LISA Repainted Trailer!

Stream will happen on my channel on 12/25/2016


And here are the Underfell results from the stream! I went ahead and discussed my feelings about the AU, what I liked and disliked about it, and what I would change both design and character wise. I didn’t cover everyone I wanted to (Like Flowey) but I had a lot of fun making my ideal version of this AU’s characters! My main design philosophy for this was “These guys are trying to be evil, but are not really evil.” I think it went really well!

My favorites are Sans and Undyne, but Brad Unferfell Asgore holds a special place in my heart too. Thanks to everyone who made it to the stream!


Commission for @origamityler!

Buddy and Rando from Lisa the Painful/Joyful and Toriel and Frisk from Undertale meeting their respective counterparts with different results

Honestly loved drawing this because this is two of my fav indie rpgs combined!!! 


Good Morning , Bro !

by chikashiro

Brad Armstrong and Lisa Armstrong ( LISA the Painful RPG )