• [Blackpink Switching rooms]
  • Lisa: So do you miss Jisoo yet?
  • Jennie: You mean do i miss finding crumbs in my bed?
  • Jennie: Or Her clothes all over the floor
  • Jennie: Her lame jokes or or-
  • Jennie: ...the way
  • she...laughs
  • Lisa: *puts arm around Jennie* want me to make a mess and not help you clean it?
  • Jennie:
  • Jennie: Yeah, that might help thank you.

even though we are all going to miss skam when it ends, the cast has become so famous and recognized that we will probably follow them throughout their future projects and careers. im really excited to see what theyll do next 

and ofc i cant wait to find new ways to stream more norwegian television yay