Ljubav se definitivno živi. Ja sam srećom svoju ljubav živjela i još uvijek ju živim. Sad će meni netko reći: ‘Kako? Ali smrt vas je razdvojila. Uzela ti ga je.’ A ja ću reći: 'Pa i nije. Jer koliko mi je toga ostavio!’ Prije nisam mogla ni promisliti o jednoj takvoj dimenziji ljubavi. Duhovnoj. U odsutnosti. Ne mora se dvoje ljudi nužno vidjeti i dodirivati da bi se osjećali. Ljubav uzima i daje istovremeno. To je prava ljubav. Ona se živi i gotovo.
—  Josipa Lisac

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Nickname: ????

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: 169cm which is 2x5=9 in American

Last thing you googled: How do I enter my fucking workplace.

Favourite music artists: Fiona Apple, Hooverphonic, Imagine Dragons, Jacques Brel, Stromae, Panic! At the Disco,…

Song stuck in my head: Can You Feel It - Chaos Chaos

Last movie you watched: La La Land

What are you wearing right now: Jeans, pink top, reddish pink sweater.

Why did you choose you url: I like purple and alliterations.

Do you have any other blogs: @lisac-thewafflequeen @rusame-after-dark @aphwwv @rus-eng-prus-appreciation

What did your last relationship teach you: Never had one.

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual

Favorite color: It’s in my url :)

Average hours of sleep: 7-10

Lucky number: 13

Favourite characters: APH Russia, APH America, Crowley from Good Omens, Reigen from Mob Psycho 100, Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls, Zuko from Avatar, Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney…

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream job: Writer

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The Bimbo Web-Challenge #9

The girl that woke up on Day 9 of the bimbo web challenge was not his Jennifer anymore. He didn’t even find a single trace of the girl he had loved in her. She didn’t even call herself Jennifer anymore. It was apparently too complicated to pronounce. So this new girl called herself Jenni and she was the dumbest person Aaron had ever met. If he hadn’t known better he would have guessed that she’d have been raised in a trailer park to be the slut that was handed from guy to guy. Aaron decided that he had to pull the plug. He couldn’t allow this to happen to Jennifer anymore so he called the producers of the web challenge and disqualified Jennifer.

“We are really sorry to hear that Jennifer won’t be able to be a part of the show anymore. We were honestly concerned about her performance the last days. So how are you going to pay for the 200.000 dollar that we’ll loose because of you terminating the contract early?” - “What? 200 thousand???”, Aaron couldn’t believe it. “Look we don’t have that kind of money. Is there anything else we can do to settle this?” - “Well normally we wouldn’t be too strict, but your girlfriend has been underperforming a lot from the beginning… hmmmmm .. well.. there is one thing that could work.” - “Anything”, Aaron answered too quickly. “All right then”, the person on the other end of the line said a bit too confident for Aarons liking. “There’s another bottle of nano-bots in your fridge. Drink it and we’ll start a live stream in two hours.” The person on the other end of the line hung up earlier than Aaron was able to say another word. Damnit. How could he have been so stupid? What he had gotten himself into? He had no other choice than to do what he was told though. He emptied the nano-bots-bottle in one big gulp and sat down for a while as the instructions on the bottle recommended.

Two hours later he got a video chat invitation. He knew this was it. The producer of the web challenge were calling him for. He answered. “Welcome to the show Aaron how are you feeling?” - “Hey.. Hello.. Fine thanks.. Considering the circumstances tha..”, he was rudly interrupted: “We were just telling our viewers that you’ll be our new contestant in the show. How are you feeling about this honor?” - “Well i wouldn’t call it an honor. And besides i don’t really know how that’s supposed to work yet. Isn’t the web challenge just for girls?” - “We are light years ahead of you on that, but thanks for your concerns. Are you ready for demonstrating what our new nano-bots are capable of?”. Aaron didn’t like the sound of that. But before he could say something, a deep bass noise shot through his whole body. He felt his body masses rearranging itself as he wasn’t able to move one bit. He was frozen in place, but his body masses were flowing. He could feel it. It was like he was made out of water that was reacting to the deep noise. As the changes stopped Aaron was shocked to find that he was now a girl.

He wanted to scream but somehow he just couldn’t. The presenter said: “Wow Look at the great results our new nano-bots can achieve. Aaron is now a fully functional woman. Also she will not be able to wear anything else than womens clothes and always needs to wear makeup. But to enter the competition at this time obviously she needs to catch up with the changes the other contestants have undergone. So welcome everybody to the day of rapid transformation. We have a series of ten polls for you to decide for Aaron. Let’s start with the first one: hair

A Long and wavy
B Long and straight
C Short pixy
D Rasta

Well, i guess you’ve seen this poll before. But don’t worry. Not all polls will be just taken from the past web-challenges, because this situation obviously needs some special treatments. Alright let’s see the results. Oh wow. Looks like you’ll get the same treatment your little girlfriend got, because Long and wavy won once more.

