Can we take a moment to appreciate cinnamon roll Thomas Müller? The Bavaria Munich football player was part of Germany’s winning team at the 2014 world cup, and is married to show jumper and dressage rider Lisa Müller.

When the media asked Müller about Lisa’s “controversial” decision not to fly to Brazil to watch him play in the world cup finale because she had, you know, HER OWN IMPORTANT HORSE RIDING COMPETITION THAT WEEKEND that got her 2nd place in Bavaria’s dressage riding, he told reporters “My wife is not a hand bag. She’s got her own mind and her own life.” (And added that he missed her a lot because the six weeks he spent in Brazil were the longest time the two had been separated)

He also regularly and very proudly posts about his wife’s successes and her horse riding on his Facebook page.

Thank you, Thomas, for being the precious cinnamon roll you are and for one of my favorite quotes.