list of disclaimers:

list of hobbies.. I need to find one..
  1. Aircraft Spotting
  2. Airbrushing
  3. Airsofting
  4. Acting
  5. Aeromodeling
  6. Amateur Astronomy
  7. Amateur Radio
  8. Animals/pets/dogs
  9. Archery
  10. Arts
  11. Aquarium (Freshwater & Saltwater)
  12. Astrology
  13. Astronomy
  14. Backgammon
  15. Badminton
  16. Baseball
  17. Base Jumping
  18. Basketball
  19. Beach/Sun tanning
  20. Beachcombing
  21. Beadwork
  22. Beatboxing
  23. Becoming A Child Advocate
  24. Bell Ringing
  25. Belly Dancing
  26. Bicycling
  27. Bicycle Polo
  28. Bird watching
  29. Birding
  30. BMX
  31. Blacksmithing
  32. Blogging
  33. BoardGames
  34. Boating
  35. Body Building
  36. Bonsai Tree
  37. Bookbinding
  38. Boomerangs
  39. Bowling
  40. Brewing Beer
  41. Bridge Building
  42. Bringing Food To The Disabled
  43. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity
  44. Building Dollhouses
  45. Butterfly Watching
  46. Button Collecting
  47. Cake Decorating
  48. Calligraphy
  49. Camping
  50. Candle Making
  51. Canoeing
  52. Cartooning
  53. Car Racing
  54. Casino Gambling
  55. Cave Diving
  56. Ceramics
  57. Cheerleading
  58. Chess
  59. Church/church activities
  60. Cigar Smoking
  61. Cloud Watching
  62. Coin Collecting
  63. Collecting
  64. Collecting Antiques
  65. Collecting Artwork
  66. Collecting Hats
  67. Collecting Music Albums
  68. Collecting RPM Records
  69. Collecting Sports Cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)
  70. Collecting Swords
  71. Coloring
  72. Compose Music
  73. Computer activities
  74. Conworlding
  75. Cooking
  76. Cosplay
  77. Crafts
  78. Crafts (unspecified)
  79. Crochet
  80. Crocheting
  81. Cross-Stitch
  82. Crossword Puzzles
  83. Dancing
  84. Darts
  85. Diecast Collectibles
  86. Digital Photography
  87. Dodgeball
  88. Dolls
  89. Dominoes
  90. Drawing
  91. Dumpster Diving
  92. Eating out
  93. Educational Courses
  94. Electronics
  95. Embroidery
  96. Entertaining
  97. Exercise (aerobics, weights)
  98. Falconry
  99. Fast cars
  100. Felting
  101. Fencing
  102. Fire Poi
  103. Fishing
  104. Floorball
  105. Floral Arrangements
  106. Fly Tying
  107. Football
  108. Four Wheeling
  109. Freshwater Aquariums
  110. Frisbee Golf – Frolf
  111. Games
  112. Gardening
  113. Garage Saleing
  114. Genealogy
  115. Geocaching
  116. Ghost Hunting
  117. Glowsticking
  118. Gnoming
  119. Going to movies
  120. Golf
  121. Go Kart Racing
  122. Grip Strength
  123. Guitar
  124. Gunsmithing
  125. Gun Collecting
  126. Gymnastics
  127. Gyotaku
  128. Handwriting Analysis
  129. Hang gliding
  130. Herping
  131. Hiking
  132. Home Brewing
  133. Home Repair
  134. Home Theater
  135. Horse riding
  136. Hot air ballooning
  137. Hula Hooping
  138. Hunting
  139. Iceskating
  140. Illusion
  141. Impersonations
  142. Internet
  143. Inventing
  144. Jet Engines
  145. Jewelry Making
  146. Jigsaw Puzzles
  147. Juggling
  148. Keep A Journal
  149. Jump Roping
  150. Kayaking
  151. Kitchen Chemistry
  152. Kites
  153. Kite Boarding
  154. Knitting
  155. Knotting
  156. Lasers
  157. Lawn Darts
  158. Learn to Play Poker
  159. Learning A Foreign Language
  160. Learning An Instrument
  161. Learning To Pilot A Plane
  162. Leathercrafting
  163. Legos
  164. Letterboxing
  165. Listening to music
  166. Locksport
  167. Lacrosse
  168. Macramé
  169. Magic
  170. Making Model Cars
  171. Marksmanship
  172. Martial Arts
  173. Matchstick Modeling
  174. Meditation
  175. Microscopy
  176. Metal Detecting
  177. Model Railroading
  178. Model Rockets
  179. Modeling Ships
  180. Models
  181. Motorcycles
  182. Mountain Biking
  183. Mountain Climbing
  184. Musical Instruments
  185. Nail Art
  186. Needlepoint
  187. Owning An Antique Car
  188. Origami
  189. Painting
  190. Paintball
  191. Papermaking
  192. Papermache
  193. Parachuting
  194. Paragliding or Power Paragliding
  195. Parkour
  196. People Watching
  197. Photography
  198. Piano
  199. Pinochle
  200. Pipe Smoking
  201. Planking
  202. Playing music
  203. Playing team sports
  204. Pole Dancing
  205. Pottery
  206. Powerboking
  207. Protesting
  208. Puppetry
  209. Pyrotechnics
  210. Quilting
  211. Racing Pigeons
  212. Rafting
  213. Railfans
  214. Rapping
  215. R/C Boats
  216. R/C Cars
  217. R/C Helicopters
  218. R/C Planes
  219. Reading
  220. Reading To The Elderly
  221. Relaxing
  222. Renaissance Faire
  223. Renting movies
  224. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
  225. Robotics
  226. Rock Balancing
  227. Rock Collecting
  228. Rockets
  229. Rocking AIDS Babies
  230. Roleplaying
  231. Running
  232. Saltwater Aquariums
  233. Sand Castles
  234. Scrapbooking
  235. Scuba Diving
  236. Self Defense
  237. Sewing
  238. Shark Fishing
  239. Skeet Shooting
  240. Skiing
  241. Shopping
  242. Singing In Choir
  243. Skateboarding
  244. Sketching
  245. Sky Diving
  246. Slack Lining
  247. Sleeping
  248. Slingshots
  249. Slot Car Racing
  250. Snorkeling
  251. Snowboarding
  252. Soap Making
  253. Soccer
  254. Socializing with friends/neighbors
  255. Speed Cubing (rubix cube)
  256. Spelunkering
  257. Spending time with family/kids
  258. Stamp Collecting
  259. Storm Chasing
  260. Storytelling
  261. String Figures
  262. Surfing
  263. Surf Fishing
  264. Survival
  265. Swimming
  266. Tatting
  267. Taxidermy
  268. Tea Tasting
  269. Tennis
  270. Tesla Coils
  271. Tetris
  272. Texting
  273. Textiles
  274. Tombstone Rubbing
  275. Tool Collecting
  276. Toy Collecting
  277. Train Collecting
  278. Train Spotting
  279. Traveling
  280. Treasure Hunting
  281. Trekkie
  282. Tumblring
  283. Tutoring Children
  284. TV watching
  285. Ultimate Frisbee
  286. Urban Exploration
  287. Video Games
  288. Violin
  289. Volunteer
  290. Walking
  291. Warhammer
  292. Watching sporting events
  293. Weather Watcher
  294. Weightlifting
  295. Windsurfing
  296. Wine Making
  297. Wingsuit Flying
  298. Woodworking
  299. Working In A Food Pantry
  300. Working on cars
  301. World Record Breaking
  302. Wrestling
  303. Writing
  304. Writing Music
  305. Writing Songs
  306. Yoga
  307. YoYo
  308. Ziplining
  309. Zumba
Some less commonly known famous socialists/communists

