lisa metzger

My children heard their first curse words, vile music, saw immodest dress, etc. at an abortion center. They had their mother and father beside them, actively engaged in ministry. Instead of being enticed by this sin, they were repulsed. Why? It has everything to do with the context or framework in which they were exposed to it. They get to see sin first hand, see lives broken and destroyed by it, listen to the stories of women and men lamenting the havoc their sin has caused, and see those who continue to harden their hearts against the Gospel. That is real life and I will not keep my children ignorant of this to their own detriment

Mark Metzger, Clinic Screamer from Charlotte, NC.

These people use their kids a props to harass and aggravate patients going to the doctor, of COURSE they are going to get cussed at.
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Remember the Benham Brothers and that little show that they were wanting to do on HGTV about flipping houses?   Remember how that got shut down because it came to light that these guys go to abortion clinics and harass women as they are walking to the doctor? 

Well, yeah, they still do that. 

Also Lisa Metzger has made it her life’s work to harass women going to the doctor.  She uses her quiverfull family as props to stand at the driveway of a doctors office and yell at women through a loud speaker as they walk to the doctor. 

“He locks into the dads that are going into the clinic”