‘Street Life’ was originally written for an audition in New York in fall of 1989 By Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes at only 18. The track touches on street violence, broken homes, prostitution, crack babies and being an educated woman.

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The Scream (Norwegian: Skrik) is the popular name given to each of four versions of a composition, created as both paintings and pastels, by the Expressionist artist Edvard Munch between 1893 and 1910.Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) is the title Munch gave to these works, all of which show a figure with an agonized expression against a landscape with a tumultuous orange sky. Arthur Lubow has described The Scream as “an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time.”

honestly how tf are some of you out there losing entire masterpieces to photoshop crashes bc you forgot to save the fucking mona lisa the entire time you were making it. i draw 1 line and immediately hit that ctl + S finishing combo. I have an infinite number of psd files clogging up my computer but at least they’re THERE

Dean has felt like this exactly once in his lifetime, and even then, the feeling pales in comparison to what’s currently going on inside his chest. He’s content to the point of growing roots right here in this bed, and so buoyant he could float right off the mattress. He’s giggly and meditative and grateful and excited, and all these things are making his stomach flip and dip until he feels that satisfied, vaguely ill feeling you get after riding a particularly intense rollercoaster. 

Dean has never been a person who lounges in bed with a partner; either they’re sleeping, or doing the morning after thing, or getting right back down to it. He can probably count on one hand the amount of times he’s stayed in bed with someone else just to be with them. Dean vaguely remembers doing it with Lisa two or three times in between work and school and soccer and Ben. 

But come hell or high water, Dean Winchester is determined to stay in bed with Castiel.

The hunter doesn’t want to move for a week. Not for a vamp, not for a ghoul… not for the freaking anti-christ himself. Dean only just got his (admittedly no longer angelic) angel back, and they’ve only just waded through all the bullshit between them. He is not leaving for anything. Not unless it’s ridiculously important.

Besides… Dean’s never really had the opportunity to look at Cas like this. 

He has these really thick, pretty eyelashes that fan out against his cheekbones, and his regal, straight nose, and a plush mouth to die for. His stubble is just scruffy enough to be unbearably sexy, and in their haste last night, he totally missed the nipple freckle but now that he can see it…

Before he can help himself, the hunter’s fingers move to brush the delicate mark and the rosy skin beside it, causing Cas’s breath to hitch and his body to turn and his eyes to half-heartedly flutter open before squeezing shut with an almighty groan. “What,” Castiel rumbles with all the enthusiasm of a particularly pissed off bear.

Dean bites back a grin. “Morning, Sunshine.”

“Morning,” Cas grunts. His arm tightens around the hunter’s waist and he presses a clumsy, sleepy kiss to Dean’s jaw. “Go back t’sleep.”

And it’s odd, and ridiculously indulgent, but with a smile on his face, that’s exactly what Dean does.

Bright And Warm

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Characters - Dean x Reader
Summary - Dean never was one for relationships. He always messed it all up one way or another, but just this once, he hopes he can do something right.
Word Count - 1,296
Warnings - Language, a handsy asshole, allusion to previous physical abuse
A/N - Part of @whispersandwhiskerburn’s 2k Follower Celebration. Prompt: “Must Be Doing Something Right” Billy Currington + “Yes. Anything, just… yes…” I slightly modified the dialogue prompt since I thought it worked a little better the way I used it. This is different than my other stuff, so let me know what you think!!

Dean never was one for relationships. Sooner or later the shit hit the fan, and he was left with what was left of his heart shattered whenever it fell to bits. It happened with Cassie, and it happened with Lisa. It happened every time he let himself believe that he could manage to not fuck up something good in his life. Someone good in his life.

Then he met you.

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The Floor is Lava

I’ve been laughing about how the Legends would play the floor is lava game, and it is 100% gold:

Stein doesn’t participate because he sees it as a silly children’s game.

However, Jax would 100% sprint to find a place despite his injured leg. While in stores he has been known to jump into display cases usually with Leonard or Mick by his side.

Kendra just flings herself in the general direction of a table in desperation. While outside, she has been known to use her wings to fly despite the fact that some think it’s cheating.

Carter usually wouldn’t play, but every once in awhile he can be spotted right next to Kendra on a table.

Ray really enjoys this game. He often runs toward a spot with a huge grin on his face; he is also one of the few who don’t mind when they lose.

Rip says he doesn’t participate but whenever he’s sitting he quietly pulls his legs onto the chair.

Mick usually can find a chair located nearby, though there was an incident in a forest where he ended up in a tree. He also 100% is one of the people who initiates the game.

Leonard has played this game for a long time with Lisa, so he knows all the tricks. He has also been known to jump on people (usually Mick but once he gets comfortable with others he’ll jump on them too) to avoid the floor.

Sara is a ninja. She can cling to anything nearby making her unstoppable in the game. She also is usually the game’s instigator and 100% films them while they scramble.

You're No Peter Parker! || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: you unintentionally get super drunk at a party, forcing your friendly neighborhood spider-man to come to your rescue as he escorts you home.}

tonight’s been a stressful night for me, so i need some peter parker fluff. i promise i’ll work on requests as soon as i’m better…my anxiety has been through the roof and today was a particularly bad day….

but i’ll get better, i promise. so here, how about me and you indulge in some peter fluff?

