get into one-derland one of these days. That would be my ultimate goal, somewhere under 200. (my starting weight this morning was 218.4)

With that said, I try to never make that a ‘goal’ because it seems out of my control, so I concentrate on things I can control that will make me stronger, fitter, and hopefully inch me down towards that scale victory.

So, with that said, here are my June goals:

I downloaded an app called HabitBull to track some of the stuff I’ve been working on (it’s very flexible as far as how often you can schedule the goal, unlike some which only allow DAILY goals):

Other stuff about me:

I’m learning how much gratitude can change your life, and I make sure to find something to be grateful for every day. I love the beach and sunsets, Jazzercise and hot yoga, swimming and walking and biking, and headstands are a thing. Combining the beach, sunset, and headstands is a total win!  :)

People who inspire me and keep me going include all my followers and friends here on tumblr, a few in particular are:

@mybigfatfitlife , @gainsofmythicality,  @fatmaninalittlesuit , @deartreadmill , @frontalbread , @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak , @theunstuffedpepper , @losingmydemons  

I hate Instagram.

Good morning.

I hate Instagram. I’m one of those people who make people around cringe when I tell that, when I start complaining of how fucking lost are people who spend time there. I hate those Instagram comedians, with their sexist jokes, jokes about exes and inappropriate music, all of them are honorably siting on the throne in the top list of things I hate the most. And hate those people who stop every goddam second to take a selfie, or make a photo of a tree, that looks like a t r e e. Or those people who apparently have no actual life, but luckily have 9 million photos on Instagram. Or people who have no dog pics on their Instagram. What is even the point of your Instagram if you have no dog pics? What the actual point in anything that has nothing about dogs?

The list of things I hate about Instagram can continue, I see no end in this hatness.

And yeah. I made an Instagram page.

But do not worry, my child (this is how I call myself when I’m terrified of the stuff I do with my own hands, this bullshit will not last long, as I will stop using it at the end of the spring. This is my spring Instagram, my spring reborn, my anime’s spring, when everything changes in order to become better. In order to me become better, stronger. In order of me complaining with an excuse, in order of me having another dead piece of my creation on the Internet. Internet is just a massive cemetery, and, oh boy, how many graves do I have. I leave my dying art all alone, like a betrayer, like a mother leaving her own child in a cage with hungry tigers. I’ve spent most of my time in the online word making and killing what I’ve made, I’m a digital serial killer, I do not use the gun, as do not need it, as long as I have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

I just want to feel the taste of having an Instagram. The feeling of being the part of almost 600 million people and dogs. I crave dog pics, and I’m gonna find and like them all.

Looking forward for getting those 3 likes on pics till the end of May,

K (170311)

Don’t be this kind of asshole

                                                    See this person? 

                                         Do not be this person.

                                     Do not remove artist’s comments.

                                 Do not add ship hate to an artist’s work. 

 It’s rude, it’s childish, it makes you no friends, and it lets everyone else know what a grade-A Asshole you are. 

                    This has been a been a PSA, with love, from Batwynn.