‘twas the night before Christmas…trying to get these two to go to sleep. got more xmas prep to do. have a goodnight all! #leylah & #lisete say Merry Christmas!!

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Breaking News: Local Rabbit Takes Over Warframe Blog

Heyo! Our fearless leader asked me to take a crack at modding the blog, so here I am~ Name’s LevitatingNarwhal, but most people call me Levi, Bun, Whaley, or Whales. I’ll be identifying myself as “Mod Bun” on here due to popular vote. I’m just a lowly Mr19 who does a little too much idling in relays and my liset talking to people and a little too much time making everything as blue as possible. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick around but my goal here is to make the blog a little bit more active than it has been!

-Mod Bun