lisa swartz

To be honest, I think the most talented and best youtuber is Shane Dawson because he is so fucking talented he can pull a joke that is funny as fuck and he can direct his own movie and create hilarious videos. he’s so inspirational like he always make inspirational video with message in it that i could literally cried, he is SO against suicide and he did a video about it and changed many lives. He’s a great actor too. but i know he might always talk about dick jokes but at outside hes genuinely great guy i once met him at vidcon he literally just pull everyone for a hug even they didnt ask for it. Hes the coolest human being ever. He can also write a song and sing it like what the fuck is there anything that he can’t do omfg i think hes the only youtuber that I didnt regret watching because funny and super talented this guy deserve an oscar, oh did I mention that he’s hot too?