Group Chat?

I’m just tryna start a fun lil group chat with people who have the same interests as me and get to know more people. If you like

-Monsta X
-Bad Girls Club (lol)
-K dramas

Like this :) if I get a good response I will message y'all for KKT ID’s

*also if this chat does happen it’s gonna be funny and real af. I’d really like for only 16+ to like because I’m laid back and I like to swear, roast people (jokingly ofc), call cute boys daddy and rant. I would hate for this to work out and someone leave because they are uncomfortable


2015 Met Gala | China: Through The Looking Glass | Couples

{Fashion in the captions ↑}


I had the great privilege to work with the folks at on a  powerful personal essay by author, Christine Hyung-Oak Lee. Her essay tells about her experience suffering from a stroke at the surprisingly young age of 33. I was really moved by her account and flooded with beautiful visuals. Read the article here:

I created one ‘header’ illustration (pun vaguely intended) and two spot illustrations, as well as some smaller line break illustrations for the piece.

Many thanks to wonderful AD, Justine!

Lynn Chen and Lisa Lee: Why they kick ass

“We wanted to create a place for Asian American men and women to come together, to share, to discuss, and more importantly, to find support for something that has been acknowledged on the surface, yet largely ignored in our community,”

  • Lynn Chen started a food blog, The Actor’s Diet, after years of battling eating disorders. In 2011, she stumbled upon an interview on NPR with Lisa Lee, in which Lisa discussed the story she wrote for Hyphen magazine about her past struggles with food and body image. After listening to and reading Lee’s story, Lynn immediately knew they had to connect.
  • “I didn’t even know what I wanted from Lisa, but I felt compelled to start something, I’ve been looking for something concrete regarding Asians and body image for years. When I first began my therapy in my 20s, I had contacted various national eating disorder groups to see if there were any support groups for Asians. I was left at a dead end, and the messages I got over the next decade were that eating disorders and body image were not problems that affected people in my community. “
  • The two women connected over their experiences via emails, phone calls, and in-person at a tasty scones cafe (of course), and together, they decided to launch this site – “Thick Dumpling Skin” – to provide a space for everyone who may have felt alone in their struggle. 
  • Thick Dumpling Skin is a vibrant community for Asian Americans to share and discuss our unhealthy quest, past and present, for the “perfect” body. Our struggles with food & body image are not merely about will power – they’re social, cultural, and familial. 

“We want to hear your thoughts and stories. We want to know what you’ve been taught, and what you’ve discovered. We want you to find comfort in each other’s stories, and together, we’ll grow some thicker skins, and learn to love them as well.”