list of jewelry designers

banetteite  asked:

i feel like iNtuitioners are kind of on a piedestal, being 'better' and 'smarter' according to people. could you maybe list some things that make us Sensors amazing and unique?


Granted, intuitives can and may choose to do these things too, but…

Many of the great musicians and composers are sensors. Music is a sensory experience. Tapping into and perfecting it can appeal to a sensor.

Many of the top fashion designers are sensors. Who else could create clothes that look and feel amazing? Purses? Shoes? Suits? Belts? Hats?

Many interior decorators are sensors. Designs that make you go WOA. Rooms that make you feel warm, safe, and welcome.

Many landscape architects are sensors. You have them to thank for flowers flourishing everywhere, for waterfalls tucked amid trees, for an oasis away from city life.

Many top athletes are sensors. This one should be self-explanatory – it’s harder to know where your limbs/the ball are/is if you’re floating in midair. ;)

Many award-winning photographers are sensors. They have a natural eye for knowing how to capture reality. Preserve it. Protect it in memory.

Some of the greatest artists in history have been sensors. That ladybug made out of painted tires on the way to the store? Brightly painted birdhouses all along the fence? Giant murals covering underground walls in New York? Intricately carved animals in a forest? Leaves painted along your ceiling?

Most of the best chefs in the world are sensors. They invent, they perfect, they dedicate their lives to giving you sensations to savor.

Sensors beat intuitives for sensory awareness every time. They can excel in art, music, design, ballet, gymnastics, sports, design, crafting, scrapbooking, jewelry making… the list goes on and on. They are innovators in the realm of sensory perception.

Sensors are not boring. They are awesome.

ELVIS was a sensor. Just saying.