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I spent over an hour decorating the inside of my diary with stickers while regressed…I had a Tom Riddle sticker so I went overboard. If someone didn’t know me opened this they would think I was a child who was in love with him lol. Really though, I just thought since he had a diary too it’d be funny. I wish you all could smell this too because a lot of the stickers are scented.

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oh ye and forgot that the cold eyes of nine and warm smile of twelve could relate to the warm and cold part too ~ in anime its all that talk about sphinx riddles and bombing but the song lyrics of both the opening and von make me feel like i miss out on something when it comes to the warm and cold part do they try to give some hidden message in the story? since its a original story so i guess they like to give it something deep to it that you gotta figure out yourself?

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(so i literally just caught up on znt just to answer your question and now my meta senses are tingling. keep in mind that i might be getting too deep as getting too deep is p much what i’m supposed to do with as many literature classes as i take,and i’m really, REALLY sorry if it’s incomprehensible, that happens to me sometimes.)

yes, warm/cold theme is a recurring theme in znt and it does appear through many places, especially in the lyrics of various songs included in the series, but also in the animation and character design, and plot, basically everywhere. i do have a theory about that: warm and cold will be referring to the life that the characters will, currently are, and had been leading, so it’s basically a referrence to the kids’ (and others’, but mainly the kids’) character development. it’s always about the character development.

Let’s start with the main 3 kids as they were at the moment we met them. Through their design, the theme of cold and warm is really apparent. Like you said, Nine’s cold eyes and Twelve’s warm smile are an example of this but not the only one - these two basically embody the said antagonism, though in different ways. While Twelve in the has his warm smile and bright eyes, he can be cruel to the point of freely trying to terrify Lisa (see: “you’re an accomplice, but not one of us, and if you say anything, I’ll kill you”), but the truth is, he is drawn to the light of the normal, warm world. No matter what happens, Twelve hides his feelings behind a smile, being in control for the most part of time. Despite that, it’s him we hear (later on, but still) mentioning how cold and empty was that place, the context suggesting how much he hated it - hence one could said he is actually quietly longing for a normal life at the point of meeting Lisa (his feelings are surpressed, but he seems genuinely happy playing a hero in ep 1 (much to Nine’s discontent)). And so, Twelve is the one “playing a cold person”. The only things actually stopping Twelve from moving on are the survivor’s guilt - the fact that they weren’t able to save anyone and left everyone (though Five left on her own) to death, and Nine who counts on him to stay. Nine himself seems to be the “actually cold” one, the perfectly invisible terrorist, seemingly devoid of any emotions - his colour pallete is noticeably darker than Twelve’s. Despite that initial image, we quickly get to see how broken he actually is - being unable to let go of the memory of the kids they had to leave to die in the facility, Nine suffers migrains and flashbacks. Saying he’s still mentally locked up in that place wouldn’t be an exaggeration. He cannot leave that cold, empty place behind him and go on. I’d even say he shows traces of ptsd but well I’m not a ptsd expert so I could be wrong. To both Nine and Twelve, Lisa Mishima, whom they may save this time without a fail, becomes an important symbol - that’s why Nine uses the word accomplice. Even the choice he gave her (“die in there now or go with us”) shows that Nine never forgot what happened with Five. Now onto Lisa - let me quote the von translation here, which would be what Twelve thinks of her (later on, true, but it does hit the spot since the very beginning):

out of bonds of ice, she appears,

from a cold sky, inches herself forward

To Twelve, Lisa is a being very similar to himself and the children from the facility - having lived in a toxic environment without a trace of affection, Twelve, who at that point is almost just as hung up on avenging the children from that place, inches towards her unconsciously (quote: “Because Lisa Mishima has eyes like these kids in the institution”). Lisa at that point is scared and stuck in the place that is eating her slowly part by part - someone living in a cold place somewhere in the warm world. She needs a saviour. And Twelve unconsciously needs both a redemption, and warmth. It all starts out with just him trying to do what he was once unable to do (it actually does backfire later), and Nine seeing only their main goal - revenge. 

As their characters develop, we can witness a certain shift - from coldness to warmth. Twelve casually approaches Lisa during the Oedipus riddle part, teases her in a friendly(ish) way, and in the end partially inspires her to running from home - Lisa does what Five and other children refused to or couldn’t do, and she does it with her own strength. She is scared, yes, terrified even, and doesn’t know what to do next, reminding Twelve of Nine and himself even more. So Twelve wants to save her. Moreover, it’s not only the parallels between them that draw him to her - there is readiness to move on in her, there is courage, there is warmth in her voice. Pale yellow is a great colour for Lisa - a mix of a warm yellow with cold paleness, which Twelve seems to consider rather a light than simply a layer of white that dulls the original colour. It carries a weak heat and a hope to come. She wants the icy world around her to be destroyed and reaches out for warmth, unintentionally showing Twelve that it’s possible even for him, showing him that he may be broken and still keep living:

Plunging back into the darkness, 
It’s not pain, it’s just uncertainty.
I know my heart’s missing a piece
but it still beats.

(is (ft POP ETC))

But Nine, oh Nine…

Nine burries even deeper in his revenge thing, venturing into the vast, cold land - what he is going to bring is the retaliation, the winter. Here come the opening lyrics (which I’m pretty sure are from his pov): 

(Distorted) in the heat of summer, we fall through the cracks of the burning buildings 
In the end, I’ll pull the trigger

After that winter will come, and snow will cover everything

Nine’s goal is avenging all the children that were sacrificed for a project that never succeeded, bringing the cold winter they had to endure back to these who had once brought it upon them. The snow here might even symbolise the ashes that will fall after his final bomb blows up. (btw i REALLY recommend reading the lyrics to the full version of the song, reading it as Nine’s thoughts - it’s really illuminating on his plan) Nine wants to pull all these cruel adults into his own misery, and even though he has doubts about Twelve’s motivation, he still hopes that Twelve will stay beside him until the very end (as the latter verses of the opening suggest):

I want to live with you from my birth to my death (to my death) 
I can’t depict that just like a legend 
We connect summers (and summers), and in a spiral through the cracks of history, 
we fall straight to hell, and in the end, I’ll pull the trigger 
With that, even we will turn to dust

After that winter will come, and snow will cover everything 
Winter will come again even after, and the snow will speak of everything

Nine doesn’t even plan to go on after that. There is nowhere for him to go. There is no warmth left in him, despite Twelve’s “smile like an angel” spending years next to him, and he seems to believe that by choosing Lisa over him, Twelve has shown him that there is no warmth left for Nine to receive either - that is, at least for now. After Five’s death and her telling Nine to go on and live in her stead, his situation might change dramatically and we might (and probably will) see some serious character development in the next episode.

Five is also worth mentioning - not only she is wearing dark clothes and has white hair - at certain points even her body seems insanely scraggy, which matches both the fact that she is pretty much on the verge of death and that she has walked out of that ice-cold place on her own two legs - she became ice and snow itself. Five is the coldness, a being that has never been given, sought nor needed any affection. She is an aftermath of the experiment devoid of any heat, yet ironically not only betrayed Nine and Twelve by retreating  into the burning facility, but also told Nine to live and eventually died in flames. As an impaired human being, her light, warmth and goal became defeating Nine, who was the only person she had ever been shown any affection to. At the end of her life, the winter she was melted in the summer heat.

So basically it’s all about symbolism.