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Do you perhaps have a link to a video or an audio (or more) where Minho's lisp is notable? Preferably Korean :) I find his lisp more notable in English, which makes sense, but I've never noticed it when he speaks Korean. I just kind of adore it and I've gotten curious about it after your BN post <3

Of course! Let me put together a compilation for you!

(image included cause you can actually see him lisping…so cute…so pure…admin m is crying)


There’s several instances of it here, in his cover of ‘Good Day.’

In a lot of his raps, his lisp is more pronounced than it is in his singing! In this rap compilation, you can hear a lot of rap-lisps.

Minho being teased for his tone of voice while trying to MC.

Here in a soundbite from his cover of In My Room, you can hear it.

Minho introducing Candy Jelly Love on Music Core.

Minho in 2009 doing the dibidibidis rap has the most cute lisp!

Lispy rapping in Destination.

Lisping while reciting poetry.


This is Japanese, so not exactly what you asked for, but when he is rapping in his cover of キセキ(Miracle) you can hear that pretty lisp.

Actually, now that i think of it, he does tend to lisp a lot in Japanese! Most of it is likely that he is concentrating so hard on speaking a foreign language that the lisp is more pronounced.

A collection of Minho in London, with a lot of lisping to boot.

Minho’s lisp is simply the cutest! He seems to mostly do it while rapping, talking quickly, or speaking another language. One source claims he went to speech therapy for this as a child, but there is no confirmation of this. In our eyes, it’s just one more reason to love Choi Minho!

-Admin M

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Hello! I haven't been into kpop that long, maybe a month or two (exo is my first group) Can you tell me more about them and how to memorise the members?

Ok are you ready for a long post? Cause this is gonna be a long post.


  • Kim Minseok, 27
  • Oldest Hyung
  • One of the shortest
  • Talks more now than he did when they first debuted but is still pretty quiet
  • Vocals, rapper, dancer, actor, literally just talented at everything
  • Only member with monolids and has soft squidgy cheeks that make him easy to notice
  • Baozi
  • Is currently getting his PhD and is gonna become a Dr. 
  • Part of EXO-CBX


  • Kim Junmyeon, 25
  • Leader
  • Also a shortie
  • Is a single mother of eight rowdy kids but we love him cause he cares about exo more than anything
  • Is the definition of a #momfriend
  • Possibly one of the most handsome men to of ever lived
  • Vocals, actor 
  • Trained for like 9 years and deserves everything he had and more
  • Lowkey a nerd
  • Will defend and care for exo until his death


  • Zhang Yixing, 25
  • Is the purest and most humble human to have ever walked the earth
  • Exo’s unicorn
  • Also known as a little lamb
  • Vocals, dancer
  • Only Chinese member left (is going through struggles rn cause of the political situation between Korea and China but he’s literally an angel and deserves none of it)
  • Released a solo mini album and you should check it out
  • Adorkably cute and amazing
  • Protect him and love him
  • Dimples


  • Byun Baekhyun, 24
  • This little shit
  • Messes with his hyungs, messes with his dongsaengs
  • Vocals
  • Loves to tease but cares abt Exo-l so much, you can see the love in his eyes at concerts
  • Leader of beagle line (him, Chanyeol and Chen)
  • Nosy af
  • Funny af
  • Sexual af
  • Part of EXO-CBX


  • Park Chanyeol, 24
  • Big Friendly Giant (srsly tho he’s 6′0 he’s massive)
  • Big ears as well but they just make him look cute
  • Rapper, actor
  • Spits fire when he raps but is literally the human version of a puppy
  • Makes amazing music
  • Cries really easily cause he just cares so much and has such a soft heart
  • His two most famous lines “Chogiwa” and “You lovin the size”
  • One third of beagle line (him, Baekhyun and Chen)
  • Dimples


