Soft Ana, warm Ana, little ball of petals…

Bb boi got me through a crazy-ass mission earlier with only his wits and a Rakta Cernos. He needs a spa day.

(Why tea but no mouth, you say? (And a foot hoof soak when he’s always floating…) Well, uh… Volya’s probably just throwing “comforting” things at the wall hoping they’ll stick, yelling “I’m HELPING! ;A;” It’s… a nice gesture.)

“There was no way to prepare for this,” Liset Ávila, 28, whose house was flooded by the storm, told 14ymedio. “The wind was terrifying but it was the water that did the most damage. I’ve lost everything.”

Before slamming into Cuba, Irma had left a path of destruction in lush Caribbean resorts such as St. Martin, St. Barts, St. Thomas, Barbuda and Anguilla, where residents said they felt abandoned by officials.

The spokesman for France’s government, Christope Castaner, said in an interview with Europe1-CNews-Les Echos on Sunday that he "perfectly (understood) the anger” of people on the Caribbean islands.

But he defended the government response, saying emergency help was given “first priority.”

Castaner said that many islanders were suffering from “an impact of emotional shock, an impact that’s extremely hard psychologically.”

Vile est, quod liset

Воздвигать на пьедестал величия исключительно недосягаемое.

Легкодоступные цели быстро изживают себя - стоит только получить желаемое, и оно сразу же теряет свою ценность.

Жить настоящим/наслаждаться всеми прожитыми минутами/брать от жизни все - очень здорово, но не то. Нужен путеводный маяк, чтобы блуждать в туманных буднях с одним только намерением - плыть в сторону света. Просто плыть, упиваться самим процессом, когда яркость огня режет глаза, а каждая клетка тела впитывает в себя морской ветер и саму сущность этой цели.

Создать свое божество, чтобы восхищаться и поклоняться. Вставать утром, посвящая ему день грядущий, и засыпать ночью, чтобы прочесть ему молитву по энцефалограмме своего сна. Исписать всю попадающуюся под руку бумагу, будь то тетрадный лист, счастливый билет или чек из магазина, а потом собрать воедино и создать свою Библию.

Zenuka’s Story

Trying to play with ideas or lore to solidify Zen/Zenuka a little more as a character, expanding on things that I already have in place for her.

The story so far:

- Goes by the name Zen, given the pet name Zenuka by Alad V

- “Older” than a Tenno usually would be, more so in her late teens/early adulthood

- Calm, playful and sassy personality, but can be ruthlessly protective

- Loves Corpus robotics and treats them all like puppies

- Uses most frames, but has slight favouritism towards her Nova Prime

- Defected from the Lotus

- Really dislikes the Lotus, especially her false motherhood

- Can often be found lingering around the Corpus, or doing missions with her partner

- Devote follower of Alad and his projects

- Her partner is also a defector and a follower of Tyl Regor, yet somehow they still get on despite their differences

- Feels she owes Alad after he “saved” her

- Shortly after waking up from the dream, she crashed her original Liset on Europa, destroying a good portion of the ship and disconnecting her ability to control frames, so ended up stranded and alone, spending days surviving off of stolen Corpus rations from their camps

- After arriving upon hearing the news a Tenno ship had been found, Alad managed to find her, offering his hand and a place on his ship and projects, with, unbeknownst to her, pretence to use her to gain more knowledge on Tenno and their warframes

- He salvaged what frames he could from the Liset before leaving Europa with his newly acquired Tenno pet

- Zen quickly fell into place within the projects due to Alad’s manipulation and indoctrination, growing quite attached to the man, despite their history before The Second Dream

- Put together her own “Zenuka Project” with a few other defected Tenno

- Using trickery, will on the regular hunt for other Tenno’s warframes for the ongoing projects

- Obedience and compassion towards him got her into Alad’s good books

Might think of more things for the future, or change some things.

Brainstorming is fuuun.