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THE COMPLETE SKAM EXPERIENCE: The only masterpost you’ll ever need. All of the Norwegian SKAM content compiled, in English.

You’ve seen SKAM, but have you seen ALL of SKAM? If you’re not a Norwegian speaker, but want to view all of the beautiful content created by Julie Andem and the NRK in order of air/post date, in English, I’ve compiled it all here in easy-to-view, chronological order. I hope you enjoy!




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Friendly reminder that Lisa Teige went to Skam’s audition just because basically everyone from her art school went there and she wanted to practise not being nervous during dance auditions and she got the part of the first season’s protagonist of the most successful notwegian tv show ever that went viral worldwide and now her character is one of the most amazing and realistic portrayal of a struggling teenage girl in tv ever.


a minha série fav!!!

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