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who's your favorite infj character?

That is tough because they are so tied.

Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful

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The show really reveals all aspects of the INFJ. They are not all saints and struggle with darkness like all people. She is a devilish INFJ in the best of ways. 

Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

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Cooper shows the investigative and logical side of the INFJ. But my favorite thing he shows is how INFJs can keep going deeper into situations they may not approve of later, but haven’t made up their minds about. They want to know more before they want to necessarily do what is right. It is that Ni before Fe.

Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

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She is my hero and there is almost 30 years of contents that explores so many different aspects and behaviors of an INFJ. Also, she shows the conflict of the INFJ of selfishness and selflessness.

8. Rosè X Reader •Memories•

As requested here is the Rosè scenario, hope you like it.

“Just… Just leave Y/N.”

Anger spread through your body as Rosé spoke those words,

“You know what? Fine.”

Your hands trembled as you grabbed your car keys from the kitchen counter, “I’m leaving Rosé so I hope you’re fucking happy know.”

The strawberry blonde felt guilt pool in her stomach as you slammed the door shut behind you, running under the downpour outside.

Salty tears reached your lips as you drove towards your best friends house. Lisa would know how to make you feel better, she always had since you were little kids.

You were wrapped up in your own thoughts as you sped through the empty streets.

It all happened in a second, your tires lost grip with the wet smooth asphalt underneath you, hitting the breaks was useless as the car spinned out of control. A loud crunching sound was all you heard before your head collided against something hard and everything went black.

Rosè’s wet shoes were loud against the hospital clean floors as she ran towards the room you were staying in, heart racing in her chest.

She couldn’t believe it.

How could she have been so stupid?

Hesitation filled her limbs as she reached your door, peaking inside, Lisa was unsurprisingly sitting right by your side. Your lips turned up at something the Thai girl had said, but it didn’t make Rosè feel any better.

She lost control of her vehicle… Her left Tibia is completely crushed… the left Humerus is split and her wrist also was crushed during the collision with the wall…. light brain damage… possible memory loss…

The conversation with your doctor kept replaying in her head.

This can’t be happening,

Rosè thought as she entered your room, trembling as her eyes met with yours and confusion flashed across them.

You laid on your bed battered and bruise confused as to who the pretty girl at your door was. She looked distraught. A strange feeling grew in your stomach as her eyes filled with tears.

“Who are you?”

Rosè felt her world crumbling around her at your question, the walls around her closing in, breathing became hard.

Her body automatically turned around and left you behind, confused, feeling as if this whole situation was just wrong.

“Y/N” Lisa’s voice was very unsure as she whispered “That’s your girlfriend.”

“Better yet, she’s your fiancée.” Her eyes fell to the beautiful diamond ring on your hand. Your heart screamed at you to remember, but your brain just wouldn’t listen.

Rosè was at your side every day from then on, she brought pictures of you two, meaningful memorabilia, she made you listen to your favorite songs, the one that was playing when you proposed, she told you about that day, about all your adventures.

Nothing helped.

You just seemed to become more and more confused each day, but Rosè swore she would never give up on you.

“This is a terrible idea” the tall Thai hushed your mistery girl as she focused. You suddenly agreed with Rosè as Lisa started practicing swinging her bat, an apple balancing your head, “Trust me I can do it, I used to be on the softball team in high school Rosè.”

“Lisa you were a bench warmer on the team.”

Your bestie’s eyes turned into slits as she swung her bat and it collided directly with your head.

“Oh My God Y/N please wake up” familiar hands stroked your face.

“Lisa you’re such a fucking idiot.”

A laugh escaped your mouth at your girlfriend swearing loudly.

Your fiancée.

Everything hit you so suddenly you felt your head spin, even more so when you pressed your lips against the soft ones of the love of your life, Rosè.


A/N: This is my first fanfic ever! Some feedback would be amazing!

Pairing: Chris Evans/Reader
Rating: T (some mentions of smut)
Words: 3,943 (didn’t realize it was that long until I finished…)

Summary: It’s Chris’ birthday and you’ve been planning his surprise party for months with Scott. Little did you know that Chris had a surprise for you as well.

You knew what today was. Everyone knew what today was. But you weren’t going to let him know that.
“Babe I have to go!” You called from the front door of your tiny apartment. Tiny but liveable, your studio apartment was your home for the last four years and despite raising enough money for one with more leg room, you couldn’t let it go.
You heard a thump and a groan before Chris appeared from the alcove where your bed was. “You need a bigger apartment,” he said rubbing his hip.
You grinned. “Just because you’re massive doesn’t mean everyone else has to conform to you.”
“Damn straight I’m massive,” he said with a wink. He wore only a pair of sweatpants and a thin t-shirt, so yes. Massive, you thought appreciatively.
You rolled your eyes as you poured coffee into your tumbler. It was early afternoon but you had a feeling you’d need all the coffee you could get. “I’ve a 12 hour shift today so don’t bother waiting up,” you said. “If you’re staying here there’s leftovers from yesterday in the fridge.”
“Nah, I have to go to my place today. Mom’s insisting on making dinner since everyone is in town at the same time.” Chris came up from behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Have I ever told you how great your ass looks in scrubs?”

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