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On the occasion of Pride Month, we’re looking back at our own history of LGBTQ pride.

“David Wojnarowicz: A Fire in My Belly, A Work in Progress (1986-87)” (1999)

David Wojnarowicz is a widely respected artist whose first U.S. retrospective was held at the New Museum in 1999. The film, A Fire in My Belly, A Work in Progress (1986-87) is a poetic meditation on man, life, death, faith, and suffering made in part as a response to the AIDS-related death of his close friend, artist Peter Hujar. 

“The New Museum has always defended freedom of expression and continues to oppose censorship. We cannot afford to take hard won civil liberties for granted and need to remain vigilant and protect artistic freedom,” said Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director.


Amy Phillips’ Impersonation of RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna at the Reunion


Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We’re sharing a few of our favorite employee photos from across the country in recognition of the 10,000+ BLM employees and volunteers who manage your public lands and resources.  

anonymous asked:

Which of these characters from TWIABP lore are fictional and which are real?: Phillip, Brett, the landlord, Ethan, Gordon Paul, Lisa, Willie, Howard. Thanks!

Phillip is a former resident of our old house The Handsome Woman. He lives in Korea now. Very solid dude. He once said to me “I think I’m going out tonight, this blog rented a bowling alley for a chillwave show I’m gonna go to” and that sentence made me lose my mind.

Brett is another former resident of The Handsome Woman. He has celiac disease and can’t eat bread.

The landlord at the handsome woman was always pissed.

Ethan Grenier is the last free roaming oracle of the modern age. Never lived at The Handsome Woman but spent a lot of time there.

Gordon Paul isn’t a person. Gordon and Paul are the middle names of twin brothers Joe and Dan Katz. Former Handsome Woman residents and current members of the band Spit-Take

The Word Lisa is just our tumblr URL spelled wrong.

Willie is the name of our friend Howard Parsons’ dog who passed away. He is a writer currently living in WV.

- derrick


The results are in!

BLM New Mexico recently announced the winners of its 7th annual employee photo contest. Today, we bring you a few of our favorites from the seven photo categories: landscape, wildlife - mammals, wildlife - non-mammals, plants, historical and cultural, work of the BLM, and recreation.

Congratulations to the winners!  CLICK HERE to view all employee photos.