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Would you rather…

  1. Lose your sight or your hearing
  2. Break your arm or break your leg
  3. Get run over by a train or by a truck
  4. Drink a glass of sea water or canal water
  5. Get shot by a gun or by an arrow
  6. Eat a dog or a rat
  7. See a ghost or an alien
  8. Go to jail for 30 years or die
  9. Go to the beach or the countryside
  10. Go to the pub or to the club
  11. Watch an action movie or comedy
  12. Be permanently bald or have 
  13. Be poor and happy or rich and unhappy
  14. Be able to stop time or fly
  15. Be gossipied about or never talked about at all
  16. Love and not be loved back or be loved but never love
  17. Go one normal day naked or fall asleep for a year
  18. Be a child or an adult for the rest of your life
  19. Be human or be immortal
  20. Be able to fly or have an invisibility cloak
  21. Talk in a very deep voice or in a high pitched voice
  22. Be a vampire or a ghost
  23. Get a tattoo on your face or metal spikes in your  head
  24. Eat a small can of cat foodor eat 7 lemons
  25. Not be allowed to wash your hands for a month or your hair
  26. Have a llittle green piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth or a booger in your nose that moves when you breathe
  27. Learn to walk or write all over again 
  28. Lose your wallet or lose your keys
  29. Eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream
  30. Live with Hitler for 3 years or with Saddam Hussein
  31. Age only from the neck up or from the neck down
  32. Speak all foreign languages or be able to talk to animals
  33. Live in a home without electricity or without water
  34. Drink 1lt of ketchup or mustard
  35. Have a zombie apoccalypse or World War III
  36. Drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public
  37. Know the date of your death or the cause of your death
  38. Be the richest person in the planet or be immortal
  39. Kill somebody to save a family member or let your loved one die
  40. Kiss a 65 year old men or a 7 year old boy

The Freshman Code: You are not cool, but you are not annoying, unless you make yourself. Honestly the seniors do not care about you, they will say things but they will stay out of your way as long as you stay out of theirs. Don’t go around thinking that you “rule the school” and everything will be fine. Bottom line: Stay in your lane.
Prepare yourself accordingly. Freshman year you will most likely overpack, it completely normal. By the middle of year you will see you only need a notebook, some folder, and a couple of pencils.
Comfort is key. Its cool to dress cute, but don’t overdress and end up being super uncomfortable. You’re in school for a long time each day, try to find something that works with your schedule.
Know your school. If you’re moving into a new building its always smart to get to know the area before school starts. Go with your friends a couple of days before school starts and run your schedules. Look for places where you guys will meet up/get picked up and common places like the bathrooms, nurse offices, and the main school office.
Grades do matter. Lots of people say that hey “______ year is blow-off year!” for colleges, no year is blow of year. They will look at all your grades and they wont take sympathy for you if you were a straight A student and then “suddenly drop”. This doesn’t mean that you should cry about not having your homework or failing a test/quiz. Just work on your overall semester grade and you will be fine.
Looks are not so important. Don’t stress over looking perfect all the time. Everyone has off days and no one will care if you don’t wear makeup, or wear leggins and sweatshirts everyday. Just be happy with yourself.
Things will change. You are going to loose friends, make friends, change interests, goals, etc.. Don’t feel like you have to stay the same (in any way) because that will end up bringing you down. Change is good!
Join clubs/activities! Joining clubs or certain classes with any particular interests will help you make more friends, while you’re doing something you like. Its the easiest way to meet people who are into the same things you are.
SLEEP. Sleep is so so important. If you don’t sleep enough it will affect your academic performance and your health. Make time to get in as much sleep as you can.
Keep your essentials. It varies for everyone, mine are my phone/charger/headphones, gums/mint, a little bit of money, ID, car/home keys, Advil, pads/tampons, snacks.
Throw away negative people. If you feel like anyone is bringing you down or making you feel bad about anything that makes you happy, drop them. Don’t feel bad about it either, just try to make your experience the best you can.
These will most likely not be the “best 4 years of your life”. High school is tough, there is lots of changes with you and the “environment” around you. You will feel lost at times, sad/angry, etc… You can make it, but don’t feel like you’re “losing”  because you’re not having a blast.
Manage your stress. Things get really stressful really easy, try to find something that keeps you entertained and happy. Something like working out, yoga, reading, art, photography, etc… There is also tea that helps!
Take care of yourself. Try to eat right, exercise, and overall take care of your body. Make sure to try and keep yourself in top condition.
Don’t be the annoying kid who doesn’t have anything and always asks for stuff, it’s annoying and people are going to start avoiding you, come prepared.
Friend your teachers. This will help you out a lot because they will try and help you out when you have grade problems, or maybe want some extra credits. Plus its a lot easier to be comfortable in a classroom when you know the teacher.
Try and be open! I know its difficult (I’m super shy myself) but try to be out going and friendly, people will then be drawn to you and it will help you be happier overall. Be open to new people, ideas and things.
The counselors are there to help. They will help you a lot around the school and any academic areas, and also if you ever have personal problems. Sometimes its easier to talk to someone who doesn’t really know you.
Make the best of it. School sucks a lot of times (most times for me anyway) but there is lots of fun memories and experiences that come along with it. It a part of life so just try to enjoy it as much as you can!

