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I’m sure someone else has designed a box-head Mettaton but I wanted to have a go at it. Yes, that’s his adorable news reporting suit because I can’t say no to lots of red. I really like this design so far! Poor Frisk has to suffer through this fab dweeb’s BS. Please help them.


Photograph of Lisa Levy’s father throwing dirt on her coffin during her funeral. Lisa Levy was brutally attacked on 15th of January 1978. She was beaten unconscious, strangled, sexually assaulted with a hair mist bottle, bitten, as well as having her left nipple torn off. The man who attacked her was serial killer Ted Bundy who had recently escaped from jail awaiting trial for the murder of another woman, Caryn Campbell. Lisa Levy was 20 years old at the time of her death.

Punk!Cas + Jock!Dean // 1.4K

“What’s going on between you and Castiel?” Jo snapped her fingers in front of Dean’s face when he didn’t answer right away.

“What?” He looked at her, silently hoping she didn’t catch him.

“You and Castiel. You two have been keeping this staring contest since you got here today.” Crap, she noticed.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dean shrugged and pulled his backpack higher on his shoulder.

“Yeah, sure. Have fun going home early.” Jo rolled her eyes and left Dean alone, since his last period of the day was also a free one.

Dean barely acknowledged her walking away and let his mind wander back to Saturday night. He didn’t expect to even see Castiel at the party Lisa Braeden was throwing, much less to end up being drawn to him until they were both panting into each other’s space.

He knew for a fact neither of them were drunk enough to blame it on the alcohol and they definitely enjoyed each other if Dean’s gasps and Castiel’s groans were anything to go by. Dean just couldn’t put aside the feeling that something had changed between them; they had never been friends, both belonging to two extremely different social circles, but they were partners in Chemistry and it seemed like they both had a never ending supply of flirtatious comments to add to every conversation they had.

Dean wasn’t sure how he felt about Castiel. He remembered seeing him for the first time, though, with his blue eyes framed by black eyeliner, messy hair and tight clothes, with the addition of tattoos and piercings all over his body; he remembered being attracted to him on the spot.

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Okay, but why do b99 and Parks and Rec have basically the same cast? I don’t care enough to actually look it up but one of you has to know.

The Money Dress - A Short Fic

Ethan: “Big news, MC. We really outdid ourselves with the budget this time, so we have a whole million bucks to spare.”
Addison: “Oh my god!”
MC: “That’s…a lot of money. I’m really not used to this.”
Addison: “That’s incredible! Think of all the things you can spend it on!”
Ethan: “I could definitely use the money to kick our PR up a notch.”
Lisa: “We could throw the biggest, hottest and WILDEST party in all Hollywood history! Now THAT’s PR.”
Addison: “What do you think, MC?”
MC: “I know exactly what to do with the money.”

~Some time later~

Ethan: “You’ve made a dress?”
MC: “Pretty amazing, right?”
Ethan: “You’re literally wearing money.
MC: “Yup.”

Hunt passes by, scowling as usual.

MC: “Excuse me for a moment.”

MC walks up to him. Hunt stops, shocked at the sight.

MC: “Whaddaya think, professor?”
Hunt: “Are those…real bills?”
MC: “I guess I’m a million dollar baby.”
Hunt: “Of all the wasteful things you’ve done, this is…”
MC: “Don’t tell me, you’re green with envy.”
Hunt: “Just leave before I kick you out of this school. Permanently.”
MC: *tugging on a bill on her chest* “I guess I’ll have to bribe you, then.”
Hunt: *death glare* “…”
MC: “Okay, I’m off.”

Ethan catches up to her.

Ethan: “Did you…get this dress just to make money puns at Hunt?”
MC: “Totally worth it.”