Aaron felt like in trance. He couldn’t move much as he felt his hair lengthen in his hands. He didn’t even have a mirror but was feeling too relaxed to go to look into one. The presenter continued the show:
“If you could see yourself now Aaron. You look lovely. By the way.. I think it’s time for a new name. Here are the choices:”

A Juliet
B Lisa
C Candy
D Alissa

“Aaaand it seems the people like their girls to be more bimbo than less. Congratulations. Your new name will be Candy.”
Something inside Aarons head clicked and he didn’t remember his old name anymore. To her knowledge she had always been called Candy.
“Alright. Now let’s come to something more on the side of speciality for this evening. The audience may now vote on Candys sexual orientation. Will she still be attracted to her girlfriend or will she be a meat lovers only?”

A Lesbian
B Bi-sexual
C Hetero
D Anitsexual

“Oh sorry Candy and Jennifer to split you up, but Candy will be heterosexual, because the audience wants it this way.”

Immediately Candy felt a void between her legs. She hadn’t had time to think of the fact that she now had a pussy yet but now it was more present than ever. Oh what would she have done for a nice cock between her legs now. “Something wrong Candy? Oh did I forget to mention that we also raised the libido by 300% of what a normal womens libido would be? Sorry… I guess I forgot.” … “You can’t do that”, Candy cried out as she couldn’t stop her hands from exploring her inner thighs.  “ Oh yes we can. Let’s have one more poll for today. Breast size.”

D Double D

“Aaand it seems the audience wants some nice big knockers for you. They chose Double D for you. This is it for today. You can come back tomorrow to see the rest of Candys transformation. But before we leave, we have a challenge for Candy. Tomorrow we want to see a video of you and Jennifer having sex. Sell us how much you love your new body. See you tomorrow Candy.”

As the stream stopped Candy was able to move again. She felt betrayed. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. A light tingling started to run through her chest. She didn’t even realize that her breasts started growing. She just dreamily grabbed the camera and put it into the bedroom. “Hey Jennifer”, she called out. Jennifer had been in the living room masturbating all day Candy realized. “Hey… who are you?”, Jennifer asked confused. “Don’t you recognize me? It’s me.. Candy… no i mean.. Ca.. hey… I can’t even remember my own name..” Jennifer jumped up and down. “You caaame. We were …like… talking for soooooo long and now I finally get to like meet you.” - “No no i’m not.. uhh.. whatever.. yeah it’s me..” Candy figured it didn’t matter anyways. Or at least it made things easier as Jennifer gladly started caressing Candys body - not that she wouldn’t have done that with anybody else.

The new Candy had to admit that getting licked by Jennifer felt amazing. However the presenter hadn’t been joking when he had told her that she would be straight-only now. Jennifer didn’t turn her on at all and instead only images of men got her excited. It felt really odd to fantasize about something like this for the first time. It had always been something that Aaron would have despised, but now it was all that Candy was able to think about. As she imagined the neighbors hard cock in her pussy she immediately came and screamed out his name. Jennifer just laughed and said: “No silly.. It’s Jennifer..” The next day could only be better than this.

anonymous asked:

Hello there. I just recently joined the fandom (very late I know ^ ^;) And I was wondering if you had any Hetalia blogs you'd recommend to follow. Looking for mostly authors, especially for the rusame ship.

Welcome to the fandom!! *throws confettis*

It’s never too late to join Hetalia or RusAme fandom! Take your time~

So uhm since I mostly only lurks on RusAme tag, I’m afraid I can only give you RusAme / AmeRus blogs:

RusAme / AmeRus Blog Masterlist


Active –> Appears on rusame tag within last few months

Inactive –> Rarely appears on rusame tag anymore

Authors (Active) (NS//FW Sometimes) /  (NS//FW Sometimes)   (NS//FW Sometimes) –> Also draws!  (NS//FW Sometimes) (NS//FW)  (NS//FW Sometimes) –> Also draws!  (NS//FW Sometimes) –> Also draws!  (NS//FW Sometimes) –> Also draws!  (NS//FW) –> has many fic recs

Almost all of them have ff / ao3 account (few have different pen name tthan their tumblr), but I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to reveal it, so if you wanna know you can ask them / me privately.

Authors (Inactive)

Fics Blogs /

RusAme / Hetalia blogs (Active) :  (NS//FW Sometimes) –> Also writes nice HCs!  (NS//FW Sometimes)  (NS//FW Sometimes)  (NS//FW Sometimes)  (NS//FW Sometimes) –> self promo  (NS//FW Sometimes) (NS//FW) –> self promo

Artists (Active) (NS//FW) / / (NS//FW) (NS//FW sometimes) –> +cosplay! (NS//FW sometimes) –> +cosplay!

http://rus– (NS//FW Sometimes) –> self promo –> +cosplay! –> +cosplay! –> cosplay (NS//FW)  (NS//FW Sometimes) /  (NS//FW Sometimes) (NS//FW Sometimes)–> currently posting old arts

Artists (Inactive) –> cosplay –> Also cosplay! –> Dolls (NS//FW Sometimes) (NS//FW) (NS//FW) –> post rusame arts from time to time

There’s also this ask mr and mr cold war tumblr askblog but I forgot its url.. their main used to be .(if anyone can tell me the url I’ll be so grateful to you!!)

Phew. I guess I have exhausted all of rusame blogs I’ve ever known. Really sorry if I miss some blogs out! You can tell me and I will add them to this list!

And for the Anon, welcome to the fandom and enjoy your stay! ^_^ *throws confettis again*