lisa larson walker

Donald Trump is just as sexist as the Republican Party. No more, no less.

To believe the latest corporate news meme that Donald Trump is being admonished by Republicans for being a misogynoir, then you would have to completely forget about how the GOP protected Rush Limbaugh’s vile sexism. And you would have to totally ignore how Republicans routinely disparage Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and other black women, and women wanting access to birth control or Planned Parenthood, and women who aren’t rich and famous, but who may have had children out of wedlock. (related post on Bristol Palin’s hypocrisy »here)

Make no mistake: contrary to the false narrative being reported in the media, Republicans are attacking Trump not because he was being sexist — Republicans are attacking Trump because he dared to be publicly sexist towards an attractive, wealthy, thin, blonde, white conservative woman who also happens to work for Fox News. Donald Trump is in trouble with the GOP for using his outdoor voice and saying openly what most Republican politicians would only say behind closed doors.

The GOP doesn’t deserve any accolades for using ‘sexism’ as a trump charge to castigate the leading Republican candidate who so perfectly and so thoroughly represents misogynistic Fox News viewers and the Republican Party writ large.

(image credits: Lisa Larson-Walker, Getty Images and Reuters)