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What did Rachel Amber do?

solidfisher asked

Max sacrificed a whole town for Chloe what did Rachel do?

Okay, I saw this question in this post just now and D U D E  (or any other preferred nickname you want to be called)

Rachel was the doe in Life is Strange. She is the one giving Max the power, and she is responsible for the storm that destroys Arcadia Bay.
I really don’t get how just a few people around got this. I mean, it took me a couple of weeks after finishing Before The Storm, but I don’t get why there are so few people connecting the dots.

So, let me explain this as good as I can. 
The major theories going around are that a) the storm was caused by Max using her powers or b) the storm happens because Chloe was supposed to die but she didn’t.

Neither of this makes sense because:
a) Max rewinds 3 or 4 times before effectively save Chloe from Nathan in the bathroom. She uses her power in class to repair her broken camera, to answer Jefferson’s questions etc., then she goes to the bathroom and takes the pictures of the butterfly. So when we decide to sacrifice Chloe, we take the butterfly polaroid and use it to go back to a reality in which we already messed up with time. Also why the hell give Max the powers to save Chloe if at the end she is supposed to die, anyway? 
b) Jefferson kills Chloe in one of the timelines, but even in that case, the storm is still happening so it cannot be that.

Here’s what it really happens:

Follow me:

  1. Max has the vision of the storm at the very beginning of the game, but she has no power so she dies in her vision.
  2. Max wakes up in class, goes to the bathroom, witness Nathan shooting Chloe, she got the powers in that moment (oh, how convenient!) > rewind > back in class again.
  3. Max saves Chloe from Nathan > shit happens > they spend the day together > they go to the lighthouse and Chloe says, I quote: “This shi-pit has taken away everyone I’ve ever loved… I’d like to drop a bomb on Arcadia Bay and turn it to fucking glass…” and boom (again, what a perfect timing!), these exact words triggers Max’ second vision of the storm but this time she sees a doe guiding her to the right place, she has now her powers and can reach the only safe spot during the storm. She even finds a piece of newspaper that tells her when the storm is gonna be. Guess what? How convenient.
  4. When we find Rachel’s body buried in the junkyard, the doe disappears. Because Chloe’s now knows Rachel never left her, and Max is now capable of knowing what to do. [Also, the writers confirmed Rachel is the doe. And Rachel (the spirit animal) Max, (the shirt), and Chloe’s dad, Willliam (the doe’s snowball) are Chloe’s “guardian angels” if we want to call them like this. All of them are identified with a doe.]
  5. At the end, Max tells Chloe that she knows what is the safest place from the storm, and she knows it because the doe showed it to her. Why do that if not to save them both -mostly Chloe?
  6. Rachel is the one messing with destiny, Rachel is the one who orchestrated everything. She wanted her revenge toward a city both Chloe and her hated so much they wanted to run away from it, a place that caused them so much pain, but before doing it she needed to save Chloe from the fate she was supposed to endure. (Remember all those times Chloe’s and Max said they could feel Rachel’s presence being very strong all around them? Hell yeah.)
    She is Rachel fucking Amber and even dead she will do what the fuck she wants: Chloe must be saved, Arcadia Bay can go fuck itself. And by destroying Arcadia Bay she probably knows that Chloe will be saved forever because is like resetting it all, she is sacrificing a whole town for one soul, Chloe’s soul. And she chose Max because she knew she would be the only person that would love Chloe the way she did (and vice-versa).
  7. What’s the nightmare? The nightmare is probably Destiny and Rachel fighting for you to make the choice, projecting in you all the things you need to know to make the final decision. Will you go with destiny’s plan, or will you go with Rachel’s plan?

And that’s why at the end, saving Chloe might be the right decision -not just because I want her to live, lol, I swear- but because the game asks you to do it, through Max’s feeling for her (pushed over and written in her diary even when you try to ignore them -remember Chloe kissing everybody in Max’s nightmare?) and through the fact that Rachel did all of this. And now makes sense that Max got those power, it wasn’t destiny it was Rachel.
But at the end, doesn’t matter what did you choose, it doesn’t change that was Rachel that caused everything. 

PS. I think the wind behind Rachel, when she burns the forest in BTS, might be a clue or just an effect, I don’t think Rachel has any power when she’s alive, but hey, she’s a ghost now, fuck it all.

So yeah, to answer your question: 

- What did Rachel Amber do? 

Fucking 👏 Everything 👏

Lol, no like literally… she fucks everything up. All hail Rachel the goddess.