  • Kim Jongdae, 24
  • So fucking whiney, I swear
  • “AH WAEE”
  • Shouts a lot
  • Has a constant smile on his beautiful lips
  • Is married to Xiumin
  • Final member of beagle line (him, Baekhyun and Chanyeol)
  • VOCALS (he hits those high notes like a king)
  • Part of EXO-CBX
  • Gave people in a horror house heat packs once and has a very kind heart
  • But is a sassy fuck 


  • Do Kyungsoo, 24
  • Heart lips (his lips literally make a heart it’s beautiful)
  • VOCALS, actor (a fucking amazing actor. watch his film “Hyung” it will make you cry)
  • Satansoo
  • Savage af
  • Beats up Chanyeol and Baekhyun but like in a platonic bdsm way
  • Doesn’t take no ones shit
  • Hella tiny 
  • Has the best waist I have ever seen on a man
  • Cries when watching sports animes


  • Kim Jongin, 23
  • DANCER (like just wow…you haven’t lived until you’ve watched Kim Jongin dance)
  • Probably loves dogs more than people
  • Has an obsession with fried chicken
  • Has the most gorgeous, heavenly tanned skin you will ever see. People make fun of him for it (even the other members sometimes) and it pisses me off because he literally looks like he was dripped in gold. He is stunning and if you whitewash him I will punch you 
  • More maknae than the maknae
  • Jongin is a pure bub, Kai is sin on legs
  • Has the most hilarious laugh


  • Oh Sehun, 22
  • Maknae, dancer
  • Teases his hyungs but is actually a big baby and prays for them every night and has a lot of love in his heart
  • Stunning with long ass legs
  • Is in love with his dog Vivi
  • Seems really cold but isn’t
  • Another sassy lil shit
  • Used to have a lisp
  • Is actually very adorable and cute when you get through his exterior

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Omg what if Damian got braces. He'd be on patrol as Robin taking down a villain and when he tries to say something witty he lisps (because braces were invented to ruin people's lives) and the criminals laugh at him AW POOR LISPY-BRACE FACE DAMI I FEEL HIS PAIN

Love this! This poor kid is suffering. He’d get black colored rubber bands on them to look cool and still try to scrape up some dignity, but that’s difficult to do when you’re trying to intimidate a villain with the Batman Voice™ and end up lisping. Also his brothers like to tease him about his braces, so occasionally he has to get physical and maybe punch one of them in the mouth. 

Jungkook makes a habit of showing up drunk to a nearby flower shop. Bad puns and fluffy pining ensue.

Or, a college!au in which BTS are all frat boys, Namjoon is a science club president,Jimin just wants a good party, and Jungkook is hopelessly fascinated by the girl who takes care of flowers in her free time.

author’s note:  once again - this is my first ever fanfiction (so go easy on me, hey), and to be completely honest- it’s a long ride. so strap in, and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Also there is a soundtrack/playlist for this fic! If you enjoy listening and reading (or, if you just want to have a g list of songs) you can find it here !

disclaimer: All mentions of the university in this fic are purely pulled from my ass— I don’t claim to know anything on a deep, spiritual level about university clubs, classes or frat parties. Side characters, that aren’t specifically Bangtan Members™, are all made up and therefor fictional .

f you’d prefer reading on AO3 the link is here

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Edmund x Reader: To Be Young Again

Edmund whistled as he walked down the halls. He was supposed to meet (Y/n) an hour ago, but his meeting ran late. He knew she would understand but would still be mad at him, but he didn’t care. Surprisingly, his day had been easy and mundane. He had a feeling that nothing could ruin his day.

    He turned the corner and nearly tripped on something…or someone. He looked down and saw something about the size of a dwarf…but this thing was ugly, and covered with bumps and hair. “Um,” Edmund breathed, taking a step back. There was a stench coming off of the creature, but he didn’t want to offend it. It could be a good creature. “May I…May I help you?”

    The creature burped and cackled. He peered up at Edmund. “Hello, hello, hello! What have we ‘ere? Ma’ name’s Errpo.”

