reached 10 followers (Thank you ever so deeply)

So yay i reched 10 followers (I know it aren’t ain’t that many followers. But oh well). Well I would like to say thanks to my followers, and those people I follow

(you’re awesome!!). I am really grateful. When I started using tumblr I thought, I would really never use it. But oh well now I can’t stop XD. Thank you very much. And I thought i should do something, so well i’m gonna write a thing to all my followers here, and to the ones i follow XD so here we go

people i follow:

divetodistraction: ^__^ you’re one of the first persons I followed, I really like basically everything you post, and lately you’ve got me interested in x Japan. Which i didn't know existed before. So thank you very much. I REALLY GET HAPPY when i see you on my dash. 

shourglass: ^3^ I REALLY ENJOY seeing you’re name on my dashboard. I always know it’s gonna be something I like or get nosebleed from    I started getting happy every time i saw Mamoru- kun on pictures. But now I get in fangirl mode. What can I say you turned me into a mamo-fangirl. 

lissyaquarius: again one of the first people i followed. You’re profile picture is lovely. When you post it is always so pretty to bad we dont talk much together but you seem   like such a nice person.^#^ i really admire you

whatsupwithai/nachipachipachi: I think i’ve heard that you’re the same person but chnged account ( if not i’m so sorry). You really post the most hilarious things, and most sweetest AND sometimes the most heartbreaking ( now im thinking about kiiyan’s “fun” ride yay… -_-) Anyway i really admire you. You’re one of the persons who made me think i should make a tumblr as well.  thank you for sharing my passion for seiyuu’s ^#^ thank you.

ask-natsukishinomiya: i dont think i have to explain this one -____-

ukeinside: sorry if this is gonna be a long post. you’re as well one of the first persons that i followed if not the made me into a seiyuu fangirl. You really seem like a nice person and i wished i had the courage to write to you ( i’m kinda shy to the people i love the most….if that did make any sense). I REALLY DO ENJOY seeing you on my dash.

tsuminiochiiru: I would like to call you my sensei XD. When i thought no one know who Kiiyan was well, you did. You post such wonderful things. Such as animals, kiiyan, e-zuka, Mamo-chan AND so much more. ireally really really enjoy seeing you on my dash now i do not want to choose a favorite blog i like. I enjoy waking up in the morning to kiiyan spam. You better be happy you turned me into a kiiyan fangirl. ^3^ I really admire you so much. I have wrote many anonymous things to you. But now I am saying it here so well te hee. 

people who follow ME:

 shuichichan: i dont really know you yet, but i’m looking forward to talking with you  i hope you will enjoy it ^^.

divetodistraction: i was really happy when you followed me, i could not get it in my head.^^

shourglass: i simply couldn’t believe it ^^.

stardustazuredragon: thank you. Though i haven’t really spoken to you muc…YET!! <3.

  yuki-natsu: i think you were one of my first followers. Thank yo I always enjoy seeing you commeting on my things, answering my asks and reblogging things from me. You always put a smile on my face. Hontou arigatou gozaimasu ^^. (sorry if that was spelt wrong i have only just started learing japanese -_-. 

anyishinomiya: I haven't really spoken to you yet but I would really love it cuz you seem like a nice person.  and thank you so much for following.^^

lissyaquarius: i was really deligthed when you followed I was really happy ^^

crimson-melody: before i had a tumblr i used to watch what you were doing posting. And i thought. It would be nice to actullay talk to this person. And so….well nothinig happend more after that. ( but im still collecting courage to do it) 

tsuminiochiiru: i fell down from my chair, when i saw that you had followed me. I felt really honored. AND i still do ^3^

btamamura: you’re one of the first people who followed me. Thank you very much. ^^

well did you like what i wrote?. sorry if you did not, but those are my true feelings.  

thanks for reading ^^