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2. Kyle on a Trampoline

What a masterpiece!

Move over, Mona Lisa. We finally have a Top Model photo that will stand the test of time. Centuries from now, crowds will gather ‘round to marvel at Kyle’s unique facial expression. Is she smiling? Or is she saying “omgwhatamidoinghere” with her eyes?

This show should always have the models get just one shot. Not only would it save ANTM a bunch of time and money, then we’d get a bunch of LOLTRASH photos like this one for our amusement.

Ahahahaha! I can’t get enough.

I got ahead of myself. For this challenge, Ashley Graham explains that the models will be showing off sportswear. Sportswear is fashion now, Ashley explains, and the show “proves” that by showing Kanye West standing next to a woman wearing nothing but an open heavy coat.

What kind of sport is the woman on the left doing dressed for? Volleyball? Can she play volleyball dressed like that?

To add to the athleticism, the models will have to jump on the trampoline. Much like I would be with the “you only get one shot” gimmick, I would be totally fine with having the models always pose on trampolines since it leads to moment like this:

Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy seeing Binta take a spill. Also, don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy Marissa talking some trash.

I’m not laughing at the almost insensitive, First-World-ish insult, but I will laugh at the fact that Marissa is so desperate to come across as obnoxious that she tried to go there anyway.

Krislian also has a funny fall.

Her picture, though, is pretty good. I mean, Ashley is obligated to criticize it because they want to send her home, but it’s pathetic to bitch that the girl who’ve you been begging to show you a high fashion side since the beginning went too “high end editorial” for this shoot.

I stand by the fact that it’s one of the best shots, even if just by default. I mean for fuck’s sake, the two girls that the judges declared “the frontrunners” both had terrible shots, but we don’t hear Ashley give them any feedback in an effort to gloss over them.

Cody looks super stiff and has one super hairy armpit.

I’m not sure what CoryAnne is looking down at… maybe all the people she’s too cute to have bother talking to.

And then there’s India. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sleepier “action” shot.  

Ultimately, the winner of a “special prize” from Ashley (cross your fingers that it’s a second helping of kale pesto pasta!) is… Paige.  

It’s a great fierce pose, but per usual, the problem is Paige’s face. Notice how they don’t offer us a closeup. That’s intentional. If Kyle’s going to be called out for not having a good face to match her pose, you better call out Paige for the same!

Ugh, just make Kyle the winner for laughs. I would totally hang that portrait in my salon!

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 6

buenas-vibras-friend  asked:

Hola espero tengas un gran día, escribo para recomendación de chicas raperas. Sólo conozco a Hispana y Rebeca Lane, ¿Podrías ayudarme?, te lo agradecería. PD. Me encanta tu blog😍💕

Hola buenos días, te dejo algunas por aquí: 

  1. Ana Tijoux
  2. Mala Rodriguez
  3. Lisa Lopes (Left Eye)
  4. Jean Grae
  5. Michu Mc
  6. Salt-N-Pepa
  7. Flor De Rap
  8. Bahamadia
  9. Belona Mc
  10. Bufok Mostra
  11. ZitaZoe
  12. Remy Ma
  13. Gabylonia
  14. Sativarap
  15. Flowyn
  16. MC Melodee
  17. Neblinna Mc
  18. Dania Neko
  19. SoulnShadow (Valeska Duran y Dinelly) 
  20. Sadika
  21. Ximbo 
  22. Yarah Bravo
  23. Hispana
  24. Lil’ Kim
  25. Zeidah
  26. Rah Digga
  27. Da Brat
  28. Jezzy P 
  29. Joaka
  30. Trina
  31. Lauryn Hill 
  32. Yo-Yo
  33. MC Lyte
  34. Missy Elliott
  35. Eve
  36. Lil’ Mama
  37. Foxy Brown
  38. Erykah Badu
  39. Aaliyah
  40. Queen Latifah 

Siempre recomiendo las mismas ahora puse algunas mas, no digo que sean las mejores, igual me quedaron algunas que no puse, pero son las raperas que yo escucho, lo otro; algunas de ellas también han hecho música que no sea rap como: R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, etc.

marchetta meme: endless list of characters » eva rodriguez

The ex–Perpetua girls tend to follow Eva around like she’s their security blanket. She’s so effortlessly cool and protective of her lot, and most of the time I wish I were one of them.

Attitude is everything with these guys. I have no chance of being their goddess because Eva Rodriguez is. She’s upbeat and positive.

“What’s the Eva Rodriguez chick like?”
“She’s pretty cool,” I say. “What is it about her that makes everyone interested? There are better-looking girls.”
He shrugs. “Good-looking, knows her sports, uncomplicated. Doesn’t have to prove a point a thousand times a day. Like you said, cool.”