Charlie Chaplin
Albert Einstein
Ernest Hemingway
Mahatma Ghandi
Tony Blair
Sinclair Lewis
Bernie Sanders
Lawrence O'Donnell
Billy Bragg
Colin Firth
George Bernard Shaw
Joe Strummer
Noam Chomsky
Gregory Peck
Pablo Picasso
Woodie Guthrie
Hellen Keller
Golda Mier
David Ben-Gurion
Arthur Miller
Franz Kafka
Malcolm X
Franklin Roosevelt
Lyndon Johnson
Walter Kronkite
John Steinbeck
Kurt Vonnegut
Victor Hugo
Leo Tolstoy
George Orwell
Nelson Mandela
HG Wells
Marilyn Monroe

teakais asked:

Do you think you could list some other bts graphic blogs you know of? I really love the stuff you make btw ^-^

oh thanks, sweetie \(//∇//)\ ♡ ♡  wah, I follow a lot of kawaii blog tho HAHAHA ok, just for a few seconds .. *Throws confetti*

THESE are some of my favorites BTS graphic blogs 

doujinssi  ❀ dohdororomanticvirusrapmuns ❀ zxlojung-koook ❀ kimnamswag ❀  yesung ❀ taernado ❀ hugtae ❀ nojimin ❀


… and lots of others  /// check them out they’re all spectacular! ; I swear! ♥ 

List of Femslash, Canon couples and Implied couples

Here I’ll be making a list of anything that fits under what the title implies. I’ll try to add as much as I can with my knowledge, but I would love suggestions. If you add a suggestion I’ll make sure to mention you.

Note 1: Make sure to read the warnings like the appropriate age before reading or watching something. Some of these are more mature than others. If people want a division between smutty, mature and innocent, I’ll do it.




