Literally please please don’t interrupt people who have speech impediments to correct or rush them.

That includes not interrupting:

• Stuttering

• Really slow speech / lots of pauses or ums

• People who have difficulty being concise because thats really common for autism/adhd/other nd brains

• People with lisps/slurred speech due to a natural impediment

• People who repeat themselves without meaning to (another nd brain thing)

We KNOW that our speech isn’t typical, and a lot of us (though not speaking (yes that was a pun) for all of us) are pretty sensitive about it.

By interrupting you disrupt our train of thought, and in some cases we will literally forget everything about what we were going to say.

Also noah fence but if you interrupt to mock, laugh at, or get angry at us for our speech I hope you have a bad day and step on a lego.


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(BMC) Rich's lisp headcanon

Because no one can have enough lisping Rich on their blog.
(Also… This takes place after Rich has come out, and after he and Jake are both over the fire thing.)

-Rich is really insecure about his lisp
-It’s one of the main reasons he got his squip to begin with
-He used to have this talent of avoiding as many words with ’s’ in them as possible
-Everyone would be amazed at how good his vocabulary was and wow Rich, you must really love reading
-But no
-He just really hated his lisp
-When he got the squip, it helped him get over it
-Now that the squip is gone though, so is his ability to say ’s’
-It’s back to thquare one
-Rich slowly builds back up his ’s’ avoiding talent
-No one notices
-Except for Jake
-Who tries not to let on how much it upsets him
-He always thought Rich was a pretty cute guy
-And when he found out Rich had a lisp, he thought it was the most adorable thing he’d ever heard
-He thinks Rich’s insecurity about it is ridiculous and saddening
-He decides to help him get over it
-Whenever they hang out, Jake tries to get him to say ’s’ as much as possible
- ‘Hey, Jake, what d'you want me to order for you?’
‘A hamburger.’
‘Got i–’
‘And a caesar salad, a strawberry slushie, and some soy sauce on the side, please.’
-Rich thinks Jake is screwing with him
-He never even finishes all the plates ordered for him
-He starts avoiding Jake
-Jake, confused, tries talking to him about it
-Rich just shrugs him off
- ‘Rich, hey, wanna hang out this weekend?’
'Got paraphernalia to do.’
'What’s that mean?
'A thing or two.’
'Ohh, right, haha. Next weekend?’
'More paraphernalia.’
-Jake becomes more and more confused
-Rich becomes more and more convinced Jake is mocking him
-Finally one day he snaps
- 'For god'th thake, Jake! Thtop being an athhole about my lithp, and I might actually think about chilling with you again thometime!!’
-He uses six ’s’ words and hopelessly butchers them all
-Humiliated and angry, he turns to go
-Jake grabs his hand
- 'I like it when you lisp.’
-Rich is confused (and still pretty angry)
-Jake has to explain
-When he’s done, Rich calls him an idiot four times and a jerk twelve
-But is still quietly happy that Jake finds attractive something he’s always thought of as ugly
-They start hanging out again
-Rich becomes a little more comfortable with his lisp
-Jake doesn’t pressure him, but does his best to be supportive
-So when they kiss a few months later and Rich doesn’t say 'I love you’ when Jake does, he’s a little worried
-Until Rich pulls him close, hugs him tightly, and whispers:
- 'Thame’

I’ve been reading up on different types of lisps (yes, for fun), mostly because I couldn’t put a word to the way that Emma Stone talks.  I like Emma Stone (and I loved La La Land), but I just really needed a name for whatever she has going on. I’ve noticed this with others in my life - a former boss, another colleague, something with their /s/ sounds is just…off. I kept thinking it was like a lisp, but when you think of a lisp you think, “I’m tho thorry you didn’t like the prethent I got you for Chrithmith.”

