lisa peterson

Now the man called Hector.

Shining Hector. Man-killing Hector. Hektoros hippodamoio. Hector
breaker of horses– it‘s always so hard to describe Hector –

(trying to articulate, a bit fuzzy) His little brother calls him a ‗sharp ax‘ – a
sharp edge, always cleaving forward….

Hector believes in – he believes in institutions, he believes in - in country,
he believes in his family, he believes in the army. Isn‘t it funny how hard it
is to describe a good man?

He‘s a brave man, but deep down, he‘d rather be taming horses.
—  An Iliad, Lisa Peterson

stormiesquall  asked:

Any headcanons about Louisa?

i’ve got a few!!!

-Since she lived primarily in Golden Hills Valley, Louisa always enjoyed the green of the rest of Jorvik - the autumn colours do have a special place in her heart, though, as they remind her of home.

-Louisa once worked herself too hard and ended up nearly collapsing. For nearly a week, Lisa didn’t leave her side as she recovered her energy.

-Lousia always carries Lisa’s favourite jacket with her (which was given to her by Lisa). It makes her feel comforted knowing that a little bit of Lisa is always with her.

-Louisa does NOT like playing horror games. After her time in Pandoria, she can’t really deal with that feeling of “something is watching me”, or sudden jumpscares - it feels all too real to her.

-Lousia is actually very good at keeping secrets. Her friends feel safe talking to her about everything and anything because they know that if they ask, she won’t tell a soul what they’ve told her.

some of these turned in to Lousia x Lisa because i love that pairing too mUCH OOPS

not shakespeare related, but i wanted to share with you all that i had my professional directorial debut last night!! i directed a production of lisa peterson and denis o'hare’s an iliad, a modern adaptation of homer’s epic. hopefully i’ll be able to continue directing this fall, i hope to direct a production of hamlet at school!! we’ll see how everything works out!!

[Adding to this! When the child grows up, the animatronics can’t remember the child. So I made a comic.

When Lisa Peterson was little, every year on her birthday she would ask to have conversions with Bonnie. She loved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria! After her twelfth birthday, Lisa’s parents stopped bringing Lisa, so she took matters into her own hands and got a job there as a waitress when she was sixteen. She would see Bonnie everyday and she would tell the children that Bonnie was the nicest of the main animatronics. As the years went by, Lisa turned twenty-five, she became a night guard. She didn’t last her first night. She tried to remind Bonnie about who she was, how they were friends. The last thing she saw was Chika shoving her into Bonnie]
And another: Lawsuit will challenge Ohio's ban on marriage equality

Attorneys have filed a federal lawsuit challenging Ohio’s ban on marriage equality as unconstitutional. 

Filed in Cincinnati, the case is on behalf of six same-sex couples looking for equal access to marriage. Voters passed Ohio’s marriage ban in 2004, and the lawsuit claims the ban violates equal protection and due process, the constitutional argument that has helped bring down marriage bans across the country. 

Separately from the court case, the LGBT advocacy group FreedomOhio wants to put a marriage equality bill on the Ohio ballot in November. 

Lisa Peterson Hackley, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Mike DeWine, said in a statement that the office “is prepared to defend the state’s constitution and statutes regarding marriage.”

Rob Nichols, a spokesman for Ohio Gov. John Kasich declined to comment “except to say that the governor believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, and he supports Ohio’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.”

Here we go here we go! Really and truly amazed by how fast these cases are popping up in courts all over the country. This is some serious momentum.