lissa is girly sometimes

While reorganizing the polish collection last night, I remembered that I wanted to make a dark green jelly polish, so I did. Just clear topcoat with some Sinful Colors Last Chance dribbled in.

Two coats of it - no name yet - then a couple of carefully placed layers of Nyx Girls Enchanted Forest, followed by another layer of the jelly because I love jelly sandwiches eeeeeee.

Usual butter London base and topcoats. Possible matte topcoating to come tomorrow, we’ll see.

There was a mighty compromise…

To satisfy cravings for dark colors and rainbow glitter spazzing: Gasoline Rainbows, my franken-knockoff of butter London’s Black Knight.

Recipe: China Glaze Liquid Leather, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink, and a few splashes of Pure Ice Strapless.

Twoooooo coats of topcoat on this one. It’s an eater. And cleanup is a BEAST.

Did you know there is actually a shade of baby blue called Bubbles? This is a bit brighter than that, but I liked the name anyway.

I mixed half a bottle of clear topcoat with some Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and Wet N Wild French White crème to get this jellyish polish (I looooove jellies okay). I think I will add a little more white, I want it a little lighter. Gelous basecoat, butter London PD Quick topcoat.

China Glaze Liquid Leather mixed with Sally Hanson Diamond Strength in Save The Date. I call it…um. Er. Tesseract. Because I like the word.

This is more like what I expected from OPI’s Black Cherry Chutney when I bought it, yessssss. Love me some vampy purples.

(don’t ask what happened to last night’s nails - not having a very successful nail week as it happens)

So. Ignore the blue nails - was swatching glitters. The pinky one sucks (Spoiled: Jewelry Heist); Afternoon Picnic is on the ring, and bL Knackered on the bird. There. Now ignore them.

Do I go with -

Thumb: Castell Caerdydd, a greeny gray jelly/crème hybrid with silver shimmer, which was an accidental oops too much black franken but now I adore it or -

Index: Jelly Baby, a lip puckering red jelly with a surprise red microglitter in its depths?


Testing a new to me topcoat. Pricey, so I’m hoping the payoff is better than with Seche Vite, which is prone to shrinkage and gets gooey after a month. I also intend to test Nails Inc’s Kensington Caviar 45 Second (!!) Topcoat, which is bit less pricey.

As for the color…butter London’s Knackered over OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam. Mmm.

I do not frequently wear reds, but when a coworker gave me several nail lacquers she never wears, I saw a bottle of Continuous Cranberry Revlon Colorstay and knew it was a perfect candidate to franken a red I WILL wear and have been searching fruitlessly to find for years - a bright and shiny lipstick red jelly with a fine red glitter shimmering through it.

Don’t let this photo fool you - in real life Jelly Baby is a true pin-up girl cherry red, and the glitter, while still very subtle, is more visible. Also visible is my nail line, but such is the case with jellies and at least I’m rockin’ shorties at the moment.

Three coats, under butter London PD Quick Hardwear topcoat and over Gelous basecoat.

I made the mistake of trying nail art with the ‘Tiny Dangers’ manicure and of course it went horribly wrong, so off it came.

This one, though…this one I am keeping.

I mingled China Glaze Lighthouse with China Glaze Liquid Leather and then added in a little OPI Glitzerland. This is the result and I am in love - a dark burnished golden bronzy glass-fleck jelly finish polish that’s opaque in two coats.

I love going all Dexter’s Lab on my polish collection. I’m calling this one 'Lothlorien’.