lisa reads 50 shades of grey

The best way I can describe this book is like, you know when something is so disgusting or disturbing, and it’s not exactly like you’re enjoying it but you just have to know due to pure curiosity? Once you start you can’t stop looking? A lot of crime stuff I get that with because it’s like you don’t want to know but you also do want to know… It’s like a dead body or something. That’s what it’s like reading this book, it’s like walking down the street and finding a dead body. It’s effed up and there are so many bad things about it but I can’t help but read on, despite how cringey it is…

Hooooly cow, this girl seems to be damning everything…
“Damn my hair”
“Damn Katherine Kavanagh”
“Damn her extracurricular activities”
“Damn my clumsiness”
“Damn Kate and her curiosity”

Damn girl, you need professional help, or just a wider range of vocabulary…

Before y'all judge me on my taste in literature let me assure you that I bought this book because from what I’ve read of it it’s just hilarious. This is probably going to be an interesting if not funny reading experience, and it is a challenge I must accept… I shall be updating you all frequently on my thoughts ahaha, everyone, WISH ME LUCK.