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best/your favourite GMM eps?

Oh geez that’s a lot. Here are some favorites based on different categories (no particular order).

Childhood/Personal Stories:

  1. Our Bad Hairstyles
  2. Secret Tapes of Rhett & Link
  3. Epic Drawings from Grade School
  4. High School Sports Records
  5. High School Pranks
  6. Embarrassing Teen Photos
  7. Calling My First Girlfriend
  8. Leslie: Our First Girlfriend
  9. The Awkward Double Date
  10. Link’s Epic Mountain Bike FAIL
  11. Our Romantic Exploits
  12. Rhett & Link’s Musical History


  1. Awkward Photos on Cereal Boxes
  2. 7 Unbelievable Sunburns
  3. What Are We Smeeling? (GAME)
  4. Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)
  5. 5 Trust Exercises to Test Your Friendship
  6. 9 Rules of Personal Space
  7. Find Your Love Language (TEST)
  8. Learn to Speak Cat
  9. Rhett & Link Get Waxed
  10. Speed Hypnosis Experiment

Others/Episodes that never fail to make me laugh

  1. Killing Rhett’s Beard
  2. Live Forever Online
  3. 200 YR Old Person?
  4. Draw Your Mind Map
  5. Will It Double-Awesome? (EXPERIMENT)
  6. Random Commercial Challenge
  7. Taking a Dust Bath - Experiment
  8. The Clothes-Off Game
  9. Will It Shoe?
  10. The Talking House Experiment
  11. 15 Newly Discovered Facial Expressions
  12. The Best Pencil Ever Made
  13. The Safest Way to Walk
  14. How to Dance to Attract Girls
  15. The Hot or Not Experiment
  16. Matching Music to Your Mood
  17. Redneck Theme Park
  18. Top Ten Workout Songs (2 Guys 2 Weights)
  19. Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  20. All New Yo-Yo Tricks 2014
  21. Squeezable Food Test
  22. The Oregon Trail IRL Challenge
  23. What Your Glasses Say About You
  24. What Dogs Are Actually Thinking
  25. Upside Down Glasses Challenge
  26. Introducing Pool Pants
  27. Things Most Humans Can’t Do (TEST)
  28. 8 Weird Ways To Open A Bottle

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Fruit List (Acid, Sub Acid, Sweet)

Sweet Fruits

Banana – high vitamin and mineral content, particularly potassium, easily digested, increases fat burning, research suggests they lower risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, B6, vitamin C, B5, B2, folate, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium

Date – nutrient dense, B5, B3, B2, beta carotene, copper, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, fiber

Fig – highly alkaline, highly mineralized, laxative, intestinal cleanser, B1, B5, B6, beta carotene, calcium, copper, manganese, iron, calcium

Grape - Muscat & Thompson -(seeded varieties best) research today shows that grapes are a profound heart and blood vitalizing food. Red grapes contain the most resveratrol, antioxidants, quercetin and other polyphenols, which also keep blood platelets from sticking together, and they are also a great source of boron to prevent osteoporosis. Grapes contain anti-cancer phytonutrients and have been praised to help with varicose veins, inflammation, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. Detoxifier, cleansing, iron, magnesium, boron, anti viral, cancer-preventative

Jackfruit – laxative, nutritious, juicy fruit gum was a takeoff on jackfruit flavor, beta carotene, vitamin C, B2, B6

Jujube (Chinese date) – Vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and calcium minerals, there are also high amounts of sodium, zinc, iron and copper

