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Blank Space feat. Jaromir Jagr

So it’s gonna be forever

Or I’m gonna go to the Flames

Tell me when my contract’s over

If my goals were worth the pain

Got a long list of ex-teammates

They’ll tell you I’m insane

‘Cause I know you love the players

But I love the game

blush. songs about love, sensuality, and passion sung exclusively by women of color. a response of sorts to this.

halo - beyoncé // braveheart - neon jungle // next to me - emeli sandé // on my own - yasmin // stop! in the name of love - the supremes // neptune’s jewels - mystic // can’t live without your love - janelle monáe // but what of the strangers - thao & the get down stay down // deep sea diver - angel haze // never look away - vienna teng // love song - kalan wi ft. jb the first lady // wild young hearts - noisettes // love is stronger than pride - sade // sweetly leave me - blush // gone - lianne la havas // quizas, quizas, quizas - lucrecia // exodus - m.i.a. // i will always love you - whitney houston // ladeda day - maisey rika // deeper conversation - yuna


the obligatory first death on our server. it was all in pursuit of charcoal. ah, delicious charcoal. one day i’ll make a crock pot. but not today because the robot went and burnt itself to death trying to cut down a tree that was still on fire. so there you go.

me: webber. tumblr user neasura: wx-78.
CF screenplay

don’t google “legend of korra” in public because you just might stumble upon a “reasons why korra is the worst avatar of all time” review and end up demonically growling out loud and scaring every living thing around you

Some less commonly known famous socialists/communists

Charlie Chaplin
Albert Einstein
Ernest Hemingway
Mahatma Ghandi
Tony Blair
Sinclair Lewis
Bernie Sanders
Lawrence O'Donnell
Billy Bragg
Colin Firth
George Bernard Shaw
Joe Strummer
Noam Chomsky
Gregory Peck
Pablo Picasso
Woodie Guthrie
Hellen Keller
Golda Mier
David Ben-Gurion
Arthur Miller
Franz Kafka
Malcolm X
Franklin Roosevelt
Lyndon Johnson
Walter Kronkite
John Steinbeck
Kurt Vonnegut
Victor Hugo
Leo Tolstoy
George Orwell
Nelson Mandela
HG Wells
Marilyn Monroe

the signs as all-nighters i've pulled
  • aries:the time i dared my best friend to stay awake longer than me and ended up making her pancakes after she crashed around 3am.
  • taurus:when I stayed awake for 36 hours straight watching cooking channel marathons.
  • gemini:new year's eve with my cousins, where none of us sleep and none of us keep any of our resolutions.
  • cancer:staying up until 6am babysitting my little sister to make sure no one came in to hurt her.
  • leo:when i challenged myself to finish the entirety of harry potter and the order of the phoenix in one sitting.
  • virgo:the majority of my all-nighters: spent crying over a massive assignment
  • libra:literally not sleeping once so my hair would look good the next morning.
  • scorpio:that one time when i got drunk and spent the night alone in a graveyard punching trees... for reasons.
  • sagittarius:when i drove up into the san gabriel mountains to watch the sunrise alone.
  • capricorn:literally there has only ever been one all-nighter where i did nothing but work and get my shit together. this was it.
  • aquarius:sitting on the roof of my house to watch for ufos after i saw a discovery channel special on aliens.
  • pisces:when i was at a sleep-away camp and i snuck out of the cabin with two other girls so we could see the lake at night.

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Reena hi, could you rec me your favorite louies? those who post regularly because i follow mostly harries and my dash needs more Louis, thank you!

hi love of course! 

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im probs forgetting like 239498 people but idk, i love these people a lot

About the list of some less commonly known famous socialists/communists

First of all that less commonly known famous socialists/communists list is not my opinion, it is people who have identified as Socialists/Communists OR people who have been identified as such by others. AND - my name has nothing to do with identifying Noam Chomsky on the list. AND If you don’t think LBJ was a socialist I suggest you research his “Great Society”… And are you saying that FDR’s New Deal is not based on socialist principles? And I’m not even from the U.S… Also, Tony Blair self identified as a socialist in 1997. Walter Cronkite - self identified. Bernie Sanders? Self identified democratic socialist. Again - identified by themselves or others, NOT myself. 

 The list: 

charli xcx has been the pop star we need for a while now but now i think she is also the rock star we need and i’m shrieking about it

My favorite quirks

Honestly? This is just shit I like to see people do. xD They may be quirks~ some not~.

- lip biting. ‘Nuff said.
- rambling. Soa cute omg just go on. Keep on. I’ll hang onto every word cx
- expressionful eyebrows. That just makes eyebrows like 1000x better!
- getting stuck thinking. Whut. Come here. Unf.
- personal ocds. Especially if it’s something that most people would find ridiculous. Counting steps, avoiding certain numbers or words, keeping a certain thing, etc.
- forever moving. Not many people are forever moving like me. So when I see someone who is constantly moving, I squeal a little on the inside. =w=

To Read Or Not To Read?

That is the question. I made a book-it list (Like a bucket list, but for books. Hehe get it?) a few weeks ago that goes as such: 1. The Jungle 2. Into The Wild 3. Brave New World 4. About A Boy 5. Crime and Punishment Simple enough, but then my coworker loaned me Crime and Punishment. Oh my goodness, I am so tempted to bump it up to the top of my list! It focuses on the whole concept of morality. What should I do?