lissa joan

Obama was the first president that I actually knew about. Sure I knew who came before him, but he was inaugurated when I was in 5th grade. That was the first inauguration I watched. I wasn’t interested in politics and thought “that’s cool he’s different from the other guys”. Now the past 8 years, I learned more, grew more, and knew more. I learned that I was going to be sexualized more, thought of as weak. I learned that I’m not considered “as smart as the boys”. I discovered my sexuality and learned that that, too, made me lesser. I learned that some people considered my friends to be lesser because of their skin color and heritage. But you know what?

8 years since I watched that inauguration, I have also learned to be proud of who I am, that I am strong and that I shouldn’t believe I am any lesser than anyone else. I learned that no one should be thought of as lesser than anyone else.

Obama was an introduction to politics and he expanded my rights as a lesbian (and other reasons). Michelle Obama expanded my mind by encouraging people to do what they believe (and to get out and play as well as eat right).

So even though there’s a cheeto in the white house, I will not stop my fight. I will stand my ground as a woman, as a lesbian, as a millennial. I will stand my ground and I won’t be swayed because this may end up being a set back and it may have caused somewhat of a division. So I am fighting for my future. I look at the marches and see unity of the masses. I see that there is strength in the spirit of everyone who is fighting for their rights.

I am a millennial. I am a lesbian. I am a woman. And I will not be stopped.

I think that if I date, I’m going to be one of those people who, if you doubt I love you, I will serenade you with the most sappy, heartfelt song I have in my memory. And if you’re in a bad mood, and we’re sitting listening to music, I’ll purposefully sing wrong, out of tune, and loudly just to see you smile and, most likely, await to be hit with a pillow. And if you’re sad, I’ll cuddle with you, and pet your hair softly, pushing it behind your ear and hum a gentle song. 

Yo, listen to me right now. Your body is your own and no one else’s. You are special and unique, okay? Talented and beautiful. You own yourself. No one owns you. You got that? So if you want to wear that dress, do it. Leggings? Go ahead. Skinny jeans, flaunt it, skirt, go on. Sweater and sweat pants? Why not. Literally, if any one says you cannot wear what you want to wear, no matter your sexuality or gender or what the fuck else, you say “you wanna bet?” or “watch me” and you strut those clothes

Same goes for those who wear headcoverings like the hijab, don’t you let some ignorant stupid people make fun of you or tell you that you can’t wear it. Mkay?

Sixth months old this story began
When in the babe’s room came a man
He cut himself and bled
And the blood dripped to the child’s head

The babe’s mother returned to the room
To find this man, she feared certain doom
To protect the child, she did all she knew
But up to the ceiling this mother flew

Her scream pierced the air
And John was awoken with a scare
And to the babe’s room he ran
but in there he found no man

He saw his wife on the ceiling
a red stained shirt told him she was bleeding
Then she began to blaze
And to John, it was all a haze

John wanted to help his wife but to no avail
And little Sammy began to wail
So when Dean stood by the doorway
John carried Sammy to him to say

“Take your brother outside”
He shouted and Dean complied.
22 years later, those boys were grown
Going places and meeting things seemingly unknown

One was a college student
A man known to be prudent
He studied pre-law
But his girlfriend was his greatest source of awe

The eldest was a hunter of the paranormal
And many other creatures abnormal
He saved many people but was merely a soldier
A man who knew how to maintain his composure

After rejoining the hunt with Dean
Sam returns to things that go unseen
And after the death of Jess
Sam, just like his father, was a mess

They continually hunt these supernatural creatures
Which sooner or later start to feature
Demons, Angels, and Death
And hunts that end with their last breath

Though their lives are complicated
it seems to monsters they are hated
The angel sees that Dean stands tall
But even he isn’t sure at all

As the years fly by
And many people cry
Sam and Dean die
but for all we know, the story’s a lie

On that day of the fire
The angel told Mary that his need was dire
She should not get out of bed
That is what the angel said

Into the nursery the angel went
pure white light began its ascent
and once that light began to die down
The child in the cot gave no sign of a frown

The angel was asked what happened that night
And he said “it was a demon, all right”
He said he was saving this family from hate
So he could one day deliver them all to the golden gate

For he spoke of one thing more
Had he not done what he did just before
The youngest would’ve suffered many fates inhumane
The eldest would be a demon and bear the mark of Cain


Stop degrading yourself to less than what you are. You’re a living person with a beating heart and a future you just can’t see. You’re more than what you see, but your friends, your family, us, we see you how you are supposed to be seen: as a person who may be flawed in some ways but is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
—  Lissa Joan, aka me, because I want all of you to see to know this, even if I don’t know you personally, think of who sees you on a daily basis and who loves you. You don’t deserve to be degraded and it’s hard when you degrade yourself. You’re beautiful and I love you. 