Longan – vitamin C, magnesium, potassium

Mamey Sapote – tastes like, but sweeter than sweet potato, anti bacterialSapote (black) - vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus

Mangosteen – antimicrobial, antiviral, said by many to be a super fruit for all its nutritional benefits

Papaya – digestive support, cleansing, enhances fat burning, extremely nutrient dense, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron

Persimmon (Fuyu & Hachiya) -mild laxative, sooth digestive system, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus

Sub-Acid Fruits

Apple – overall tonic and contain pectin, a fiber that’s good for the digestive tract, supports immunity, research suggests it lowers Alzheimer’s risk, vitamin C, copper, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, trace minerals Apricot – rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, B5, copper iron, potassium, fiber

Blackberry – build bone density, suppresses appetite, enhances fat burning, phytonutrients ,vitamin C, beta carotene, folate, B5, vitamin E. vitamin K, manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc , fiber

Blueberry – high in antioxidants & phytonutrients, good for urinary tract and brain rejuvenation, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, copper, iron

Cherimoya – vitamin C, folate, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, omega 3, fiber

Cherry – detoxifying, laxative, cleanser, reduce inflammation, lowers bad cholesterol, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, silicon,

Grapes – (seeded varieties best) research today shows that grapes are a profound heart and blood vitalizing food. Red grapes contain the most resveratrol, antioxidants, quercetin and other polyphenols, which also keep blood platelets from sticking together, and they are also a great source of boron to prevent osteoporosis. Grapes contain anti-cancer phytonutrients and have been praised to help with varicose veins, inflammation, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. Detoxifier, cleansing, iron, magnesium, boron, anti viral, cancer-preventative

Loquat - high in beta carotene, dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus

Lychee – high in polyphenols, taste somewhat like grapes, vitamin C, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium

Mango – good for kidneys and digestion, blood cleanser, supports immune system, lowers bad cholesterol, vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, potassium

Nectarine – digestive aid and cleanser, beta carotene, B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper

Peach – laxative, diuretic, digestive aid, cleanser, alkaline, carotene, B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, beta carotene

Pear - diuretic, alkaline, digestive aid, cleanser, fiber, iodine, vitamin C, copper

Plum – laxative, oxalic acid, beta carotene, antioxidants, phosphorus, potassium

Raspberries – said to lower bad cholesterol and inhibit certain cancer growth, antioxidant, vitamin C , vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, B5, manganese, copper, iron

Acid Fruits

Cranberry – great for respiratory and urinary tracts, tannic and oxalic acids

Grapefruit – pectin strengthens blood vessels and capillaries and reduces the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque in those afflicted with this problem. Grapefruit juice eases constipation and improves digestion but can reduce appetite, aiding in weight loss. It’s said grapefruit is good to eat for cancers, heart problems, strokes, constipation, the blood and nerves. Digestive aid, vascular health, removal of inorganic calcium from joints.

Kiwi – removes excess sodium buildup, enzymes help in correcting and soothing digestive system, said to eliminate wrinkles, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin, E, folate, copper, potassium

Kumquat – calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, iron, magnesium

Lemon – is the most potent detoxifier of all the citric fruits.It kills intestinal parasites and dissolves gallstones. It’s said lemons are good to eat for cancers, heart problems, strokes, constipation, the blood and nerves. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, cleansing, alkalizing effect

Limes – (yellow when ripe) contains bioflavonoids, citric acid and pectin. It’s said limes are good to eat for cancers, heart problems, strokes, constipation, the blood and nerves. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, cleansing, alkalizing effect

Oranges – contain 170 different phytonutrients and more than 60 known falconoid. These are shown to reduce inflammation, shrink tumors, and inhibit blood clots. The Herperidin in oranges can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Contain bioflavonoids, citric acids and pectin. It’s said oranges are good to eat for cancers, heart problems, strokes, constipation, the blood and nerves. Digestive support, calcium, vitamin C

Pineapple – promotes joint health, reduces inflammation , diuretic, digestive aid, cleanser of mucus, mild laxative, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, beta carotene

Pomegranate – cleansing and good for the urinary tract, protects against sunburn, studies suggest it fights prostate cancer, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, beta carotene

Strawberry – said to protect against Alzheimer’s, reduce bad cholesterol, suppress growth of colon, prostate and oral cancers, vitamin C, folate, manganese, copper, iron

