I honestly don't feel so bad for Kim. When Lisa Rinna was apologizing for overstepping her boundaries and tried explaining her behavior, Kim still went on the attack mode - despite Lisa trying to create an emotional connection between her behavior and Kim's situation. Her biting mouth initiated the negatively-charged feeling at the table, and while Lisa Rinna overreacted, I still don't think Kim's any victim in this. She has displayed unusual and even aggressive behavior while on camera, and I think that she does not belong on this show. I am not going to say that Kim has relapsed, but she is not entirely healthy and needs to be away from this show.
So apologizing for something that you did out of concern warrants being told that there's shit about your husband that is apparently being hidden? Listen, Lisa's wine-throwing reaction was obviously over the top, but you cannot deny that she did not initiate the fight - she initiated a conversation where she was APOLOGIZING and explaining her behavior.

Kim found it necessary to bring Harry Hamlin in the situation, and for what? To deflect off of her?