So here’s what I found (taken from Wikipedia, though there were several other sources on this that provided an interesting read):

  • A frontal lisp occurs when the tongue is placed anterior of the target. Interdental lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue protrudes between the front teeth and dentalised lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue just touches the front teeth. The transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet for interdental sibilants is [s̪͆] and [z̪͆] and for simple dental sibilants is [s̟] and [z̟]. When a fronted lisp does not have a sibilant quality, due to placing the lack of a grooved articulation, the IPA transcription would be [θ, ð] or variants thereof.
  • A lateral lisp is where the [s] and [z] sounds are produced with air-flow over the sides of the tongue. It is also called “slushy ess” or a “slushy lisp” due to its wet, spitty sound. The symbols for these lateralised sounds in the extensions to the International Phonetic Alphabet for disordered speech are [ʪ] and [ʫ].
  • A nasal lisp occurs when part or the entire air stream is directed through the nasal cavity. The transcription for sibilants with nasal frication in the extensions to the IPA is [s͋] and [z͋]; simple nasal fricatives are [s̃] and [z̃].
  • A strident lisp results in a high-frequency whistle of hissing sound caused by stream passing between the tongue and the hard surface. In the extensions to the IPA, whistled sibilants are transcribed [s͎] and [z͎].
  • A palatal lisp is where the speaker attempts to make a sibilant while the middle of the tongue is in contact with the soft palate,[1] or with a posterior articulation of the sibilant. The latter may be transcribed [s̠] and [z̠], [ʃ] and [ʒ], or the like.

Who knew there were so many types? I believe, from reading and from what I remember of IPA, Emma Stone has either a dental lisp or a palatal lisp. I can’t decide exactly where her tongue is falling. I’m leaning toward the dental lisp.  The example I gave above (the Chrithmith prethent) is the standard interdental lisp, interdental being “between the teeth” and dental being actually on the teeth.

Aaaand…that’s what’s on my mind today. Carry on, Internet.

How do I write?: Dialog

For writers, speaking scenes are either the bane of your existence, or the highlight of your day. On one hand, when characters are talking, it can really help further a scene and help with character development….but on the other hand…writing dialog is such a chore….blugh. So here’s some ways to write better dialog in your stories!

Give Your Characters Voices

Is your character southern? Do they have a lisp? Are they shy? Outspoken? Do they use a lot of big words, or are they an easy talker? Are they more likely to lie with confidence, or do they need to pause a lot to collect their thoughts? These are all factors that help build up a character’s profile, and to add realism to your dialog. Make sure to keep each character consistent – example: if Character A is an angry and resolute character, they wouldn’t stammer or blush when they’re caught off guard – so that your characters keep their individuality.

Embrace the Power of Verbs

Obviously, there’s a huge difference between ‘said’ and ‘yelled’ and ‘screamed’, but there are so many fics where ‘mumbled’ is an overused verb. Unless your character is incredibly shy – or loves to whisper insults under their breath – nobody mumbles every other sentence. ‘Quipped’, ‘snarked,’ ‘said indignantly’, ‘joked’, and ‘laughed’ are some of my favorite verbs.

Moving the Scene Through Dialog 

If you’re ever terrified of having a scene turn into a monotonous he said/she said conversation, then break it up with actions! Have Character A yell at Character B as they angrily slam the car door, or Character C say “huh?” as they try to clear water out of their ears. Here’s a few examples.

  • “You look like crap!” Madison tried to touch the side of her face, but Liz jerked her head back. “Are you like, sick? Your eyes are all red and puffy.”
  • “Yeah, just a second.” Jade watched as the bright orange petals swirled down the drain.
  • Scout visibly recoiled from him. “Uh, no. I’ll pass.”

Talk to Yourself

This is the best trick; it’s what I do when I’m writing dialog. I’ll put on different voices and talk aloud to myself in order to feel what sounds natural and what sounds plastic-y. You may feel ridiculous when you’re up at 2am and repeating the same lines over and over again to yourself, but believe me, it will show in the final drafts when your characters are interacting.

Finally, Have Fun

It’s such a cliche tip that it makes me want to cry from boredom, but having fun with your dialog makes it infinitely easier to write. If your inspiration is just bone dry, have your characters get silly with their dialog – “Sir, that really hella dangerous experiment is going critical” “oh dang, lmao, we should probably leave?” “yes most definitely” – because even then, you’re getting your ideas out and you can come back later. Also, it’s hilarious. In the end, writing is supposed to be a fun hobby, so find what works for you and keep on doing it!