Sometimes, if you hit the jackpot in life, your pal surprises you and flies in to town to watch a lot of soccer and drink a lot of beer and go get tacos with you. And then all your pals just hang out and watch reality television, go on hikes where you still get LTE, form scooter gangs, play yard games and also drink a lot of beer and watch a lot of soccer. It feels like the best birthday to date. Thanks for starting off so strong, 24, I’m never gonna forget it. 

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The Wanda x reader fic was a song fic of a song called head over feet/love. I read it at least once a day. You killed my insides with that one. And bc I'm on my period I'm waaaaaay more emotional so I was just lisining to sad songs and reading the fic and crying. But don't worry that just means you a really good writer~🐈

Oh…yeah I remember that one. Yeah that one is kinda rough. Sorry. 😔