    Edmund resisted the urge to gag at the scent. “Right, and your intentions on this part of castle, Errpo?”

    “Well, you see, I have this pet weasel. He, um–oh wiggle wots! I don’t have time for this!” Without warning, the strange creature grabbed some powder from his pouch and blew it into Edmund’s face.

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Random Homestuck Headcanons

At least for my OT3 + Dave

- Karkat’s voice range can go from Jimmy Urine’s dog whistle soprano to Sully Erna’s satanic growls in 0.3 seconds and every time his voice changes that drastically every living person within earshot will have a panic attack and or turn around like someone just insulted their lusus. They get really surprised and jumpy, he doesn’t know why.
- Karkat wears boyshorts. Not boxers- the girl’s version of boxers. He’s a huge total dork and they’re just a lot more comfortable and you can physically fight him on that. Besides, anyone who’s seen them won’t deny that they look perfectly fine.
- Terezi doesn’t actually lick people randomly, but she WILL give Karkat the sloppy dog kiss on occasion, just to freak him out while actually dishing out the affection that poor kid deserves.
- Terezi is actually pretty tall and slightly chubby, but she wears it well and uses tree-skipping as a daily exercise.
- Terezi has actually learned to sew and makes her own Scalemates when the other ones “mysteriously” disappear. Contrary to popular belief, they actually have nice color patterns and palettes, and each color choice has a specific, personal meaning. One of her favorites is a shale-and-blue one with a single red button eye.
- Karkat actually messaged Kanaya to learn to sew as well, and made his first Scalemate as a Wriggling Day Present to Terezi. It’s a shoddy gray-and-black one and he has never once not seen her without it while taking a nap or sleeping in her coon. He pretends not to notice.
- Sollux’s lisp is actually quite minor and doesn’t completely butcher his sentences, but the little hiss he lets out is a weird little quirk Karkat secretly admires.
- While Karkat’s horns feel more like a smooth pebble or porcelain, Terezi’s feels like sandpaper (scratchy and awful if you go the wrong way, but nice and smooth if you go the other way). Sollux’s horns feel more like polished wood.
- Sollux plucks his eyebrows
- Karkat has broken his nose at least three times
- Terezi, surprisingly, has not broken or cracked a single bone in her body and the worst injury she’s gotten is a mild sprain in her ankle.
- Dave is very fair-skinned, but instead of stark albino white his hair is more of a light, creamy color
- Dave has a severe case of freckles
- When Dave’s guard is down and he’s not playing off the coolkid charade, he’s actually the worst flustered virgin about absolutely anything and it’s honestly the cutest yet infuriating thing Karkat has seen in his life
- Karkat and Terezi have a movie marathon every perigree that consists of old spy movies and cheesy romcoms along with the occasional horror film.
- Sollux is actually the crybaby of them all, not Karkat. Karkat is only a sobbing mess during movies, but Sollux will throw a tantrum if somebody leaves a sock in the room. 
- When he’s not throwing a fit and glued to the computer screen Sollux is actually a very chill, surprisingly cuddly troll
- Karkat and Sollux have no real label on their relationship, but it seems to be a huge messy metronome of Moiraillagence and Kismesisitude. Everyone calls them Kisrails when they’re not around. 
- Karkat also has black feelings towards Dave, simply because of his sheer stupidity, but on the very special occasion he flushes sometimes, as well
- Terezi is the main red interest in Karkat’s amazing love life
- Sollux and Dave compete regularly to win over Karkat’s attention and in the very back of his sketchbook there are black Soldave scribbles. Thankfully no one’s found them. Yet(???)
- Terezi and Sollux actually have no comment on each other
- Terezi and Dave get along pretty well, but both of them have decided that dating each other wouldn’t really work after what happened last time
- Karkat’s drawers are actually filled with stolen clothes, and it’s not a surprised to see a disheveled Vantas wearing a Libra T-shirt, record boxers and fuzzy bee socks. 

