reed college retrospective: paper titles by lise

I was going through my papers the other day and realized that I have some fabulous paper titles from my four years at this college and I am going to share them because the world deserves to know how much fun I have titling papers (even when I hate the paper itself):

  • Making Sparta Weird: Spartan Women and the Barbarian Other
  • Nobody Puts Black Widow in the Refrigerator: Challenges to Gendered Stereotypes in Comics
  • I Wanna Be a Boy (Cause Right Now I’m a Girl): Clytemnestra in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
  • God Cares (Not Really): Job as Questioner
  • France France Revolution: Political Ideals and Social Influence
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Questioning Epic through the Figure of Satan
  • How Meta: The Discourse of Descartes and Pascal Concerning Skepticism
  • The Knight in the Tower: The Emasculation of Lancelot in “The Knight of the Cart”
  • Whatever Happened to the Myth of Tomorrow?: Superhero Comics and Classical Mythology
  • The Beloved and the Great White Sorceress: Rewriting the Romance Heroine in She
  • “That girl is a goddamn problem”: ferox Tullia and the female threat to social order
  • Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves: Werewolves in Colonial Celtic Literatures
  • A Vampire Can Be a Lot of Things: Critical History of Dracula, 1897-2013

I’m just gonna gush about how much I love the relationship between Hockey Robot Jack Zimmermann and Literal Ray of Southern Sunshine Eric Bittle because holy SHIT I love them so much 

like, we all know that Bitty loves Jack So Much^TM but every single headcanon or fic I read about them being domestic is full of grand gestures and big metaphors about love, and that stuff is great but… domestic life is so much more???

my favorite book, Lisey’s Story by Stephen King is about the relationship between a woman and her husband who is an extremely famous author and I see Jack and Bitty’s relationship like that 

We know that Bitty loves Jack’s amazing Ice Skills and his physical appearance is a blessing, but Bitty also loves that he’s a dork who loves history documentaries? He doesn’t focus on the sensationalism that comes with Jack being an NHL star, he tells him about ongoing debates about jam in the Bittle circle? 

Jack is amazing and 10/10 would snuggle and fanboy over, but Bitty would also notice that the shampoo he bought a few weeks ago is making Jack’s scalp dry and he can’t have that so he buys new ones for him to try so Jack doesn’t have to worry about getting dandruff on all his super expensive fancy suits at press things and feeling embarrassed? Bitty is the one who is relatively unfazed by Jack’s stardom because he’s the one who Jack has to yell to when he’s on the crapper and runs out of toilet paper?

Bitty’s love is so strong he doesn’t even mind doing the little tasks that come with being really truly domestic with someone else. their relationship is a rock and I’m dying because they love each other so much