Should I, part two.

“New eyes kill me. The eyes that make me want to fly across the sky. I thought the last girlfriend was pretty but I was dead wrong. I go on as these strings are strung. Every time she smiles, it makes me want to scream for miles. Now enough with the cheesy rhyming flow. Let’s go on with the fucking show. You kiss me, you hit me, you thrill me. Call you serial thriller, my love. Thrill me hard. Forever, my love, will go on. My heart will go on. Enough with the plagiarizing, let’s go on to tea partying. I tease as much as you. Bite your lip, count to ten, tease again. I got no thought left to use my frets. This is the end of the song, dedicate to my true girlfriend. Long island is burning. Losers make guys like us walk away. straight edge coming in 2012”