BIRTH RIGHTS AND WRONGS:  Response to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Official Policy

After years of debate, as of April 11th Lisa Vogel has finally drawn definitive lines around inclusion of trans women at MWMF. It is a hard truth to swallow that a person can call themselves a trans ally and support this festival..

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With another festival come and gone, Michfest founder and organizer Lisa Vogel laid out a list of ‘demands’ she’d like her critics to meet.

In other words: Lisa Vogel is still a transmisogynistic bigot who is tired of people telling her that she is a transmisogynistic bigot.

Same shit. Different day.

My latest response to Lisa Vogel.

The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is not a private event, no matter how many people would like to believe so. It is by every definition of the term a public accommodation, and any intention of its founders is entirely irrelevant, so long as MWMF continues to offer ticket sales to the public.

As the saying famously goes, “Intent is not Magic.”

I am very glad that MWMF does not seek to confront trans women who choose their own intentions for their own lives. I am proud of my own role in seeking to defuse what would have almost certainly devolved into violent conflict on the Land. But, holding a different opinion than Lisa Vogel and seeking to influence others to understand and adopt my point of view does not constitute “bullying” in any way, nor does it constitute “maleness” in any way. The fact that you would use these words blatantly erases the agency of the women who have found compassion for trans women and truth in our words, and that is something I find repugnant. If you feel “shamed” by that, well you should.

Let me be crystal clear: I am under no obligation to respect the opinions of people who believe my nature is theirs to define, who believe my existence is a matter for their debate, who believe that the validity of any part of my identity is theirs to decide.

A comparison to the Roman Catholic Church reviling Galileo for daring to claim what is simple truth would not be out of place here. There is no more any attribute or group of attributes, be they biological in nature or sociological, of femaleness or of womanhood that can objectively determine whether a given human being is female or woman that would not also exclude large numbers of cis women, anymore than the Sun revolves around the Earth. 

How ironic that we must point out that only a holistic, subjective, intuitive determination that elevates the agency of the woman in question is the only true determinant of identity to those who stake a claim of feminist righteousness! The self-contradictions espoused by transmisiast and transphobic feminists are astounding to witness, and inspire a sense of unreality that we are commanded to weigh ourselves in the balance with them.

May the Peace, Wisdom, and Love of the Goddess be upon all of us, and may her Light ever shine upon our Paths and bring us Happiness, all the days of our lives. Blessed Be, Sisters, One and All.


Gemma Seymour

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, but when I do I feel awash with difficult and sad feelings. I don’t like to talk about them though, because of how heated and defensive

" It is so sad to me that anyone I know, let alone share “community” with, would even consider supporting something that does not validate trans women as women. And people, please do not make something that is simple complicated; this festival is for women and will not recognize that a trans woman is a WOMAN. If you support it in any way, shape or form, you are supporting this notion. Consider this before buying your ticket and throwing on your apologetic “Trans Women Belong Here” t-shirt and heading off to a land that has made it loud and clear that that statement is nothing more than a halfhearted, guilty, selfish apology and a cop out. If you don’t support transphobia, please go all the way with your words and your heart and your actions. It would be so radical if people would align their politics with their practice."

Florida, here I come!

Yes, I am off to Florida and yes I might forget about my blog for a little while (I insist on the LITTLE, because it seems like I am quite obsessed with blogging). I’m trying to pack, and god knows I hate this part, I can’t figure out what to take with me. And for the swimsuit, one piece or two piece? both? Either way, I went online for some inspiration and now I am here again (avoiding my luggage)…! And then I tell myself, Marilyn would wear a one piece, right? Exactly at that moment, I see a picture of her wearing a gorgeous orange two piece… aaaaah help me!

From top to bottom: 1.Jason Wu; 2.Marc Jacobs; 3.Michael Kors; 4.J Crew; 5.Lisa Vogel

I would like to see a letter from Lisa Vogel apologizing to trans womyn and especially to Sandy Stone as well as Nancy Burkholder.

I think I am about as likely to see a letter from Lisa Vogel apologizing to the Fest community for a meteorite impact the week before setup crew was to arrive.