**please if you have any respect for the writer at all, do not repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine.**

warnings: drunk kisses, tbh


You had no idea what crazy part of your brain thought that attending a party was a good idea. You weren’t the particularly social type, and the fact that you were surrounded by girls making out with several guys from the next door fraternity house made this all the more unbearable for you.

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{Reaction} BlackPink as the mafia

okay sooo i need to say that i love Mafia! EXO very much and i was thinking how cool would be if you made a blackpink mafia concept, like badass girls you know would be amazing

Note: Well shit, now I live for BlackPink mafia AU. If anyone writes this kind of thing please link me to it~ I’d love to read! This was very fun to do, and I am definitely on board of this AU. I hope you also like references used ;) Enjoy~!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Kim Jennie

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Jennie is very skillful in the mafia and certainly should not be underestimated. If you think she’s dangerous with a gun, then you’re hardly to ready to see her short range combat. She’s smart, witty and feared by a lot of big names in the mafia. She notorious for killing, assassinations and some of the most cleverly worked out murder’s in the world. It isn’t just other gangs that are scared of this incredible woman, but also the government and the police. But in spite all of that, she still somehow manages to keep herself hidden away and only seen by those she wants to see her.

The first time she met you was in a casino, her lips blood red with lipstick that curled into a beautifully cruel smirk as she pinned her eyes on you. It was that moment that she decided that it was you that she wanted. She strolled over, heels clicking against the floor importantly as though she was on a mission. She stole your attention away from Monsta X’s gang member Yoo Kihyun swiftly, placing a hand on your cheek, raising her chin to give her an appearance of authority as she calmly told you what she wanted.

Jennie: “How beautiful, you look like my next significant other.”

Park Chae- Young/ Rose

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Rose is the master of the sweetheart scam in the mafia. She appears to be a ditzy, sweet little girl. Hell to the no, this woman could kill you with a mere look, or so that’s what said. She can captivate any heart in the palm of her hand and crush it as quickly as she wants. It’s incredible how amazing she is when it comes to her work, how skillful she really is. She can get money, or secrets, her talents meet no end when it comes to manipulation, and she too is feared by many people in the mafia. A lot of people have tried to escape her enchanting eyes and have failed miserably.

The first time you crossed paths with Rose was when you’d been brought into her gang by Jennie. Rose had grown an attachment to you very quickly, and it was hard not to fall for her too. Even though she was such a crucial part of the mafia, she jumped at the chance to fall in love with you when you not so subtly hinted that you may like her. That day forward, she found it harder to sweet talk other people because the guilt rode inside of her knowing it should be only you she should be like this with - but with reassurance, she became stronger and stronger by your side.

Rose: “I love you Jagiya.”

Lalisa Manoban/ Lisa

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Lisa is the glue of the gang, and sets the mood the majority of the time. BlackPink don’t have a leader, and that’s what sets them apart from any other group. But with no official leader, of course there are going to be clashes of opinion, and Lisa is the best for solving them. But it isn’t just her mood making skills that make her a skillful mafia worker, she is also very strong, and very talented in the field. it’s surprising at how such a young girl can be so precise with long range shooting. She never misses, not with the bullet of a gun or the sharp point of a knife.

The first time Lisa met you she happened to be passing by when she heard your calls for help. She had considered leaving you, but when she heard the lethal voice of BTS’ Jungkook antagonising you she had to take action, she couldn’t leave you at the hand of such a cruel man from such a cruel gang. She of course, sprung to your rescue and that was the start of a very beautiful relationship. When you joined BlackPink’s gang, you came to realise that Lisa wasn’t everything that she bigged herself up to be. They say that happiest people are often the saddest inside, and Lisa felt just that way. Her lone work became tiresome and it was straining what little she had inside. But that all got better when you confessed to her. When the two of you started your relationship she told you on how much more stronger she felt with you at her side, she didn’t have to cry alone anymore.

Lisa: “Now I have you, I don’t need to suffer anymore.”

Kim Ji- soo

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Ji-soo is amazing at making deals, this can be with weapons, drugs etc. her talents in this area never fail. But don’t be fooled by this woman, this isn’t where her skills only lie. She is also incredibly skilled at combat fighting, and with the simple flick of the wrist, she can have the strongest man writhing on the floor before her. She’s been known to take on many dangerous men that have ran away terrified of her devilish wrath, even the likes of BTS’ leader, Namjoon have been known to show fear towards this woman. It’s fair to say that no one is going to be messing with her any time soon.

Jisoo met you for the first time while she was running from Monsta X’s members Shownu and Wonho. You had been sitting on your motorbike, innocently leaving after leaving a long day at work. Your life was changed forever from the moment that Jisoo leaped on the back of your bike and screamed for you to kickstart the engine. From that moment, a lot has happened and now, you are the escape for BlackPink’s gang. Romance blossomed between you and Jisoo, and you’re known as the power couple, together you’re like the dream team - unbeatable.

Jisoo: “What did I do to deserve you, Jagi?”

guys now i’m going down bandom memory lane remember when lisa did that incredibly green project because she was all about saving the environment for like 6 months and she always had alex writing IG on his fingers and holding it up to promote the project and that one girl emailed her telling her that she wanted to spread the incredibly green project to her school but didn’t know how so lisa got all excited and sent her all this info and the fan never followed through or replied back to her even though lisa messaged her several times godddd