We met Julia Roy Williams, the fantastically creative designer behind Jewellery brand Wonderhaus a few years ago through hiring our laser machine at Freds.  The style of jewellery really caught our eye, Julia work mainly in perspex, wood, and leather to create bold maximal pieces in a kaleidoscope of colours that are tactile, fashion forward, and easy to wear.

Julia has a shop space in the Manchester Craft Centre and has recently been involved in incredibly exciting projects such as collaborations with the mesmerizing Illustrator Lisa Stannard.  You can see their products here as shot by the mega Manchester Photographer Layla Sailor (see below)

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Going in on #MakeYourOwnRulesDiet by @TaraStiles here’s why…

Ok I’m not going to lie, in two weeks I’m going to Thailand (yay!!) and after generally always eating super healthy and practising yoga everyday I started to lose my head over being ‘bikini ready’ in 2 weeks time. In fact, I wasted the best part of today worrying about it which turned into me frantically looking up diets on the net and making lists of the workouts I was going to do all the way up to my holiday. So basically, I just started losing my shit and the worries turned into excessive planning / controlling.

Fortunately I stopped myself with the 'what the hell am I doing???’ Questions, went and took a bath (self care) and then practise what I intended to be ten mins of yoga with over an hour of fun Strala Flow.

I’ve had Tara’s book since Christmas and have been using the recipes and routines for self practise and also do indoors toon in guiding Strala Classes, it’s always close by. You see the difference with this diet book is that it encourages so much self care. Things that I, and we all miss out sometimes when we are busy. I skip morning meditations and go straight for the coffee and the tram some days. I procrastinate in the evening instead of doing a calming evening flow. Even though I know these are the vital pieces to looking and feeling great and evening more being a great guide, friend, daughter, sister, artist, business woman.

So instead of pushing or forcing myself to follow strict rules about food for the next 2 weeks to feel great for my holiday (which I know will make me stressed, tired, more likely to eat badly or get angry with those close to me) I’m following Tara’s 7 day radiant kick start plan from the book!

I’ll keep blogging and journaling!
Stay connected, that’s what it’s all about! Lisa xxx

P.S. Do it with me :) xxx