lissa mitchell

everyone’s always so preoccupied with firsts - their first day of school, their first kiss, their first time.. the first time they laid eyes on one another. you can’t quite put a finger on why you’re drawn to something or someone. and perhaps that’s what kept you coming back for more. having been locked in the audition room for the better part of the day, mitchell kelly’s short enough attention span had long since expired. much to the disappointment of the production crew, they would have to constantly remind the twenty year old that they were shooting. he didn’t really comprehend her presence as she crossed the stage and stood nervously behind the microphone stand. and likewise, he wasn’t really listening when the other judges began to do the obligatory introductions.

but he noticed her as soon as she opened her mouth to sing.

he didn’t understand reality through cold hard facts nor philosophical theories. he understood the world through its slight melodies, crescendos and harmonies. and lissa wolfe drew it all together - a sultry and refreshing bridge that gathered momentum the longer she sang. he was captivated and in typical mitchell kelly fashion, it was there for the whole world to see. perhaps others would be focusing on the present - carving every detail of their first meeting into their heads lest they one day wish to be reminded of how they felt. but mitchell? no, all he knew was that he wanted to be with her until the very end.