lisha's thoughts

hi i know this is long overdue but i’m gonna put this blog on hiatus indefinitely. between work and school, i’m just too busy and on top of that, i’m currently preferring twitter over tumblr.
i’d like to keep in contact with u tho (especially my mutuals) so if you want, i’m on twitter @/HARDSEOK ♡ or for any of my other forms of contact, check my contact page
i love u all a lot and thank you for sticking around despite everything


okayokay so here are my two potential shirt designs (click to see the full size images)

the one on the left is based off of kickthepj’s smokey saloon which is my all time favourite video on youtube. the front and back will be surrounded with those shadow creatures, and the background will be smokey. in the corner of the front, there will be a little pj and his flashlight in one of those poses???

the second is going to have a design only on the front. i often forget that the band members of fall out boy are fully grown men; they’re like giant children in my mind??? so i decided to turn their symbol from save rock and roll and turn it into a little playground. i kind of (???) based their positions off of their personalities and who would actually dominate the playground, so pete is at the top with his victorious stance, joe is like “whatever, man, check out the view from where i am rn,” and andy is still pretty close to the ground swinging (haha he’s goin’ down swinging omg i’m sorry), and meanwhile poor little patrick is down at the bottom being all like “guys i need halp why aren’t you halping me omg guys guyS GU YS”

so there are my doodles and ideas??? they’ll have faces and details, no worries, but those are the basics and omg i’m sorry for rambling and thank you for helping me decide