Everyone I’ve met has had a talent, even if they say they didn’t. Whether it be music, acting, writing, dancing, drawing, painting, sports, or maybe something academic like being good at math, science, reading writing, foreign language, history, or whatever. Everyone has something they are particularily good at and one of the most common that I know of is making people smile. That’s a small triumph in itself. So whatever people say, just remember that you are talented and maybe they do something in a way you don’t and you consider your talent meaningless but remember someone else on the other side of you is going to think “Wow, that’s talent” and you should always keep that in mind. We aren’t clones and copies of one another. Our talents are ours and we make them how we are and we form them to who we are. 

So don’t let anyone bring you down because I guarantee you’ve got a specialty and that it is amazing.

The year is 2015. The teenager spoke to them-self, gazing out of the window at a bright sunny day with shimmering white snow blanketing everything. “This is it.” They say. “2015. Everything is finally peaceful. There is full equality. Things are looking amazing. It’s been a year since the last war, and since, all wars have seized. It was the longest peace anyone alive has know.” The teenager turned around, looking at the wood flooring. “All of those terrible things happened so long ago, I’m so glad they aren’t happening now.” They are crying. The television tells stupid news stories about some penguin at the zoo, but as they go online, the gasp and cry out as they hear about a child killed due to race, a woman killed due to sex, a person killed because of sexuality, a person killed because of religion, a person committing suicide because they weren’t accepted. 

They shake and cry, knowing that these people could be their friends. It could be the neighbor, 8 year old Andrew, because he is black. It could be their friend Amy because she said no. It could be their classmate Jace because he held his boyfriend’s hand. It could be their best friend Alli, because she wears a hijab. It could be themself because they have always been put down, abandoned, and dejected. But hey, it’s 2015 right? Everything’s better now, isn’t it? Those problems existed so long ago right? There’s nothing to worry about now… that’s what everyone said when they were little….now they just wished it was true.

Okay, another thing you should never say to someone… “Are you really eating that?" 

Don’t say it. I know what I am eating. I want to enjoy what I am eating. Pointing out that I am eating I don’t like. I know I am eating. You telling me that is going to make me think "Oh, fuck” and it’s going to make me more self-conscious and make me not want to eat at all 

watch what you say and be nice to people no matter what they are eating or how they look, kay?

So it’s the weekend again, if you’re going out and partying remember to stay safe, if you do any drugs remember the names for medical purposes, don’t take drinks from strangers and if you get a drink, open it yourself and never put it down. Watch out for your friends or anyone who’s getting a bit too tipsy or look like they’re in an uncomfortable position around some people. Just be safe and careful, watch out for yourself, and watch out for other vulnerable people.

From the victorious shout “Dean Winchester has been saved”

The angel who spoke began to cave

for the one whom he had raised from perdition

was and is his one and only mission

They fall and they rise

They share in the cries

Until the day the angel had finally been torn

and in that he could only suffer and mourn

To lift the weight of all he bore

he cried to the angels “Dean Winchester is no more”

My friend and I are slowly becoming more mean to each other. Today the topic was trash. I was going around a room asking if people had any trash that needed to be thrown away and my friend goes “there wasn’t until you came over OHHH” and I was like “no christmas present for you then” and the next period, we were throwing paper away and I messed with her, putting her in the recycling bin and she goes “I’m not recyclable. You are though, cause you’re fake like plastic." 

Her burns were good. But I’m a baker, I can take the heat.

My sister and I just got really upset while we were playing Uno because my mom said something about Mike Brown and basically said that it was Mike’s fault and then when I brought up Trayvon Martin, she said he had it coming. And to shut her up, my sister and I brought up other cop murdering black youth like Tamir Rice and other cases and how Mike was younger than she,  my sister, is and that he had a future and he was going to go to college. How Tamir was still so young and had so much yet to experience. Neither of us can help that we were born white, but we’re not going to let the fact that we were raised in a racist family make us racist. We’re changing because we know that what happened to these people was unjust and the cops that killed them deserve to rot in a cell. 

Don’t just sit back and say “I can’t do anything because I’m not black” because you can do something. You can stand up for the lives that are “threatening” to the police. The lives that have been taken without reason. Make yourself a better person and know that what those cops did was wrong and know that the government, basically, is covering it up.

You want a cute orphan movie with music? Sure, there’s Annie, but there is also August Rush. What is August Rush? August is a musical prodigy who’s trying to find his birth parents, while they are trying to find they’re place in the world. It doesn’t just give August’s story, it gives his mother and his father’s stories right next to it. Plus that movie is adorable, don’t get me wrong I love all Annie movies, but August Rush is another adorable music themed orphan movie