Tangerine - vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium

Tomato (heirlooms are best) - Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients, over 9,000 known phytonutrients to date. The main and most powerful antioxidant known in the tomato is lycopene. Lycopene is thought to protect the liver, lungs, prostate gland, colon and skin from sunburn among other things. Ongoing research seems to show that lycopene helps prevent macular degeneration, lower cholesterol, support the immune system and can help prevent and rid cancers. alkaline residue, reduces inflammation, vitamin C, B6, B5 ,B1, vitamin K, copper, iron, magnesium

High Fat Fruits

Avocado – said to be good for liver and lower cholesterol levels, vitamin E, protein, iron and copper

Durian – high in potassium and sulfur which makes them a warming fruit, vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron

Olives – very alkaline, lubricating, cleansing, calcium, sodium, magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin A and E

Coconut - 4 electrolytes, anti-microbial fats, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, provides protection against UV raises, promotes collagen and contains probiotics

These fruits are very high in fat but are of the healthiest kind. However, you will want to enjoy these foods in moderation if you are consuming a lot of fruit or you will end up with insulin problems. A low fat raw food diet usually works best for most people is a  80/10/10 Diet. If you are a slow oxidizer you should shoot for 10% fat in your diet or less. If you are eating a 2000 calorie diet this works out to be about 22 grams of fat and this adds up quicker than you might think. One avocado has about 25 grams of fat and one olive has 1 gram of fat. If you are a fast oxidizer you can eat a higher percentage of 20% but be careful not to consume too much high sugar fruit

Non-Sweet Fruits

Bell peppers – (orange and red only, green are unripe) protects against sunburn, good for the heart, beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin E. vitamin K, iron, manganese. do not eat green bell peppers, skin, or seeds.

Cucumber – alkaline, diuretic, great cleanser, vitamin K, B5, silicon, potassium, copper

Tomato - (also an acid fruit)

Squash -  contains vitamins A and C, maganese and magnesium, and contains folate, which has been shown to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects and other birth defects.  carotenoid beta-cryptoxanthin, has decreased incidence of lung cancer.  A cup of winter squash contains 15% of the recommended daily allowance of folate

Eggplant -  contain vitamnins B1, B3, B6, C and potassium, glykoalkaloids and  phytonutrients like flavonoids, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. the flavonoid nasunin in eggplants, has high levels of antioxidant properties and is known to be a scavenger of free radicals, thus protecting the cells of the body. nasunin is also known for its ability to protect the fats surrounding the cell membrane of the brain. the chlorogenic acid it contains is known to be the most potent antioxidant that displays antimicrobial, antiviral and antitumor abilities and plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases. glykoalkaloids invade cancer cells and stimulate the cell’s owns digestive enzymes  the culinary definition of fruit excludes these foods, botany declares them a fruit because of their seeds. they are low in sugar and fat and are great to add to salads or just to eat alone as part of a low fat raw food diet


Cantaloupe – immunity support, protects against sunburn, reduces inflammation, cleanser and great for rehydrating, great nutrient profile, very high in beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, B3, potassium, copper

Watermelon – protects against sunburn, said to reduce risk of prostate, ovarian and cervical cancers, cleanser, great for rehydrating, beta carotene, vitamin C, copper

Bittermelon -  the fruits and leaves of bitter melon are a good source of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B.  the juice from the leaves is also good to prevent and lessen cough, for fever and against roundworms. it is also used to treat sterility in women and alleviate liver problems. bitter melon has some antimicrobial activity and can help infected wounds.  nutritional contents can actually be absorbed by the body’s digestive system of the plant become some of these substances exist in unabsorbable form. lowers blood sugar levels and addition in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, reducing the patients intake of antidiabetic drugs.

Source: Raw Conscious Food

Here’s How To Attract Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ISFP: Be adventurous and playful and take an interest in them – then give them space to sort out their feelings and come to you.

ISFJ: Act like a superhero, but one who needs to be taken care of. They’ll jump at the chance to nurture your reckless spirit.

ISTP: Infiltrate their social circle, see them regularly, match their level of nonchalance and then put sex on the table.

ISTJ: Be bubbly enough to warm their hearts but scattered enough to imply that you need their help.

ENFP: Flirt with them once and then act completely unattainable. ENFPs love a challenge.

ENFJ: Act like the stereotypical bad boy/bad girl but show glimpses of deep emotion– they’ll clamor to figure you out and bring out the best in you.

