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Ahhh I love all of it. I love when they alternate at this part:

We pull up, open the door
All the girls scream, “There they are!”
It’s packed from wall to wall
And everybody is calling
Here we come, it’s almost time
Feel the rush, now hit the lights
We gonna get it all started

Also, swoon at Logan’s voice. But I laugh every time I hear “Cars beep beep when they pass us by”. EVERY TIME. :) 

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I just have to say that I really love your tags on your posts, but I hardly ever reblog them because that means I have to do more than ALT-Click and I am really fucking lazy. So...I'm sorry I am so lazy, I guess?

Hahaha, it’s ok. I understand laziness. To be honest, I have the worst tagging system ever. Everything is just ‘jagan’ + mindless ramblings. I’ve pretty much abandoned tagging things individually between James and Logan and it’s impossible to find things on my blog once I need them. Also, I’ve yet to find a perfect “OTP:” tagline for jagan.

ANYWAY sorry I hijacked your nice message with a rant about tags. <3

lissie2491 replied to your post: Right? Like I’m pretty sure my sister-in-law is NEVER on facebook.

Yeah. I’m wondering if it has something to do with how many pictures you have with them? Or how many times you have liked the same thing? I just don’t understand these rankings! But it’s kind of fun.

Yeah it definitely is lol. Maybe it assumes Gihan would stalk me because we’re together…

Little do they know my boyfriend doesn’t care about me!

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lol, I know for a fact that they spelled it correctly because restaurateur was the ONLY word I didn't know how to spell in a BPA Spelling Team round. Literally, the only word. Partly b/c the moderator said "rest-tar-ron-turr" and I was like, "wtf are you talking about lady?"

hahaha, i love you. that’s really unfortunate but let’s be honest, BPA spelling is a joke. I made it to state and the hardest word I got was “computer”. true story.

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I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOUR MAKE UP IS ALWAYS PERFECT. Teach me your ways. Also I should be asleep like I told you I would be 5 minutes ago. I suck. Tumblr sucks. Y DID U DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEE????

Girlfriend, you know I never put on makeup. And that took like an hour and a half tonight. And I still got stood up by the stupid boy. And tell me about it. I should be asleep like I told you I was half an hour ago lol. Fuckin’ Tumblr.

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"Fast forward a year and my friend had asked me to see Big Time Rush with her at the Minnesota State Fair. I thought it’d be something funny to tweet about. Except I partied too hard the night before and was too hungover to actually stick around for the show. I felt awful so I looked up their pictures from that concert. That’s when it started." Um, yeah, you're welcome. ;)

Ha, yeah. More like “Fuck you, you’ve ruined my life.”