Here’s my entry for the Valentine contest, featuring the elf Valandiel and the castanic Lisonte.

Lisonte is Valandiel’s servant, and the sweetest sides of their relationship are actually very sad. I couldn’t draw a romantic, happy pic of these two; it wouldn’t have felt true to their tragedy.

Even if I doubt I can win a contest with such a simple and dark illust, I’m happy that I could draw my thoughts about them. They’re important characters to me.

“Our alliance both lives and dies with this battle… no matter the outcome”

Weeee >w< ;;;  Random made-up'y scene with my friend’s character Lisonte. I was so excited to have gotten to meet and take screens with her castanic. I really like seeing this pair together. Had we RP’d them I’d like to think the little involvement the could have had together would have been something a little rocky being that Naevius is loyal to his employer, Zephie and Lisonte to her master, Valandiel. It could easily be that Valandiel would never do or say anything to bother Zephie had they ever met but whatever >w<  I can dream, haha.

I messed up this edit quite badly so I might reattempt it later but for now I’ll leave it.

I’ve finally finished the fanart for the St.Valentine contest, featuring Valandiel and Lisonte. I’m half dead even if it’s such a simple thing, but I’m glad I got an excuse to draw these two >////<

I’ll publish it after the 31st.