EXO as people who rode my bus in school
  • Xiumin: The girl that always eats on the bus even though you're not supposed to. You like sitting next to her because she always offers you her goldfish or something.
  • Luhan: Sassy high school girl who makes funny jokes and makes friends with everyone, but secretly hates riding the bus; counting the days until she gets her driver's liscense
  • Kris: High school boy who sits in the back on his phone the whole time with sunglasses on. Little kids are intimidated by him, but he always helps them out of the back of the bus during fire drills cause he's hella strong
  • Suho: High school girl who sits in the front of the bus to help the bus driver with the younger kids; helps the substitute with the bus route
  • Lay: Kind hearted kid who obeys the bus driver and sits quietly in his seat either doing homework or working on his art project
  • Baekhyun: Girl who listens to music so loud you can hear it five seats in front of her and five seats behind her
  • Chen: The kid who made the bus driver stop the bus in the middle of a fricking corn field like five times because he was screaming too loud
  • Chanyeol: Late high school guy in a crap ton of sports; all the younger girls on the bus secretly have a crush on him
  • Kyungsoo: Middle school girl who literally will not let anyone sit with her. She either pretends to be asleep or says she had too many bags.
  • Tao: Little girl who has an iPad at six years old and goes on Snapchat with her friends the entire bus ride
  • Kai: Little boy who runs his toy cars along the window sill, gives all the pretty high school girls flowers
  • Sehun: That one 8th Grader who keeps trying to sit in the back with the high school kids but always gets kicked out

ringed-rose-of-lesbos  asked:

Hello! I love your art so much, and I loved Reindeer Boy! I can't help but notice that you've Jace with darker skin recently. I know he has some Persian ancestry from Sona Carstairs, and it's possible he has other non-white ancestry. Is his new complexion canon, or is it artistic liscense?

It’s artistic license. The way he is described I picture him as very gold. Which doesn’t mean pale to me. But I guess I’ve gone more bronze than gold lately. People seem to like it anyhow! 

  • Pidge: If you name your child after any liscensed Coca-Cola product they'll pay for their college tuition.
  • Pidge: Similarly, if you name a kid after any Olive Garden menu item, they eat free for life.
  • Pidge: Don't ask me how I know this. This is the information they try to keep from you.
  • Lance: Dr. Pepper Ravioli Potter, you are named after two of the bravest men I know.
  • Pidge: Dr. Pepper isn’t a coke product, god dammit! I literally just told you; how could you fuck this up?
fun lil heathers facts i picked up

-jason dean plays the saxophone
-heahers takes place in the spring semester, near prom
-heather chandler had a small liscense plate in her locker with her name on it, and it /might/ be for a motorcycle (it seems about the right size)
-if it is for a motorcycle, heather chandler wants a fucking motorcycle guys this is my new favorite image
-jd got /his/ motorcycle as a perk from his dad’s company
-i still can’t get over the fact that veronica wears a monocle i love
-there was a little girl in the front row, crying at kurt and ram’s funeral, so one of those two might possibly have a younger sister/cousin/neighbor/whatever that they were close with
-kurt’s phone is shaped like a football
-there’s a painting of a little blonde girl in a red dress in heather chandler’s room…. it’s probably her
-if it’s not her, she probs has it just for the aesthetic that girl loves red
-she also really likes pink have you seen her room
-heather mac has trouble with math, but as far as we kniw, she does alright in her other classes
-heather mac’s parents are divorced
-heather chandler’s family visits her grandmother every sunday
-she usually skips these trips
-veronica takes french classes
-there’s a chance that jason dean took german classes
-how often do u think kurt and ram go cow tipping bc i feel like it’s often
-jd says something like “say i did blow up the school, say i blew up all those schools”
-so he might have tried things like this before
-veronica wanted to get a job at the mall but her mom said no
-i’m p sure heather duke is the shortest in the squad
-i’m out of fun facts bye i did my best


So my dear friend wrote me a really cool thing, and since I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I drew some of it…(and then added the last doodle, which took way too long to be a doodle OTL )

Fairytale AU where Reigen is a charlatan who (not so) accidentally adopted a fairy changeling, Mob. :)

The signs while driving
  • Aries: their liscense was revoked a long time ago
  • Taurus: cussing out other drivers
  • Gemini: crying
  • Cancer: thinking about what they're going to eat when they get home
  • Leo: texting probably
  • Virgo: wishing they were asleep
  • Libra: dissociating
  • Scorpio: mocking other drivers
  • Sagittarius: singing along to every song that comes on the radio even if they don't know the words
  • Capricorn: considering turning around to go pet a dog they passed
  • Aquarius: making eye contact with themself in the rear view mirror
  • Pisces: almost crashed because they were looking at the scenery
WH Characters as Desserts

elias goldstein - chocolate truffles. the hard outer shell quickly yields to inner sweetness. 

luca orlem - macaroons. a unique and difficult to replicate treat with a long artistic tradition.

yukiya reizen - shortbread, an understated yet homey dessert that tends to win over its critics with time.

klaus goldstein - tiramisu. a refined and elegant dessert where sweet balances with bitter. pairs well with tea or coffee.

randy march - christmas cookies. sweet and mercurial with an intriguing & storied past.

azusa kuze - dark chocolate. the bitterness and subtlety of dark chocolate rewards those brave enough to love it.  

bonus! amelia nile - orange sorbet. refreshing and sweet, with a zing of tartness to wake you up.

my first special interest was astrophysics. i remember how i would sit in my rolly chair with my knees in front of my chest as a pressure stim (thought i didnt know what i was doing at the time) and watch videos on youtube about blackholes and stars.

by the time i was 10, i was explaining the basics of stellar motion to anyone willing to listen. even today, if someone abliges me, i can rant and rant and rant.

when i lived with my dad, he would sit in the driveway with me and i would tell him the stories of the constellations, or how “no dad, the sun doesnt revolve around the earth…” (he didnt get a good education).

now that i have my liscense, i drive up on the mountain with my friends and, if they let me, nerd out over the stars.

I think i found my s*gar d*ddy he’s so fucking rich..he like manages some homes for recovering addicts or smth and invents stuff for google so he has all these crazy things like lights that you can dim and change color from ur phone for every room! And like a siri-type thing but connected to all the shit in the house and the tv. He has like 4 cars and when i get my nu liscense i can borrow one! He’s gonna take me to get my hair done next time and bought me the nicopanda jacket ive been wanting foreverrrrrrrrrr and has this crazy art collection w like matisse, miro, picasso, james turrell, sol lewitt , etc and thinks i’m just the greatest thing ever and isn’t ugly or gross this is insane and might rly help my life plus he calls me bebita


About a year ago I was searching for cheap swimsuits on my size on Amazon and got a major lucky break with this one! It was only like 7$, and is pretty good quality considering the price! I did have a sizing issue, as I first ordered an XL, only to have it fit fine on top and be too tight around my thighs. However, it was so cheap I just ordered a second suit in an XXL, and now wear the XXL bottoms and the XL top. I gave the remaining pieces to a friend with opposite but equal proportions and she loves it too!

Also I am so crazy excited with how this photoset came out! It was so much fun to prance around outside in my bikini and the results made me feel even more confident.