list of 30 essentials

I wanted to make a challenge with some unusual stuff on it, hopefully you’ll like it too! pls tag everything as #30 fanmix challenge specifically instead of just fanmix challenge so I can see it! :) (I kept a lot of these intentionally vague so you have room to play)

  1. something you don’t see much fanwork for or a fandom you’ve never done fanwork for
  2. based on a word
  3. an alternate universe
  4. a mix for someone you know
  5. for a group
  6. a personality test (myers-briggs,hogwarts house, class/aspect, etc)
  7. songs by one artist/band
  8. from your childhood/adolescence
  9. a mix for the last fandom you joined
  10. a mix for your first fandom
  11. based on an emotion
  12. a type of relationship/a relationship dynamic
  13. a genre
  14. use a mix to tell a story
  15. free day! make a mix about anything!
  16. a mix about a character or a ship in a genre they would NEVER listen to
  17. a character archetype
  18. a crossover of any kind
  19. a mix for something you thought you wouldn’t like that you love now
  20. a mix for something you miss
  21. remake an old fanmix (from this challenge or any other mix)
  22. a mix inspired by a quote or poem
  23. have somebody give you something to make a mix about! (if you have trouble finding something, ask me and i’ll give you one)
  24. a mix for someone or something you identify with
  25. a medium (television,movies, comic books, etc)
  26. a mix for an activity
  27. a mix inspired by your tags (if you don’t tag stuff, a mix inspired by a blog you follow)
  28. a mix for a place
  29. a mix for a time
  30. a list of essential songs for yourself

Jazz Albums Every Man (and You’d Think, Woman) Would Want to Hear

People love to make lists and people love to read lists. Here is a survey of 30 essential jazz albums that every man should hear. The usual deserving candidates are here, like Kind Of Blue, A Love Supreme, Getz/Gilberto” and Ellington At Newport. But there are some recent entries. For Pat Metheny, The Way Up is an odd entry given his more jazz-steeped gems. It’s nice to see Oscar Peterson’s Night Train on a list at last. It was always my favorite of his vast output. Anyway, have fun with this.

-Michael Cuscuna
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