@wallathewalrus @paradoxcuddle and @panic-at-the-discovery-kids are my proud huge polyamorous family gathering of Karkat ships
Also happy birthday to the lispy douchebag @paradoxcuddle because they’re the reason I made this mess

“I Loth You”

request: Okay so u know how Shawny boy has PERFECT teeth? Like all in a perfect line and white af? Okay so like to maintain that perfection after braces, u need to wear ur retainers at night like after dinner and until u wake up. Listen what I’m saying is that I’m begging for u to write something about Shawn having a lisp because of his retainers because hOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE OH MY GOSH

a/n: i’m dying rn this request is my favorite one i’ve gotten omg 

You had off of school for a break, and since Shawn was on tour, you decided to tag along for break. He had a day full of promo and a show ahead of him, so you two went to hit the hay earlier than usual. Well, Shawn did, you planned on messing around on your phone for a couple hours. “There’s a bathroom right there,” Shawn nodded to the small bathroom on the bus, and you pulled your toothbrush out of your toiletries bag. You brushed your teeth, and smiled as Shawn did the same. He rummaged around for a moment, and pulled out a retainer. 

Confused, you pointed to it. “I didn’t know you wore that?”

“Um, yeah.” He snapped the retainer into place, and set the container on the side of the sink. “I’ve worn it since I had my braces.” He informed you, but you snickered because it sounded like he said “brathes” due to the retainter impairing his speech. Shawn rolled his eyes and flipped you off, climbing into his bunk. 

“I think your lisp is cute, bub.” You poked his side, and climbed into the bunk after him. They were surprisingly roomy for being a tour bus bunk. “How long do you wear it at night?”

Shawn set his phone in the small pocket on the wall, and turned towards you. “Till I wake up.” He yawned, closing his eyes. “Goodnight, I loth you.” He whispered, cheeks flushing. 

“I loth you, too, baby.” You snickered, turning your brightness down on your phone and texting a few of your friends. 

When you woke up, Shawn wasn’t in the bunk anymore. You wiped the sleep out of your eyes, and got down from the bunk. “Shawn?” You asked, stumbling out to the front of the bus.

He was talking with Geoff, and you smiled at them. “Goodmorning, Geoff.” You looked at Shawn. “Goodmorning Lispy.” You patted him on the arm, and went to make a cup of coffee.

“I swear to God,” Shawn groaned, and Geoff burst out laughing. 

You wrapped your arms around your boyfriend, and looked up at him. “I think it’s cute!” 

“It’s fucking adorable, yeah.” Shawn mumbled, smile breaking through his straight-faced exterior. “C’mon, let’s get breakfast.” You two skipped off of the bus, and you nearly died from tripping down the steps. 

“Shut up, Mendes.” You blushed. 

“Love you,” he smiled, taking your hand.

You smirked, looking up at him. “I loth you, Shawn.” You simled as he rubbed a hand over his face, getting over the fact that you’ll never let him live his adorable lisp behind.

a/n: request here :D

i have to give a presentation in my spanish class in a half hour and even tho i know my shit im still nervous bc i hate my lispy ass spanish accent and it makes me self conches


(( OOC: Me singing lispy broadway songs, something a lot of people have requested and I’ve steadily ignored, so I’m finally caving. ;)

High school theater coming back to haunt me. *sighs* )) 


“He’s probably intimidated. You’re smarter than he is, and funnier. You’re funny as hell, you make me laugh every time we hang out. You’ve got that lispy thing, and… look, you’re never going to meet a guy who doesn’t like that lispy thing. They’ll never tell you to your face, but it makes everything you say sound good. It’s like… cute, and sexy, and, that smile, and that hair, and you know. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not your problem, it’s his problem. You talk, yeah, but, he should want to listen.” -Alex Karev

Greater Angle-wing Katydid (Microcentrum rhombifolium), Houston, TX

When I came to work yesterday morning, this insect friend was waiting for us on the front of the house.

