Art is a lifestyle, not work.

There is life outside school where we can make art we really want. And that is where you define yourself as an artist.We are not artists because we are enrolled at some art school. School is just school. We are artists cause even outside school, we breathe, live, dream of art.

We don’t improve unless we practice; practice and manage our time wisely. Do not settle with just one skill, one style, one medium. Improve.

Do not take art lightly. What you know is not enough.

You only make art when you are satisfied with it. When you can smile while looking at it. When you actually work hard on it. Just to let you know, if you continue on cramming, it will become a habit. And your work will degrade.

So step up to your game, master or not. Find yourself and where you belong in the art world and let’s meet each other there. Run bro, run.

Park Jimin / Tobitatsuno
College of Fine Arts and Design