  • Bakemonogatari ep 6-8 (Character Suruga Kanbaru has unrequited love towards Hitagi Senjougahara)

Video Games

(many of these games allow you to choose who you date regarding your sexuality)

  • Mass Effect series
  • Fable series
  • Dragon Age series
  • The Last of Us dlc: “Left Behind”


  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Character Strangelove has unrequited love towards The Boss)
  • Persona 3 Portable (Aigis/Aegis is dateable through the female route)


Note #2: A lot of these are just what I know of, not suggested. If you would like specific suggestions/recommendations send me an ask!

About the list of some less commonly known famous socialists/communists

First of all that less commonly known famous socialists/communists list is not my opinion, it is people who have identified as Socialists/Communists OR people who have been identified as such by others. AND - my name has nothing to do with identifying Noam Chomsky on the list. AND If you don’t think LBJ was a socialist I suggest you research his “Great Society”… And are you saying that FDR’s New Deal is not based on socialist principles? And I’m not even from the U.S… Also, Tony Blair self identified as a socialist in 1997. Walter Cronkite - self identified. Bernie Sanders? Self identified democratic socialist. Again - identified by themselves or others, NOT myself. 

 The list: 

My favorite quirks

Honestly? This is just shit I like to see people do. xD They may be quirks~ some not~.

- lip biting. ‘Nuff said.
- rambling. Soa cute omg just go on. Keep on. I’ll hang onto every word cx
- expressionful eyebrows. That just makes eyebrows like 1000x better!
- getting stuck thinking. Whut. Come here. Unf.
- personal ocds. Especially if it’s something that most people would find ridiculous. Counting steps, avoiding certain numbers or words, keeping a certain thing, etc.
- forever moving. Not many people are forever moving like me. So when I see someone who is constantly moving, I squeal a little on the inside. =w=

Things I Like

Cobalt blue
The 1920s
Midnight in Paris
French tipped nails
Denim vests
Hair accessories
Victory curls
A red lip
Piano and violin music
New York City
Flannel sheets
Iced tea
The ocean
Cool summer days
Urban decay makeup
Purple, green and gold
Small yellow flower daisy things that I don’t know the name of
Forehead and nose kisses
Tight hugs
Holding hands
Latana flowers (specifically the red, orange, and yellow ones)
Music by Frankie Valli
Leather jackets
Bearded and tatted men
Patterned tights or stockings
Red doors on houses
White picket fences
JRR tolkien’s writing
Red pandas
French bull dogs
San Francisco
Sons of Anarchy
Alice in Wonderland
The Cheshire Cat
Old Fashion Doughnuts
In n Out
Mary Poppins
Moulin Rouge!
Kraft Mac and Cheese

This is an on going list and will be edited periodically.

To Read Or Not To Read?

That is the question. I made a book-it list (Like a bucket list, but for books. Hehe get it?) a few weeks ago that goes as such: 1. The Jungle 2. Into The Wild 3. Brave New World 4. About A Boy 5. Crime and Punishment Simple enough, but then my coworker loaned me Crime and Punishment. Oh my goodness, I am so tempted to bump it up to the top of my list! It focuses on the whole concept of morality. What should I do?

List of YJ things I still need to draw:

  • model m'gann s2
  • conner (long sleeves) looking casually sexy in the snow
  • a happy jason todd. ugh ;_; 
  • timmy (alternatively with ^) 
  • age 23 Roy (alternatively Koy)
  • sexy mocha man aqualad doing something sexy (which is anything, really) 
  • age 14 (?) roy matching glares with timmy 
  • beautiful cassie with her anime hair
  • gorgeous zatanna s2
  • s2 Icicle Jr. chilling out with an amused Huntress in the ship (I MISS HIM)
  • garfield and timmy hanging out together on some rooftop (I blame annica) 
  • Karen getting a Romantic Piggyback Ride from her sweet giant Mal 
  • more bluepulse 

I’m probably missing stuff but… 

Is there a web-page containing a list of LLVM optimizations?

Is there a web-page containing a list of LLVM optimizations?

I’ve seen many optimization acronyms, eg.

dce, inline, constmerge, constprop, dse, licm, gvn, instcombine, mem2reg, scalarrepl

While I can deduce that dce is dead code elimination, I have trouble with many other.

Is there a web-page with a list of LLVM optimizations with descriptions, what exactly each one of them does?

Kind regards,

Best Answer

The LLVM documentation contains a list of

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things part of the bane of my existance list #32949284;;

  • air bubbles in my contact lens
  • vending machines that dont give change i dont want your overcharging cookie bullshit
  • people who start the majority of their sentences about any subject with “my boyfriend” no matter how irrelevant
  • forgetting stuff in the toaster at work and burning the shit out of 49 pieces of cherry bread
  • when perfume loses its smellyness before you leave the house
  • parking at uni (redundent)