compilation of some color studies done during february! i actually try to do these on a semi-regular basis, but never really get around to uploading them here. i find these to be incredibly helpful w/ general color handling though, so i’ll try to start posting more as i do them! 

original artists (in image order): 

1. Alber Bierstadt, 2. Dominique Louis, 3. Lisa Keene, 4. Dominique Louis 


Concept art of Elsa’s powers in the last act of Frozen.

* Note how, in the top frame, ice chandeliers like the one in Elsa’s palace have replaced the castle’s regular chandeliers and Elsa’s snowflake has replaced the Arendelle crocus on the ballroom floor and in the stained glass window. It’s like her powers become like a cursed version of the Midas touch, turning everything around her into ice – including Anna (middle frame). By being fearful of the world, the world becomes her greatest fears. But when she learns to let the world in, she amplifies the world’s beauty with her own. Just as the ice palace represented the beauty long repressed within Elsa finally expressed in solitude, her Arendelle castle (bottom frame) represents that beauty finally claimed without fear and shared with all.


“In 2007 I was approached to design the pop-ups seen in the Disney movie, Enchanted. After receiving a storyboard, the movie’s visual standards, and reference materials from the studios of director Kevin Lima, I designed the white dummies for the three components of the opening sequence: the castle, the queen’s window, and the introduction of Prince Edward.

“Working with art director Lisa Keene and director Kevin Lima, the dummies were filmed and painted by Lisa before being sent to WETA (the CGI firm responsible for the special effects in the Lord of the Rings movies). WETA then animated the dummies, duplicating the motions and physics of the physical paper dummies.”

– ‘Paper Engineer’ Bruce Foster describes the making of Enchanted’s iconic Pop-Up Book opening