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What does rhubarb taste like?

its really sour like REALLY SOUR DONT EAT IT ON ITS OWN DONT YOU WILL DIE (but it still tastes good sour but i highly reccomend not, unless you really like sour)

we have a rhubarb plant in our back yard (or we used to i dont know if its still there) and every year we’d cut off the rhubarb and we’d eat it,

you have to cut off the end so that you get the inside of the plant, adn its wet because of plant juices or whatever, and then you dip it in sugar and chew on it.

its not like any other vegitable (fruit??) where you can just bite chunks off and eat it

its stringly like celery, and super sour, but sooooo good.

but like i could never eat very much before i was just like 

so much food

because you eat a stalk and suddenly you’re halfway though and it feels like a lot and you’re like nahh whatecer lets eat more

and then you’re out of sugar and you eat it sour and recoil like a motherfucker

its really good, i love it, but i havent had it in years

its really good in a pie with strawberries