lisa rhodes

moving on

Earlier this week I wrote about our house. How it’s been ten years since Lisa and I bought it. How the past eight years in the house with Todd has made it a home.

And now we are moving. 

Lisa is moving to Rhode Island in July, as you probably know. That leaves half of this two family home empty. Todd and I don’t want to take on the financial burden of the whole house ourselves and the thought of renting to strangers is not one I really like to entertain, given that I spend a good portion of my workday dealing with landlords who are having a hard time getting renters to pay their rent or leave when they don’t. I don’t want to be a landlord. And honestly, I don’t want to live in this house without Lisa and my nephew.

I knew we’d have to make a decision quick. Suck it up and rent or leave? We waited a while to see if Todd would get a job in another state, forcing our hand. But then an opportunity presented itself to us: a spacious apartment in a nice house across the street from my parents’ house, next door to my aunt, only a couple of blocks away from here, with reasonable rent. 

Here’s the catch: It’s where I was living when I moved to this house. It is where my grandma used to live. The house is now owned by my father and aunt and the apartment in the house - where my kids grew up - is up for grabs. 

We’re taking it.

It seems weird, almost like a step backward, to go from home ownership back to the apartment I left to move into this home. But I’m looking at it as a step forward. We are un-burdening ourselves of this house. Not that it’s a bad house. It’s a lovely house. A lovely home. But it’s an expensive, expensive home. Moving out to a cheaper place will allow us to save some money. A lot of money. This is a good time for us to be saving money. 

One other deciding factor I thought about: it will make the sadness of Lisa moving easier. Living in the house where I am so used to having her just a staircase away would be hard. Starting new at the same time she is starting new seems like a good idea. 

So, we’ll put this place up for sale. We’ve got a month to get it show ready. A month to say goodbye to this place. A month to gather up all the memories and put them where they won’t get lost. We’ve had a lot of good times in this place. We’ve done a lot of work on it. Todd and I took this house and turned it into a home and I hope it becomes that kind of home for someone else.

Did I mention the kitchen in the new apartment is huge? Because it’s huge. 

I’m kind of excited. I’m sorry to be leaving here in some ways because of my emotional attachment to this house, but we’ll build memories somewhere else. Like I said to Todd last night, home is wherever we are together. 

I can’t believe I’m going back to the house where I spent a good 14 years of my life. Weird. 

New chapter. Moving on. Looking forward. 

Deep breaths.

Lisa leaves for Rhode Island this morning. Not just for a visit this time. For good.

I am going to miss the fuck out of her.

This is really the best thing ever to happen to her and my nephew and I wish them luck and love as they start off on their new adventure with Matt. 

Lisa, you better be more present on tumblr so I can keep up with you and the boy. I expect a lot of pictures. 

See you on gchat, like always.

Love you, baby sis.

to recap, because a lot of people are asking/confused

We are only moving a few blocks away, to a house my father owns (which used to be my grandmother’s house, which is where I lived both as a baby, and after Natalie was born). 

What we live in now is a two family home that I own with my sister Lisa. Lisa is moving to Rhode Island in July. There’s just no way we can keep this whole house ourselves and we do not want to be landlords and rent out the top of the house. So a move became necessary.

We’re looking at it as a temporary move. Todd may still end up with a job in another state, prompting another move. Or he’ll get a job locally and we’ll stay in the new house for a while before getting another place of our own.

This will be my fourth time moving and none of those moves have taken me out of this town. So I’m totally down with the idea of Todd getting a job in another state.

Meanwhile, on Long Island we stay. 

So that’s the deal. 

I just hope the house sells pretty quick. It being a legal two family home is a big selling point, so I think it will.

Life changes are stressful. 

I need a drink.