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anonymous asked:

Can I rec some fics where D is really obvious about his feelings for H

Revenge or Love? By: Hephaestus-18-Ares - T, 16 chapters - Revenge is sweet but love is sweeter. Ron cheats on Hermione, Draco helps Hermione. Ron gets jealous and takes Hermione. Will Hermione give in? And what drama will Death Eaters cause? My first fanfic so please have mercy. R/R please REVIEW. Sequel’s up and posted…“Baby You’re Mine,”

The Quidditch Bet By: Rumaan - T, one-shot - One-shot: Ron’s desire for Malfoy’s new Firebolt II leads him to make a silly and very damaging bet. How will Hermione react when she finds out? And just how is Malfoy going to use this to his advantage?

- Lisa

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Hey there! Cray here, I was just wondering what, in your opinion, is a Dramione MUST read?

Hi!! So must reads huh? Well first let me tell you that we have a Favourites Tag with pretty much all of our fav dramione fics (all different lengths, different genres, different characterizations of Dramione), so check that link out:

But as for me (Lisa), I would say the must reads are:

  1. Aurelian - Child from future fic, Redeemed!Draco but he still is the bastard we all love! Also Hermione is very motherly, which was nice to read. Great action/plot and well written.
  2. A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy - The Dramione fic every single fan needs to read atleast twice. Very popular and very good plot. Slow build up to the romance and of course Daddy!Draco!!!
  3. A Year and A Day - Very similar to the previous fic, but the Malfoys get involved. I really liked Lucius and Narcissa in this one. Good characterization.
  4. Graveyard Valentine- Its a one-shot, but it seriously packs a punch. Beautifully written and its just…..*sigh* (lol)
  5. Gryffindor’s Golden Girl to Slytherin’s Princess - FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF!!! I loved this fic!!!! Funny, adorable and I really liked all the inter-house unity!
  6. Hunted - Action, Romance, Drama, what more do you want! This is from the same author as #4. She is quite popular with us Dramione addicts.
  8. It’s All Uncharted - Swoon-worthy Draco. Lots of Romance, its like a Romantic Comedy of sorts. Very popular as well. This author is one of my favs.
  9. Pansy’s Revenge - Fluff and fun. If you want a good laugh read this! I love the relationship between Draco and Hermione in this one.
  10. Simply Irresistible - The best anti-Ron fic out there! (Well there are others but I like this the best!)
  11. The Request - Dramione in their 30’s. Read good plot, really good characterization, really good secondary characters, just really good tbh!

That’s all I can think of right now. But check out the fav tag and you will find loads more.

- Lisa