live at Beep South 3
September 4, 2010
The Laboratory, Gainesville, FL

The King of the Gameboy!

Lissajou - witheveryexhalation (.x. Records)

Lissajou was the jackingest gameboy slayer, the king of 8-bit techno, the don of videogame bass, the most exuberant of performers, the infinite 1-up of dance party essence before he hung up his 1/8" adapter. He wasn’t a chiptune artist so much as he was a techno producer who just happened to favor a crunchy, low bit sound and handheld portability. His charismatic live performances were a frenetically hype crescendo of ebullient get down, some of which just can’t be captured in a recording. How do you translate that suit wearing swagger and dance finesse into audio? Thankfully his releases enshrine a portion of the magic. It’s an honor to present this collection of loose ends consisting of compilation tracks, remixes, live, and unreleased tracks. Free download from the dust mote of electronic labels, .x.

Additional Lissajou releases can be found for free download here:

-Andrew Chadwick



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Today I found a video by Jerobeam Fenderson[1], in which he had created images on an oscilloscope screen using synthesis. This video has very much inspired me. He also offered a download link for a PureData patch with an oscilloscope. It uses a [scopeXYZ~] GEM object to create the oscilloscope, which I used to create my own. His patch can be found under the name ‘lil scope’.

[1] Jerobeam Fenderson, Jerobeam Fenderson - Nuclear Black Noise (oscilloscope / Lissajous Music), 2013 <> [accessed 4 February 2016].


live July 26, 2008
OAF House
Tallahassee, FL

gameboy techno & microcassette slaps


Andrew Chadwick recently sent us a video, filmed by Anastasia Creasy, of Lissajous set at Endless Bummer (one of his last sets as Lissajou). To make an attempt at explaining to you the raw pizzazz that was felt during this set would be a waste of time. The pictures above give a great look into all the pizzazz that was felt that night. Below is the video if Lissajous pizzazz filled set.