honestly when I was isolated and closeted and straight people would talk so negatively about gay people who “made it their whole personality” or whatever, it’d make me so anxious and sad. It was always presented like there were

The Good Gays, who were Just Like Everyone Else, and liked straight things, looked Just Like Everyone Else, and didn’t talk about being gay, and definitely didn’t ‘shove it in anyone’s face’ or let it ‘define them.’ 

and then there were

The Bad Gays, who, from what I could tell, were flamboyant gay men and butch lesbians (f*gs and d*kes), proudly out gay people, gay people who liked rainbows and gay culture, politically active gay people, gay people who talked about being gay all the time, gay people with lisps, gay people who are angry, gay people who don’t “pass” as straight, gay people who love being gay and being around other gay people

And I spent so much time early on internally scolding myself. I thought it was wrong to think & talk about being gay 24/7 and enjoy gay culture and feel safest in LGBT spaces. I would always feel guilty and embarrassed every time I brought up anything gay. I thought maybe after a while I’d ‘get it out of my system’ or something and not feel the need for it to ‘define me’ anymore, but it never went away, that intense connection and joy from LGBT spaces and culture. 

But now, look: I have this blog where I can just share every gay thought I have with y’all day after day and no one’s annoyed with me for it. In fact, it’s something that’s appreciated! And I can follow a hundred other blogs by folks doing the same. 

I am The Bad Gay and I love Bad Gays. I’m so relieved to have found you all.

boys with speech problems (●´ω`●)
boys who stutter (●´ω`●)
boys who lisp (●´ω`●)
boys who aren’t fluent in english but speak it anyways (●´ω`●)
boys who have trouble talking to others (●´ω`●)
boys who are too scared to talk (●´ω`●)
boys who are mute (●´ω`●)
boys with accents (●´ω`●)
boys (●´ω`●)

How to Tell if I’m in Little Space
  • High-pitched squeals in response to small animals
  • Cuddling onto anyone nearby
  • Carrying my favorite stuffy around
  • Overly excited about cake and/or ice cream
  • Saying “Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy” under my breath over and over again
  • Whining
  • Sensitive to everything
  • Making my stuffies dance and then giving them little kisses
  • Fuzzy socks~!
  • Lisp becomes more noticeable (”th” because “f” and “r” becomes “w” and “ll” turns into “ww”)
  • Sleepy at a reasonable time but “dun wanna go to bed”

spica honestly had more talent in ONE member than a lot of groups have in a whole. not shade, just facts. every member had the vocal chops to go toe to toe with some of the best if they wanted. boa was the vocal coach for INFINITE and recorded demo songs for several groups, including news by nine muses. boa and sihyun were both vocals WITH rapper abilities. bohyung honestly snatched my edges with EVERY damn note. and narae was literally a fresh but power vocal and jiwon slayed every note with her cute af lisp. and this is honestly an example of why the kpop industry and “fans” have placed an expiration date on girl groups due to age. talent doesn’t matter to them. it’s who is cute and young and it NEEDS to stop

Happy Thoughts Continue

Little Sirius Black with a slight lisp. 

James Potter getting even with Lucius Malfoy for charming his hair green, by changing all the snakes on the Slytherin banners to roar like lions and whistle cat calls whenever he walks by.

Tiny Remus Lupin with a too big beanie and sweater paws

Peter Pettigrew with adorably large front teeth during his first and second year.

Minerva McGonagall receiving a all of her Christmas presents from the boys wrapped in COMPLETE TARTAN WRAPPING PAPER.

Sirius Black charming the common room to play “Scotland the Brave” whenever McGonagall walks in. (She took 5 points for inappropriate behavior and gave 10 points for song choice.)

6th year James Potter taping muggle plunger ends to his feet so he can climb up the slide to the Gryffindor girls dorms to visit Lily.

Sirius Black wearing nothing but a discarded old Potter quidditch jersey, and snitch boxers to bed in the winter. 

Also known as “The Season Remus Lupin Almost Had An Aneurysm”.

Peter Pettigrew snuggled and warm with hot chocolate and a good book while it snows outside.

“Meeting At Work” AUs
  • “I work at a department store and when I was closing the bedding section, I found you sleeping in the display bed. How long have you been in there?” AU
  • “Every Friday, I ring up your groceries consisting of a pack of RedBull, pantyhose, and turnips. This time, I’ve gotta ask what they’re for” AU
  • “Hey, you tattooed a name on my drunken ass last night and I want to know if you remember whose it is? Oh shit, it’s yours???” AU
  • “The first few times you’ve called my taxi company drunk for a ride home, I was the closest available taxi. But now I know your drinking habits, so same time next Saturday? 4 AM? Great.” AU
  • “Today was both our first day working at Walmart and incidentally it was Black Friday, we’ve both seen some shit today so let’s go grab a drink or five and compare stories” AU
  • “We both work at different fast food restaurants in the mall food court so let’s trade: a burrito from your place for a slice of pizza from mine?” AU
  • “Listen, I found these kittens abandoned and they’re not old enough to be on their own yet so I had to bring them to work with me, but management can’t know, so we have to keep them moving them to different cubicles so no one finds out” AU
  • “My coworker and I always make up backstories for people in the diner, but I could never figure yours out, so care to tell me the real story?” AU