In much of the rest of the United States, where colder temperatures have set in, these tree dwelling katydids have disappeared, but here in the south, where we have milder temperatures, they still sing their lispy “dzt” and click calls on warmer nights.

photograph by Paxon Kale

Match with a great looking girl, 9/10, sweet smile and everything. We talk and she’s really nice. Blah blah exchange numbers, we start talking about meeting up. She mentions how she just got out of a relationship and it’s been really affecting her, to the point where she’s seeing a therapist.

Then she goes silent. Just starts ignoring my texts, I figure she lost interest for whatever reason or found a guy she likes more, it’s Tinder after all. Then after 2 days she texts me back saying “sorry, I’m going through some drama now and it’s probably best if we don’t meet up”. I ask what’s going on, she replies “I’m preeetty sure you wouldn’t want to hang out if you knew”, I grill her some more and she let’s it out: “I’m transgender”

This amazes me because she has tons of instagram pictures and she 100% looks female. She apparently started hormone therapy pretty early thanks to her understanding parents. She plans on getting a full sex change operation this year but for now she’s had an orchiectomy(she has no balls). The whole thing is really fascinating to me so I tell her I still want to meet. She’s very relieved as it’s understandably difficult for her to find any guys that will accept her, hence why her breakup has hit her so hard.

So we go out to get coffee and…well, she doesn’t look quite as feminine as she did in her pictures, you can see it a little bit in her brow. And her voice has just a hint of that lispy gay guy quality to it. But overall, she was distinctly a she, and attractive. We get coffee and sit down and just have a nice normal conversation about our jobs etc. But she has to go do something with her family shortly, so in an hour or so she’s driving me back to my place. We park nearby and talk a little more, specifically about her “situation” and her past. It comes time to go and I give her a hug and she doesn’t let go for quite some time. We break the hug and I go for it. It felt like, well, kissing a girl. We have a 15 second makeout session and she’s all smiles as we say goodbye.

So that’s something that happened. We intend to see each other again next weekend

Delayed Flight | (M)

Pairing: reader x Taehyung

Words: 8.5k+

Genre: smut | BTS

A/n: So I accidentally deleted both my Taehyung smuts cause I’m an idiot so now I have to repost them. I recalled this story being in a few fic recs that I saw but I can’t remember…if you know please tell me so I can give them the right link

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He’s probably intimidated. You’re smarter than he is, and funnier. You’re funny as hell, you make me laugh every time we hang out. You’ve got that lispy thing, and… look, you’re never going to meet a guy who doesn’t like that lispy thing. They’ll never tell you to your face, but it makes everything you say sound good. It’s like… cute, and sexy, and, that smile, and that hair, and you know. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not your problem, it’s his problem. You talk, yeah, but, he should want to listen.
—  Alex Karev (showing the grumpy yet soft side of himself that the fandom knows and loves very much, and also acknowledging what a freaking KNOCKOUT Kelly McCreary is.) Grey’s Anatomy, “Crazy Love” (11x19)

One more little peek…

“Mumma?” your littlest son piped up tiredly, head lolling onto your shoulder as he fought with his heavy eyes to keep them open.

“What’s that, baby?” You placed the finished nightly bedtime book on the nightstand and adjusted your arms so he could cuddle closer against your side. You kissed the top of his head and held him close against your side, feeling his soft breath wash over the base of your neck. You breathed in the scent of his freshly from the bath skin, reaching your fingers up to card softly through his hair.

“I know what I’d like for Christmas,” he explained in his drowsy voice that had gone lispy.

You smiled against his hair, with a soft laugh. “Do you, now? Already? You already decided?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Is it a secret?” You bumped your nose against his temple, lowering your voice to a whisper as if someone whose ears weren’t meant to hear might find out. “Or is it okay if you tell me?”

“No, it’s okay,” he explained, absentmindedly playing with your fingers as he spoke. “I want a baby sister.”