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is mel gay? is mel a girl or a boy? i'm really confused. Their blog looks girly but Mel is a guy's name.

yeah i think hes a boy

wait hold on


i think

i think that melanie is a woman

  • Lana:OOOOoooo okay yay ride
  • Lana:dont u just love this concept of the vid
  • Lana:I made it myself oh yes i love this video
  • Taylor:oh you made that ok let me just take all the credit and disrespect you and get a VMA for your idea is that ok i hope it is
  • Barrie:you bitch


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  • Have a submit
  • have a face/me page
  • Be somewhat in the fandom

winners recieve;

  • A flower crown edit on one of your selfies
  • A follow
  • A promo!
  • penis


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Lana and Marina fighting
  • Marina:Lana, i need to tell you something.
  • Lana:Yes?
  • Marina:I'm cheating on you with.. the bubblegum bitch.
  • Lana:She's disgusting!
  • Lana:I'm delicious.
  • Lana:I'M that bitch you can't fuck with.
  • Marina:Shut up you primadonna.
  • Lana:Whatever
  • Marina:You don't love me, big fucking deal.
  • Lana:You're no good for me. But baby.. I want you.
  • Marina:what
On Our Way
  • On Our Way
  • Lana Del Rey

Spin me ’round, kiss me in your Chevrolet.
I love you more with each and everyday.
Top down, gonna make a getaway, top down.
Spin me ’round, kiss me in your Chevrolet.
You found me when I had lost my way.
Foot down, we’re going all the way, touchdown.
Gonna make a getaway, top down.