ENTP: Challenge their logic and rebut their manipulative tactics.

ENTJ: Assure them that a relationship with you is a low-risk investment that will yield a sizeable emotional return. Be strong in your character, but not stronger than them.

ESFP: Look good, make it clear that you’re available and then just hang around for a while. Their natural ‘people curiosity’ will eventually drive them to come after you.

ESFJ: Be popular amongst your mutual peers but make it clear that you often forget to eat lunch or get enough sleep. They’ll lust obsessively after the chance to be the one who takes care of you.

ESTP: Act sweet, wide-eyed and impressed by everything that they do. Their ego will respond well to your fuel.

ESTJ: Have excellent hygiene and constantly tell them they’re right.

INFP: Act like you have a deep, brooding secret that you’re too guarded to reveal. The INFP will not sleep, eat or breathe until they’ve broken down your walls.

INFJ: Be one big, walking paradox. Look them deep in the eyes and tell them that you ‘Need them’ to help figure yourself out.

INTP: Take initiative. Take initiative again. Repeat until INTP notices your existence. Then take initiative again.

INTJ: Present them with a completely unprecedented way of thinking about something they were previously decided on. You’ll shake their foundation and win their admiration.

For those of you who still aren’t sick of studying even during the summer break or for those who want to pimp their CVs with some awesome certificates and skills, I made a list of all of the online platforms where you can take courses. :)

I listed them from my favourite to least favourite. edx is definitely number one since it’s partner with so many good universities and you can get certificates for free (or paid if you want to get your identity verified). So yeah, feel free to try them out and don’t hesitate to ask me about my own experiences with these platforms. ;)

My Reccommended Apps/Websites for School


Price: Free

What is it? Quizlet allows you to make flashcards on your phone or computer with or without WiFi! These are so much easier than handwriting dozens of flashcards and keeps them all organized in one place. I SWEAR by these and always use this app on my phone to study for my tests!

Google Docs

Price: Free

What is it? Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. This is essentially Microsoft Word but it’s, in my opinion, a lot cooler. Say if you have to do a group project, you can edit it on your computer and have someone else edit the same document at the same time on a different computer. Also, it allows you to share documents to other quickly and allows them to see it, make notes, or edit the document.


Price: Free

What is it?  YouTube is a website designed for sharing videos. I personally use this to look up videos on how to do certain sections of math that I don’t understand or crash courses for history, English, or whatever science class I’m taking at the moment. You can also use this to listen to music while you study or look up videos from study/school related youtubers!


Price: Free

What is it? Tumblr is a social networking website that allows registered users to post multimedia content to their own customizable blogs. Tumblr can be a source of inspiration and motivation but it all depends on how you use it. This website is a blessing and a curse…be sure that you’re using it productively and end up actually finishing your work. Studyblrs, Smartspo, and study blogs in general can be a source of knowledge and support! I highly suggest you check some of them out.

EasyBib or Citation Machine

Price: Free

What is it? EasyBib and Citation machine are a websites/apps that will form a citation for you when you enter in the link to what you need to cite. This saves a lot of time trying to do this the old fashion way. You cite books, pictures, websites, magazines, articles, and many other works. This is a godsend! I remember having to do citations by myself and it was honestly the worst thing ever. This makes my life so much easier.


Price: Free

What is it? Sparknotes is a resource you can turn to when you’re confused. I will help you understand books, write papers, and study for tests. If you’re reading a book and have no idea what it’s talking about go to Sparknotes and it will help you understand what you’re reading. They also have a large range of other subjects that you can study from. I use this when i don’t get something that I’m reading or when I don’t get something in other subjects.

Khan Academy

Price: Free

What is it? Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization. I cannot stress how helpful this is. You can practice math, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing, history, etc. and it’s all for F R E E. Highly, highly, highly recommend you check this out. I use this to study and practice things for all my subjects.


Price: Free

What is it? Conjuguemos is an online workbook for your Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin language students. The site stores a large amount of practice activities, with more exercises added during the year by our users. This is for people who want to enhance and practice the language they are learning. This helps me practice my conjugating in the different tense forms for Spanish.


Price: Free

What is Duoligo? Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that includes a language-learning app along with a crowd sourced text translation platform, and a language proficiency assessment center. Duolingo is ad-free and users are not charged for its services. I use this to help me improve my Spanish skills. This is very helpful and actually works.

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