lisanna is such a cool kid

Headcanons for the next generation of fairytail kids

-Gray and Juvias kids learned water magic and think there dad is hella lame (which upsets him to no end because he just wants to be the cool dad)

-Gajeel and Levy have a daughter that’s smart like her mum and a little asshole like her dad. And all Gajeel wants is for her to be his little princess

-Loke and Lucy have a daughter who dresses like Lucy and Loke is constantly trying to make her cover up and keep her away from boys (because she’s a flirt like her dad)

-Lisanna and Natsu have the sweet little cinnamon rolls who love everyone but go ape shit when it comes to battles

-Jellal and Erza have twins that are so cool calm and collected but everyones still a little scared of them and Erza can’t work out why the other kids never play up in front of them.